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    Asked by lovingwife on Saturday, April 27, 2013

    Chemotherapy treatments...

    Anyone been on the Folfox (Oxaliplatin, 5-FU, and Leucovorin) treatment for colon cancer that spread to the liver? What were your experiences? My 33-year old husband was diagnosed two weeks ago and started treatment Wednesday. He already has the cold sensitivity has been feeling fatigued on the third/final day of the treatment after the steroid wore off. Was it successful in your case?

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    • dilisana's Avatar

      I had these chemo drugs when I had colon cancer, but mine did not spread to the liver. It worked well for me to a point. If and when he feels and tingling and/or burning in his feet let the doctor know immediately. It came on me differently, more like all of a sudden before my 5th treatment. Then my doctor stopped the Oxaliplatin. I wish I would have noticed it sooner. Get him some thin cotton gloves (I used gloves I found by the nail/manicure section at CVS) he can wear after the treatments and really avoid touching the cold stuff. It was kind of funny at times when I forgot and tried to grab the pickle jar...almost dropped it on the floor. LOL It was even difficult going into a/c places, the grocery store is the worst with all that refrigeration.

      Just when he starts to feel better there's about 5-6 days until the next treatment. I felt really energetic after the treatment util the steroids wore off too. Just don't let him over-do it because then he'll crash hard. I asked for some meds for depression because it sure does happen. I already had pain pills but I can't quite remember hurting very much. Yes, everyone thought I was so brave and strong but there were times when I was alone and you can't help to think "why me". Give him time to be alone to scream and cry. Tell him to yell, curse whomever he wants and LET IT OUT! That was the best treatment at times. The months will fly by and it will be over. All in all, this chemo combo was a LOT easier than the chemo I had for ovarian cancer. IT WILL BE 5 YEARS NEXT MONTH!!

      I'm doing quite well now. My problem began when they found a tumor on my ovary and one of the meds caused more nerve damage. i hope I helped the both of you out, if just a little...get him several kinds of gloves, the softer the better.

      over 4 years ago
    • music's Avatar

      My husband (76) is on Folfirinox (Folfox plus something else) for pancreatic cancer, diagnosed 3 months ago. It has been successful in his case (his CA 19-9 dropped from 1400 to 95 in five sessions). He has cold sensitivity too, loosing his hair in a moderate way, eating well.Gained 2 pounds in the last month. His back pain is almost gone for the time being. Feeling fatigued on the third day of the treatment. Hoping that the treatment will be good for your husband!

      over 4 years ago
    • Skylex's Avatar

      I was on that regimin for 6 months. It made significant progress even got rid of my liver met. Eventually though it stopped working and I am now on a new regimin. Make sure to tell the doc if the neuropathy gets bad. They have meds for it and it can also become perminat if not taken care of at a mild state. Good luck!

      over 4 years ago
    • fastdog's Avatar

      Yep, I went the Folfox route. It was thought I had ovarian cancer, but when they opened me up and did the hysterectomy, they found it was cancer of the appendix. So, I had to heal from the hystero. before they could do surgery for the rest of the cancer, and while I healed, they put me on Folfox. My surgeon said that chemo wasn't usually very effective for my kind of cancer, but found it actually had shrunk the tumor at the end of treatments. After the first treatment, I went to the store and picked up some (cold) vegetables and dropped them like they were burning. Also, I am an iced coffee fiend, winter or summer, and could not drink one until about 5 days after a chemo treatment, and even then, I had to wear gloves to touch it. A drink of water had to be heated a bit in the microwave. It was kind of funny. Okay, not really. :-)

      over 4 years ago
    • LauraJo's Avatar

      I had Folfox every other week for 16 weeks post surgery for rectal cancer, but there was no liver involvement. At this point, I am 2 years NED. During treatment, I usually was tired for a couple of days post treatment, then I would bounce back until the next one. For some strange reason, I would vomit every Thursday morning, just like clockwork...just once, when I got up, like morning sickness, then not again for two weeks. As far as the cold sensitivity, it was very pronounced the first week, but by the second week I could drink cold things, and that seemed to be the cycle. Grocery stores were horrible, though...way too cold! Since he will be doing chemo during the warm weather, and maybe wearing sandals, make sure he takes soxs & gloves to treatment, and stay under the nice heated blankets. My chemo nurse told me it seemed to help minimize the neuropathy if the body & especially the extremities stayed warm during the actual treatment. I ended up with neuropathy in my hands, which went totally away after about 6 months, and some mile neuropathy in my feet which has gotten better, but is still with me. And Dilsana is right...if he feels like shooting tingles in the legs & feet - that's your nerves dying, apparently. Nobody told me that, and if it happens he need to let his doc know right away. And it doesn't necessarily happen during treatment...mine occured 6 weeks post chemo. Having said that, everyone is different, and none of this may happen to him. It just helps to be aware.

      over 4 years ago
    • agrogan's Avatar

      I received colon cancer treatment and had a tumor removed from my liver. Please read my experience for more details. I have no evidence of cancer at this point 10 months after treatment.
      It does drain you but he can get through it.

      over 4 years ago
    • RobbieFlores' Avatar

      My cancer never spread to my liver but I went through similar treatment. Yes it worked ,along with intensive radiation, surgery, and 12 more chemo sessions. I couldn't touch or drink anything cold.Fatigue was always a factor. His body is going to go through alot of ups and downs. Just go with the flow. If any side effect gets too unbearable tell your oncologist or the nurses asap. They're there to help him get through this. good luck :0)

      over 4 years ago
    • jearlesred's Avatar

      I was on this drug regime for 7 months with another six weeks of 5FU and radiation. I also had several surguries and am now cancer free (: I also had the cold sensitivity, which eventually turned into consistent neuropathy in my hands and feet. It has been about nine months since my last treatment and I still experience the tingling in my extremities, although it has definitely improved. I did have a fall because the numbness in my feet theough of my balance and had to have 17 stitches in my face - so, please tell him to be careful. I was also very tired through all my treatments and didn't feel much like eating. I lost some hair, but not all and I had a few bloody noses. Like everyone, I also had some emotional issues which were helped through my support group. If there is one in your area, I suggest you both go (: Good luck to you both.

      over 4 years ago
    • alivenwell's Avatar

      I've had the cold sensitivity and light sensitivity. I wear Ove Gloves reaching into the refrigerator and drink/eat room temperature foods. Fatigue is part of Folfox's side effects. I can easily sleep an entire evening during treatment. I have not had steroids. Winter can be the toughest time of the year with this treatment, so make sure he wears warm clothing. I have 2 treatments left and still feel cold during treatment.

      over 4 years ago

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