• Depression and Vertigo after treatment

    Asked by digger6218 on Saturday, November 10, 2012

    Depression and Vertigo after treatment

    After surgeries ( no chemo or radiation ) I developed depression tho I was all clear. Went on Paxil. Did a few sessions with a cancer suvivor physcologist. Didnt help. Now I have developed Vertigo which can be stress related. Had an ENT specialist do tests and my left ear is effected. Just wondering if anyone has vertigo or depression related to going thru cancer. I am also a colon cancer survivor.

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Wow, you've been through a lot. I can't help you with the question, but just wanted to welcome you to the site, and say wait just a bit. Someone will come along with some information for you in a bit.

      Thanks for being here and let me know if you need any help around the site.

      Greg P
      3x survivor
      Team WhatNext
      Community Mgr.

      over 8 years ago
    • lynn1950's Avatar

      Hi digger6218. I haven't experienced vertigo post-treatment, but I certainly struggled with depression. I was diagnosed at Stage IIIa and so had surgery, chemo and radiation. I now take Arimidex.

      It's been four years since I completed treatment, which is when my depression began. I tried many modalities to treat my depression and I am still on anti-depressants. Therapy helped me, as did Yoga and meditation and time. Sometimes you have to really look for the right counselor and the right medication. It took me awhile.

      Although I have had some serious life altering experiences with my son this past month (he was in a terrible car wreck), I have to say that I am not feeling any depression. Good luck finding the right combination of therapy and medication. Don't give up. I know that it is very hard, but it does get better.

      over 8 years ago
    • SpunkyS's Avatar

      I have a mild case of Meniere's disease which was exacerbated by chemo. Now I experience a slight vertigo sensation when I first lie down or when tired, with some position changes. Slightly better if I watch the salt intake.

      over 8 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      no vertigo but depression...I'm 6 1/2 years post Dx and still struggling with depression.....anti-depressants have not been successful nor talk therapy!!! I was just recommended to someone for a type of light therapy that I'm trying...((((((((((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))))))

      over 8 years ago
    • IKickedIt's Avatar

      I am one year post chemo and am still struggling with side effects from my treatments, including vertigo which is due to a fried vestibular nerve. I've been in PT for about 4 months and have seen tremendous improvement. My vestibular system is now functioning normally, although I the feelings take longer to resolve. I am starting to be able to walk down stairs and take escalators, although I still don't really look out as I'm walking, I'm more comfortable looking at my feet. Ask your doctor if he feels that vestibular therapy might help and if so, find yourself a physical therapist that specializes in vestibular dysfunction. It isn't a pleasant treatment, but it has really helped me start to function more normally.

      over 8 years ago
    • Modern's Avatar

      Well in my opinion it would be odd if you weren't depressed for a little while I thing pretty much everyone here has had depression at some point through this whole cancer thing I know I have try finding someone to talk to not nessisararily a theripist just someone you can tell everything that's bothering you to and if it doesn't get better medication does help even though I know it seemes like a terrible thing to be medicated for depression it does help and everyone deserves a chance to be happy. As for the vertigo I would suggest you talk to your doctor if it doesn't clear up with your ear infection or it gets worse. Good luck and I hope u feel better. Message me if you need a sympathetic ear ok :)

      over 8 years ago
    • Mollie's Avatar

      Hi. I'm so sorry about the depression. I've suffered from depression for 21 years. There are a couple of things I know. First the meds. Up until about 5 years ago I hadn't found a med that worked really well. Then my dr. Tried me on cymbalta and Abilify and I have never felt better. I'm a lot more control of my sadness and don't get depressed anymore just sad when sad things happen. The point is it took a lot of patience, trial and error, and a good psychiatrist to find the right meds for me. As far as therapy goes, it takes time. I wish you the best.

      over 8 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Cancer IS depressing.

      If you had a surgery, the odds are something was cut out. That isn't such a happy thing either. They also give you weird drugs to knock you out and awaken you after and to stave off the pain. Since everyone is individual, one doesn't really ever know how these drugs will affect a particular person.

      If you ear is somehow compromised, your balance suffers (vertigo). Why are you continuing to take Paxil if it isn't helping?

      There are other therapists in the world. Keep trying to find one with whom you mesh as it helps to talk to someone who is required to listen. It is quite a nice luxury.

      I practice yoga. I say practice because I am far from perfect and it can be somewhat dangerous to have your mat too close to mine as my balance isn't what it used to be.

      Stop beating yourself up. You have been through a wringer.

      Learn to meditate. Grieve for your losses and concentrate on appreciation of the good things which are left to you. Fed yourself better. Learn to meditate. Start up some sort of exercise or regular movement. Stretch. Breathe.

      Best wishes for you to feel better soon.


      over 8 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      I feel you should keep going back to get a better definition of what the doctors feel is causing this. I know depression can be very tricky giving you many weird symptoms. If Paxil isn't working... ask for something else. God Bless you!

      over 8 years ago
    • dealite2007's Avatar

      Digger6218, I went on an anti-depressent 4 months ago prior to my dx of breast cancer. My one and only child (single parent since birth of son) went off to college. My 19 year struggle to keep food on the table and my son on the straight and narrow was over...I had nothing left...and I sunk into a depression. So when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months after he left, I was already starting to level out on the meds. Zoloft works for me. I'm not dancing down the streets, but I'm not so blue anymore. Switch meds. It takes time and testing to see what works. If I hadn't seen a change in 30 days, I would have gone back to my Dr. and asked to switch meds.

      over 8 years ago
    • SDB's Avatar

      Thru my chemo and radiation, countless surgeries (2 masectomies and reconstruction) and a reoccurance of thyroid cancer after 25 years, I have not had experience with depression so I can't help you with drugs or such. BUT what I can possibly help you with is to say find a positive focus in your life, an all consuming focus. I focused on living for my family as my daughters children were very young and my son hadn't had children yet. I focused on seeing my grandchildren growing up, I focused on my siblings and their families (I am the oldest of 5), and how I needed to show them that their support and strength thru God was my best medicine. Now I focus on Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, showing people where they can turn for answers, trying to be there for those who don't know where to turn and so on.
      I have a song by Josh Wilson called I Refuse, posted in front of me daily, just saying inner strength and a strong all consuming positive focus can help us with all things.
      Good Luck

      over 8 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      Digger--I think depression is VERY common amongst us! I was already on antidepressants, which have helped a lot, although I started on Paxil and it did NOTHING for me. It took almost a year to find the right antidepressant and dose (Venlafaxine & Wellbutrin)...but now, I generally feel GREAT and am glad I took the time and effort to find some that work for me! As to the vertigo, I'm going through TCH chemo now and often feel like I'm "spinning" when I lie down to sleep---that dizzying vertigo. Also, I frequently lose my balance when walking after just standing up.I attribute these symptoms to that horrible carboplatin I get every 3 weeks. But according to my calculations, I only have at most 4 more infusions of that nasty stuff! (Then maybe my hands and feet will stop burning from the inside out!) Good luck to you.

      over 8 years ago

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