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    Asked by Mary7 on Thursday, January 9, 2014


    Just had my first chemo treatment and the neulasta shot yesterday...Will I feel better the second week with no treatment? My treatment is every other week.

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    • EJK's Avatar

      What chemo are you on? I had 4 rounds of biweekly AC with neulasta the next day, and definitely by about day 6 was starting to feel better. Second week was usually almost normal, except all the time out for doctor appointments in anticipation of the next round.

      But whatever drugs you're getting, I think in general you can expect there to be ups and downs. Not every day will feel like day 3 of the cycle. Good luck with it, Mary7!

      about 7 years ago
    • HearMeRoar's Avatar

      I think everyone is different. I had one treatment every 3 weeks.... it was on a Friday and I was back to work by Tuesday... still feeling a bit foggy. By Wednesday I was in very good shape giving me about 2 1/2 weeks of feeling like me...

      about 7 years ago
    • Mary7's Avatar

      Thank you and I am on AC as well

      about 7 years ago
    • MMarie's Avatar

      I had dose dense AC every other week with neulasta injections the next day. Always felt better the second week although some of the side effects were cumulative. I had treatments on Thursdays and was back in the office on Friday (since the steroids gave me energy). I had horrible pain over the weekend and was working again on Monday. Probably not the best decision, but I needed to work or take the risk of losing my job. I work for a small employer so many employments laws DON'T apply.

      about 7 years ago
    • baridirects' Avatar

      What is experienced during chemo treatments is definitely an individual journey. I had my treatments every 3 weeks...I had my infusions on Tuesdays, then back for more fluids and Neulasta on Wednesdays. By the end of the day that Sunday, I was usually in pretty good shape. I only had one challenging cycle - the Labor Day holiday really screwed up my schedule, and I ended up feeling punky for several days longer than usual. My last cycle was a breeze - I think all the adrenaline from getting to the end really kept most of the side effects at bay :-)

      Namaste, Christine

      about 7 years ago
    • Debbie's Avatar

      Mary7-for me, the side effects were cumulative. Just hang in there, talk to your oncologist about any big issues and look forward to the last chemo. Hugs.

      about 7 years ago
    • Jodienyc's Avatar

      I also was on an every other week schedule. I had Chemo on Tuesday, Neulasta on Wednesay. On AC, Wed night I would start to feel like crap and sleep most of Thursday, by Friday morning I was feeling well enough to work (from home) and by the weekend, I would sometimes go out. The next week I would feel good. I planned my schedue, both work and social, knowing I would have a bad week (the week I had chemo) and a good week (my off week). The fourth treatment of AC was rough because it is cumulative and it took me an extra couple of days to rebound. On Taxol, which I also did every other week, it was the same without the cummulative effect.

      about 7 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      My chemos were every 3 weeks...and yes, I felt better about a week after each chemo...here's hoping you will too.

      about 7 years ago
    • JennyMiller's Avatar

      Yes, you should feel better -- and much better just in time for another treatment! I took Claritin (not Claritin D) day before, day of and day after Neulesta Shot and I did not have any bone pain. It was a tip that I got from this site. Good Luck!

      about 7 years ago
    • SandraK's Avatar

      Everyone responds differently, even if on the same regimen. I would think that you will feel better the 2nd week, though. Part of it will also depend on what your activity is that, week, too. My first chemo was right before Christmas so my 2nd week we were getting ready for Christmas, traveling to relatives in another state and back home for the arrival of our kids. So I was the 3rd week, really, before I started feeling pretty good. I would suggest you watch your activity level and try to not overdue on either week 2 or 3. I'm coming to the end of the 1st week of my 2nd chemo, so I'll see if I feel better this time around.

      about 7 years ago
    • dmholt1957's Avatar

      I always felt better the second week after my chemo. The Neulasta shot after the AC chemo was the worse part, it made me ache all over like I had the flu and my bones even hurt. They suggest taking Claritin for that, sure wish somebody would have shared that with me while I was taking it. I just suffered thru the pain! You will have ups and downs with any chemo because we all are different we really can't tell you for sure how you will be feeling. I just pray that you can get some relief your second week. Good luck and may God bless.

      about 7 years ago
    • bballmomma's Avatar

      I didn't have any effects from chemo until 3 days after treatment. The side effects lasted for about 3 days and then when I was feeling better it was time for another treatment. I was scheduled every other week as well. Regardless of the effects ... rest and try to keep things as normal as possible.

      about 7 years ago
    • marybeth's Avatar

      I did every other week as well and my worst days were from about day 4 or 5 to day 9 or 10. This got worse toward the end of the 8 treatments.

      about 7 years ago
    • cheygrl's Avatar

      That Neulasta shot is rough. I had chemo every 3 weeks on Wednesdays with the shot on Thursday. It took me a full week to get over the chemo and shot. Taking Claritin and also pain meds helped alot.

      about 7 years ago

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