• Constant Headaches

    Asked by Padragain on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

    Constant Headaches

    I am now in my 5th year Cancer free and I am dealing with the side effects of treatment and grateful I am here. I have been getting headache's nearly everyday these past 7 months. Numbness and tingling in my rights side of scalp. Ocular migraines a few times a week.
    It really is interfering with my life. I am on medication but nothing seems to help. MRI neg for tumors or anything that would explain the headaches. My thought is I have a tightness to the back of my neck where radiation would have causes a restriction or tightness. Maybe this is a cause. Xrays are negative.
    I had radiation to my left upper neck area as I had stage 3 Squamous cell of the base of the tongue. Any idea or opinions greatly appreciated.

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I had head and neck cancer the last diagnosis. Mine was right tonsil. I had radiation to the left and right with more being concentrated on the right side. My side effects have been: loss of all teeth, carotid artery was fried causing a mild stroke, TIA, my throat has had to be stretched twice to help with swallowing, and I need it done again. I also have a few other minor side effects from the surgery and radiation. I do have headaches from time to time in my lower neck/head area that seems to be the location of headaches caused by high blood pressure. I am not on blood pressure meds yet but I will be as soon as I get in to see a primary care physician. How is your blood pressure? Is anyone following that part of your healthcare? None of my specialists have ever said anything about it other than saying that my blood pressure is a little high today, is it always high? I usually say no because it's usually low.

      16 days ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      Hi- cancer free with experimental radiation for a rare head cancer. I think that I know what you are talking about.

      Yes, the radiation shrinks and even burns out blood vessels and small glands. I look like the undead with my red eyelids-glands burnt out. I spend over an hour a day pampering my eyes. My sinus and eustachian tubes bother me a lot. I was told that before I had treatment.

      I can think of several things that might be causing you headaches after radiation.
      #1. The constricted blood vessels.
      #A- Massage would help greatly--My clinic offered me this-but I didn't and don't need it. I have enough other problems.
      #B do it your self while trying to get set up with help. That would be warm damp towels on your neck about 30 minutes a time and 3 or 4 times a day. Self massage your neck, unless somebody would help you with that. Practice sitting up straight and stretch your neck- bend it as far forward as you can. Turn your head, left right, bend it to your shoulders left right.
      #C- Acupuncture - It worked for my son- He's a disabled vet and the VA takes care of that for him.

      #2-- have you had your vision checked lately? I have a friend that was administration staff at a hospital. She had the scans-the whole schmear. Nothing helped. She went in for her eye exam a few months later-- Her new prescription for eye glasses cured her head aches.

      #3- you might have one of my problems--dry eyes from radiation.

      #4 has anybody checked you for TMJ? That also can do that.

      #5--If I don't use a neti pot/ nose squirt bottle every day for my poor radiated sinuses-I get head aches. Go buy A NeilMed kit--it gives the directions for sanitation, the buffered saline packs-premeasured, etc just go to a pharmacy department or online- I use Ebay.

      I wish you good luck. I hope that some of this gives you relief.---have you tried strong coffee or a Coke a cola? sometimes those relieve headaches. I had some tests run on me that gave me a headache and the head nurse got me a Coke. That actually cleared most of my headache.

      So good luck

      16 days ago
    • Padragain's Avatar

      Thank you for your answers. I have see every doctor and even eye exams. ENT, Neuro etc...
      This past weekend was the first time in months that I had 2 days without a headache. Woke up on Monday..baam horrible ache and ringing all day. Today Tuesday woke up with another. Its exhausting

      10 days ago
    • Leuky's Avatar

      So sorry you are having these pains. It's worse when we can't get an answer to what it is and how to fix it. The stress adds to my pain. I hope you get answers and relief soon.

      10 days ago
    • Padragain's Avatar

      Thank you Leuky. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings over the holidays.
      I will have my 3 boys and family under one roof for Christmas hopefully I will have some relief during this time. :)

      10 days ago

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