• Dietary changes

    Asked by Carlina on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Dietary changes

    Has anyone changed their diet to eliminate all sugar?
    Is Keto diet a cure for cancer?

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    • Kp2018's Avatar
      Kp2018 (Best Answer!)

      I have changed my diet to eliminate refined sugars as in sweets. I can tell the sweets cause inflammation of my arthritic joints as manifested in pain and swelling. I also have a difficult time controlling my consumption of refined sugars. Once I start eating them, I have a very difficult time stopping. When I finally do stop, I think I experience symptoms of withdrawal from an addictive substance. Refined sugars are definitely not good for me.

      Chronic inflammation is believed to be an unhealthy condition. In dealing with my cancer, I don't need another unhealthy condition. One is enough.

      As to the Keto diet being a cure for cancer, your probably wouldn't have anyone to interact with on WhatNext if it were. Everyone would be off enjoying life without cancer treatments or worry about recurrence weighing them down.

      If you want to learn what a healthy diet is, I would suggest joining Weight Watchers. I joined 50 years ago for that very reason, and the eating program, while it has gone through many iterations, has always emphasized eating foods that promote good health as well as eating a well balanced diet. I haven't always followed the program perfectly (obviously relating to my problem with refined sugars), but overall it has helped me maintain healthy nutrition, not to mention a healthy weight.

      My best to you in your efforts to explore dietary options to augment your cancer treatments.

      15 days ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Eat a balanced, healthy diet, and don't worry about trying to eliminate all sugar. No, as KP said, it's not a cure for cancer. However, being obese leads to other health problems, which in turn can lead to several different cancer diagnoses, but again, not just because you eat sugar. We hope you're doing well. Ask anything you need here, lots of people have already been through whatever you may be having an issue with.

      15 days ago
    • JaneA's Avatar

      I've eliminated store-bought cookies and highly processed foods. I eat plenty of protein, but in many forms - not only meat, but beans and rice, Greek or Icelandic yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs and whole grains.

      NO diet is a cure for cancer.

      15 days ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      Not a chance! I love sugar, especially carbs. I didn't change my diet much at all after I was diagnosed.

      14 days ago
    • po18guy's Avatar

      If you eliminate sugar, you will kill healthy cells. All cells run on blood sugar. Starve the bad and you starve the good. Keto is for weight loss in healthy individuals.

      If I were you, I would stop visiting quack sites! You'll live longer.

      14 days ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      That refined sugar aggravates cancer has been debunked.

      13 days ago
    • Throatless' Avatar

      Eat a bag of sugar if you want it has no effect on cancer. Just eat sensibly and balanced meals.

      13 days ago
    • Ashera's Avatar

      Not much to add - od'ing on sugar - refined or otherwise is never a good idea - but fruit has sugar and is healthy for you. Keto has been mentioned as a healthier way to eat - in general but pick your healthy choices. I eat lots of protein - from rice, beans, organic chicken/lean beef,fish and a fresh vegetable a day. I eat plenty of unsweetened Greek high-fat yogurt. I eat NOTHING labeled as non/low fat - I read ingredients. Butter, olive oil, avocados, nuts. Real and not processed foods. I also have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and drink water the rest of the time. I'd like to have white wine again but chemo made my stomach and beyond wonky so I avoid. Read your labels and if you cannot pronouce it - don't buy it. Avoid all additives and artificial ingredients and non-foods. Relax about it all - fearing that if you do or do not eat this or that - you are doomed. Just eat a lovely, real-food diet and you will be fine! Sending you energy and love!

      9 days ago
    • Ashera's Avatar

      ps - I also drink whole or 2% mil - I don't choose organic milk because of the way it is processed - I eat cheese, drink 1/2&1/2 in my coffee - full-fat - (avoid carageenan) cheeses, Love the Daisy products cause they have single ingredients - like in their cottage cheese, sour cream etc. There's a lot of healthy food out there!

      9 days ago
    • Carlina's Avatar

      Thank you all for your excellent responses.
      I do already stick to an all natural, sensible diet, avoiding GMOs, artificial ingredients, using organic when sensible, making home made cooking as much as possible. I also love to bake, and take treats to share at work. I love carbs.
      The problem I have is, my daughter has been on Keto since November.
      She insists I also go on this. I already told her I read up on it and choose not to .
      I said let's agree to disagree. It's a strain on our relationship. I get so frustrated.
      I know that cancer has no rhyme or reason.

      8 days ago
    • Carlina's Avatar

      My daughter is 43 years old.

      8 days ago
    • Kp2018's Avatar

      My experience with some people who convert to eating programs like Keto or Paleo (and untold others) is that they tend to become so devoted to their new dietary ideology that they begin to proselytize to gain new converts.

      Your daughter's intentions are undoubtedly driven by love and concern for you and your health. Nonetheless, her efforts to convert you can be very stressful for you.

      Can you explain to her that the discussions about diet are stressful and upsetting to you, especially while you are dealing with cancer treatments, periodic scans and the unpredictable and senseless nature of cancer.

      I am sorry that you are going through this. Having happy supportive relationships with family is a huge advantage as you manage your cancer. I hope you can achieve this with your daughter.

      7 days ago

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