• Curious to know effects of Adriamycin

    Asked by mistyb on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    Curious to know effects of Adriamycin

    My oncologist has suggested Adriamycin/cytoxin for the first 2 months of chemo getting treatments every 2 weeks. the side effects sound so bad... I'm wondering if most people get along ok with it or if a lot have had the more serious side effects??

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    • karen1956's Avatar

      I had TAC (taxotere, Adriamycin and cytoxin) every 3 weeks, 6 doses in all.....my biggest side effect was nausea.....

      over 7 years ago
    • StamPurr's Avatar
      StamPurr (Best Answer!)

      We are all different, so I don't know if my experience will help or not , but you asked... I expected worse. So far, not so bad. I've had 3 doses of adriamycin and cytoxin every 3 weeks. 4th and last before starting Taxotere. First round, I needed a long nap for about 3 days and that was about it. 2nd time, I spent a couple of days in bed sleeping, 3rd time, tired again and some nausea, but not uncontrollable. Hair loss first month and GI upset off and on since the beginning. But it was worse in my head than it was in reality. In fact, I'm so comfortable about the AC now, I'm back to being afraid of the next drug more. I understand your apprehension. It is all new and unpredictable and the side effect warnings sound so BAD . I've never been "sick" before, so this whole experience is so foreign and uncomfortable. Talk with your doctor about your anxiety. They have drugs for everything :-) And on the bright side, I'm now wearing my "skinny clothes" and I know I have a really great shaped head!

      over 7 years ago
    • tweety1105's Avatar

      I like you had BC in 2006 onc started AC 4 infusions one every 3 wks. It is a major chemo with side effects plan on losing your hair by 2nd infusion I actually cut mine extremely short after it started coming out by the handfuls just felt better to get it over with, extreme fatique, also by 2nd infusion developed neuropathy which I still have in feet and fingers. I actually started feeling better about 5 days afterwards but the fatique was pretty constant. My worst side effect was from nausea meds "Compazine" it gave me extreme shakes like I had parkinsons so had to stop taking that or any class of drug under that like amtriptilyne neurologist tried to give me to help with neuropathy but it did same thing. I was able to take Emend and it controlled nausea pretty well. Good luck to you remember it is over soon so I'm sure you can do it.

      over 7 years ago
    • Julie99's Avatar

      I finished the same schedule of AC/T you mentioned on May 21st. Everyone is different. But like you, I was expecting the worst from what I heard of Adriamycin. My oncologist said with the mess now available, there was no reason for me to feel sick. And I never got sick once. My hair was thinning after 2 weeks & a few days after my 2nd treatment I just shaved it off, sick of waiting for it and waiting to do it on my terms.
      I had some fatigue and chemo brain but that was it for those first two months.
      Everything I heard said Taxol would be a breeze after AC, but not for me. I had pretty intense neuropathy for about a week after each treatment as well as increased fatigue which I am still dealing with... Sleeping about 10-12 hours each day and very limited energy the rest. I am just starting to see a slight improvement with the fatigue, I had no lasting effects of neuropathy & my hair is starting to grow back as well.
      It isn't easy but listening to my body, eatting healthy, limiting my stress & what I exposed myself to plus giving myself permission to do nothing but rest & keeping the most positive attitude I could all played HUGE parts in getting through those four months.
      Feb12th - May 21st were the longest & fastest 4 months if my life. I can't believe how fast it all went!
      Stay positive, listen to your body & keep positive stress free people around you & you will get through it!

      over 7 years ago
    • JennyMiller's Avatar

      I had 4 treatments of AC (two weeks apart) followed by 4 treatments of Taxol.
      I did not experience nausea due to preventative meds. I lost my hair after the
      second treatment and I had a variety of side effects but nothing drastic.
      If you go to my wall and go back -- you will find where I posted details of
      my treatments and side effects (and I mean "details" - lol). Of course, everyone
      is different but it might give you some idea what to expect. Good Luck!!

      over 7 years ago
    • junie1's Avatar

      my daughter had the Adriamycin/cytoxin as part of her chemo treatment. She also had lots other types while on chemo. side effects are very different for each person. she went to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tpa,Fl. she is also on What'sNext, she is tiaria30. i'll tell her about you, she'll be glad to talk., When i had breast cancer, i had no trouble with my chemo or radiation. just lucky i guess.

      over 7 years ago
    • thil2633's Avatar

      I started with A/C in November and had 4 treatments every other week. I really expected it to be awful- laying by the toliet, hair falling out, mouth sores,, etc. Anyway, I did the first treatment and waited until I felt nauseated to take the two meds they prescribed for that. (Bad idea) Start taking the medicine before and stay AHEAD of the nausea. I never got sick after that first treatment! I did have bone pain from the nulesta shot, but I found out if you take claritian, that will help with the pain. Majic Mouthwash prescribed by the Dr works for the mouth sore, I didn't have many. One or two at a time, so it wasn't awful. The hair WILL fall out. It falls out right after your second treatment, so plan ahead. Have a shaving party and take control of how it is done. Don't wait till you have clumps falling in the shower! You can read my blog for more detailed information on my journey www.adventuresoftraci.blogspot.com

      over 7 years ago
    • Canto's Avatar

      I also had A/C for the first 4 rounds every two weeks followed by Taxol for 4 rounds ever 2 weeks.
      As everyone has stated, side effects are different for us all. I had treatments on Thursday and felt fine (steroid and anti nausea meds in IV help) I started taking the anti-nausea meds and Claritin (not D) that night. Friday, I got the Nulasta shot and a liter of IV fluids, which REALLY helped. Side effects were: queasiness, never to the point of throwing up. I ate small meals or broth that appealed to me. Small frozen icies became my best friend! Heightened and unusual sense of smell. Couldn't stand the smell of cologne. Achiness from Nulasta but continued with anti-nausea, Claritin, Tylenol and heating pad for 2 days. Saturday and Sunday, days 2-3, were my hardest. I then began to feel better. I also had a sore throat, like laryngitis and really didn't want to talk for those 2 days. My hair began to come out at week 2 so I went ahead and cut and shaved it. I wasn't too emotional as I had fully prepared for it. I actually emailed friends and family to let them know I had done it (kept it upbeat) so there was no awkwardness when they saw me. Allow yourself rest and accept help when offered. IT DOES GET BETTER ATER A FEW DAYS!. Food tastes normal and I returned to walking etc. My hair started returning during the Taxol rounds. I finished chemo May 30th. You can do it!!!

      over 7 years ago
    • jerristone's Avatar

      Like many others here - i had the same treatment and had little issues with it. I work full-time, and never had to miss a day of work, other than for my treatments. My onc said the nausea, fatigue, etc. would be the worst about 24-36 hours after treatment and she was absolutely right. So i did my treatments Thursday afternoon and mostly rested on Saturday. The Neulasta shot (given 24 hous after treatment) was really beneficial.
      Everyone is different; wishing you the very best!

      over 7 years ago
    • lovinglife's Avatar

      I have to say that I had no problems with AD. I had it every two weeks for two months. I also was not working so I was able to rest when I wanted, etc. I had stage IIIb so it was worth it to me no matter what the side effects were. Luckily, I had none.

      over 7 years ago
    • Sunnydays' Avatar

      Like many others above, I had TAC, treatments every 2 weeks for 4 months. I expected the worst after reading about all the side effects but the anti-nausea drugs are so good - use them! I felt a bit queezy (is that a word?) at times and was tired from all the drugs doing their work but never got really sick. Yes, hair loss is traumatic but 2 years post-chemo it is down to my shoulders again. Get up and walk as often as you can, long walks in nature were healing for me and drink lots and lots of water to help things move through you. Rest as needed - your body is going through A LOT! If you are experiencing any side effects, tell your doctors, there's a drug for almost everything (except hair loss!). I had splitting headaches after my first treatment and finally told my oncologist and he identified it was one of the anti-nausea drugs, so we switched to another one. Don't be shy about sharing your side effects with your doctors. They don't want you to be in pain. I marvel at how much stronger I am now than when I started chemo, it is a life changing experience! Wishing you all the best.

      over 7 years ago
    • oceanblue24's Avatar

      Hi, I had 4 A/C treatments 2 weeks apart. I also had a Neulasta shot the day after & I think some steroids for 2 days after. I then had 12 Taxol treatments. It's doable & I did ok. I never missed a treatment. The only thing that scared me was a fast heartbeat from the steroids the first time but all turned out fine. I scared my self more then the actual fast heartbeat. I listened to to many bad things I either heard or read! One thing I'll recommend is don't be afraid to take the anti nausea meds or call your Onco office with questions. I tried to be strong & not take any anti nausea meds. BIG mistake!! Losing my hair was traumatic for me but that is so minor & now a yr. later I just had my 3rd haircut! Hang in there if I can do it as a health anxiety sufferer so can you!!! Keep saying I can do this & it's getting rid of any stray cells!!! Blessings to you!!!!

      over 7 years ago
    • Marshah's Avatar

      Each person is different and there are a lot of new drugs out in recent years that help to make patients feel better while doing the chemo. My sister had chemo for her breast cancer in 1994 and was nausues and weak the 1st week, the 2nd week her blood count went down and she needed daily shots, on the 3rd week she was back to her old self. I had chemo in 2006. I received my treatments on Thursdays. I felt find until Saturday and Sunday when I felt overwhelmingly sleepy. I went to work the following Monday thru Wednesday. But took off Thursday thru Sunday. They gave me shots on Friday after the chemo and also did blood work the following Thursday to check on my blood count. I would receive 1 and was good to go. Since 7 years has passed since my treatments I have heard that there are other treatments to counter the chemo effects.

      over 7 years ago
    • MillieS's Avatar

      I have taken that combo and my side effects were miminal . Easily managed with anti nausea . The worse was fatigue and the hair loss . Everyone is different. My infusions were every three weeks . They have to tell you all the side effects ever experienced. It does not mean you will have them

      Hope you do well . Hugs

      over 7 years ago
    • Snooks' Avatar

      I'm not sure if the "cocktail" of adriamycin/cytoxin is what did me in, but I also had taxotere added into it. There were no side effects during the first two chemo treatments, but the third, fourth and fifth caused my immune system to plummet. As a result I had to be hospitalized three times. By the sixth (and last) treatment, my onc cut back on the three amounts he put into the "cocktail". The side effects were fever, diarrhea, low while blood cell count and low potassium. However, my onc did warn me of these side effects saying this "cocktail" was very strong, but I went ahead with it anyway. As bad as it was, I would probably make the same decision to have it again. God forbid! Good Luck and God Bless

      over 7 years ago
    • barbaraanne's Avatar

      Hi, I was going to ask the same question. I will be starting Adriamycin in about 2 weeks also. I already did Cytoxin & Taxotere the 1st time around for chemo treatments. I consider myself fairly lucky w/the last two drugs as far as side effects. I wasn't given Adriamycin for my 1st chemo treatments and now after finishing radiation,I am back at chemo, cause cancer got thru to a lymph node and more could be floating around. I heard this med is very strong & aggressive, just like my TNBC is. I'm gonna try it. Let's compare notes, once we get under way...Best of luck to you:)

      over 7 years ago

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