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    Asked by Whitey61 on Monday, October 17, 2016


    Question to all WhatNexters ?, We all know how much diet plays a big part in our cancer fights..what in your opinion are the top 10 foods to avoid at all cost?..in a week's time I will post again on what the top 10 beneficial food choices are?

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    • Whitey61's Avatar

      1.Red Meat
      2.sugar..other than natural in fruits, etc..fuels growth.
      3.processed meats and cold cuts...nitrates
      4.sweets, cookies,pastry etc...sugar content
      5.soy products?, Jury still out on this one!
      6.Dairy products????
      8.tap water
      10.alcohol..other than red wine.

      over 3 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I don't avoid any foods except those I don't like. I happen to be a meat and potatoes kind of girl so that's what I mostly eat. I was raised in the south ... I like fried food, too. And dessert.

      over 3 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      It's easy JUST eat food that grow in the ground and is not altered. God have us that food to eat....
      Sunshine, Water and Soil.....

      over 3 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Eat fresh living food as close to just picked as possible.

      I avoided dead things like animal flesh and boxes and bags.

      @whItEy, the jury is not out on soy. If soy is not genetically modified and has been fermented, it is actually quite good for you. Tofu is processed but not fermented. Traditionally, this accidental discovery was used as an ice cream or as pretend meat for important guests.

      I dont want to eat soy isolates. They are processed. They are rife with added sugars and suspected to have something to do with certain cancers and, since the packages are something to stay away from and because they are rarely offered as organic, despite their being delicious (you must try something before you knock it, right? :-D) I tend to veer away from those boxes as well.

      Again, the word product indicates something unsavory which has been added. Animal products make mucus but there is the Budwig diet. Sadly it has been mutilated over time. The quark which was the original cheese mix is NoT cottage cheese. It is more like something called areesh in the Middle East. A cheese with the whey simply curdled away. Cottage cheese is not the same as quark.

      I cant think of anything bad to say about non gmo and organicly grown garlic so I wont. The stuff is awesome. Used properly, it is better than a flu shot, IMHO.

      Fizzy drinks, for the most part (seltzer, Ginseng Up, and naturally carbonated mineral water excepted) are poison.

      I like sake for a drink. I flavor it with fruit. The sugars made from fermented rice rather than fermented grapes are so easy for a body to digest that you dont wake up all wound up and there is no hangover.

      Yawn. Back to work for me. Enjoy the day remaining.

      over 3 years ago
    • Whitey61's Avatar

      Geek, my head is spinning...lol, you have done your homework. :0)

      over 3 years ago
    • Whitey61's Avatar

      Is Laetrile B-17 available in any form these days to take as a supplement?..what food groups carry it?

      over 3 years ago
    • Ejourneys' Avatar

      Adding to what @geekling said about soy:
      Recent research has found a difference between soy taken in food (like tofu) and soy taken in supplements. The upshot is that soy in food is okay and may even be beneficial for hormone-positive breast cancer patients, but soy supplements may be harmful and are *not* recommended.

      Here are two separate studies that come to that conclusion:

      "Animal study shows why long-time consumption of soyfoods reduces breast cancer recurrence"

      From the article: "Women diagnosed with breast cancer are often told not to eat soyfoods or soy-based supplements because they can interfere with anti-estrogen treatment. But new research being presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2015 could eventually impact that advice, because in animals, a long history of eating soyfoods boosts the immune response against breast tumors, reducing cancer recurrence....The findings mirror observational studies that found women who have long been consuming more than 10 mg isoflavones daily are at reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence, compared with women who consume less than 4 mg isoflavones daily. 'One cup of soymilk has about 30 mg isoflavones, the majority of which is genistein,' Hilakivi-Clarke says."

      "Gene mapping reveals soy's dynamic, differing roles in breast cancer"

      From the article: "Researchers at the University of Illinois found that the compounds in minimally processed soy flour stimulate genes that suppress cancer, while purified soy isoflavones stimulate oncogenes that promote tumor growth. The paper, available online, was accepted for publication in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research....'The main take-home message is, if you have breast cancer, isoflavone dietary supplements are not recommended,' Helferich said. 'However, consuming soy from a whole food - along with other legumes - is likely safe.'"

      The American Cancer Society has this to say about soy and ER+ cancers:

      From the article:
      "Bottom line: Even though animal studies have shown mixed effects on breast cancer with soy supplements, studies in humans have not shown harm from eating soy foods. Moderate consumption of soy foods appears safe for both breast cancer survivors and the general population, and may even lower breast cancer risk. Avoid soy supplements until more research is done. So, enjoy your occasional tofu stir-fry or tofu burger - they are unlikely to increase your risk of breast cancer and, on balance, are some of the healthier foods you can eat!"

      So the current guidance is: Avoid soy supplements, but soy foods, so far, have not been shown to pose a danger and may even lower BC risk. That lowering of risk sounds counterintuitive, but here is their explanation:

      "Furthermore, while isoflavones may act like estrogen, they also have anti-estrogen properties. That is, they can block the more potent natural estrogens from binding to the estrogen receptor. In addition, they stop the formation of estrogens in fat tissue and stimulate production of a protein that binds estrogen in the blood (to make it less able to bind to the receptor). They also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and work in other ways to reduce cancer growth."

      over 3 years ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      As with everything else we are all different. I avoid dairy because I only have 1/3 of my esophagus and dairy causes mucus to form around the scar. It also tends to clog my digestive system. I also have been on a regimen to lower cholesterol so there are some foods I have been avoiding
      I cannot drink carbonated drinks (I tried it once after my esophagectomy and thought I was going to die)
      My nutritionist has encouraged me to eat some red meat and eggs due to a vitamin B12 deficiency. However range fed red meat is horrendously expensive. I do only eat free-range eggs.
      Any meat that is not free range should not be eaten same goes for eggs and milk. I do not drink tap water unless I boil it.

      over 3 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      @Whitey61, if you wish to try laetrile, look to Europe or Weston-Price membership. There are no products because the stuff, again, must be close to Nature to be effective. That means it is available as whole nuts, as nut meal, and as cookies and crackers.

      I have eaten Italian laetrile cookies and can attest that they are pretty good. I have prepared food with nut and nutmeal and, other than taking a bit of bitterness into account, the food was danged fine. I forget how many nuts one is suposed to consume as a protocol but, when a bag is purchased, there will be a reminder on the label. It might say somthing like "some people believe consuming X number of nuts per day ..or high amygdalin , please consume no more than so much per kilogram of body weight. There are also half a zillion websites with something to say about laetrile.

      I havent ever used it as a protocol. I like guanabana better. :-)

      over 3 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      If you want a nutritional supplement, as natural as can be, look up "moringa oleifera" ,see what amazing things it has to offer and then come to my website and buy it as a daily tea.


      You will be amazed at the results, in just a few days. I can hardly believe, lol, I forgot to mention.


      over 3 years ago
    • Whitey61's Avatar

      Geek,I'm interested in starting your Moringa tea and checked out your web site..didn't see it listed?, Just leaves and powder??what can you tell me about daily use of organic coconut oils?, You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the natural product supplements to standard cancer treatments.please advise..whitey

      over 3 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      It is there, Whitey. Just click on "contact shop owner"


      Coconut oil is essemtial fatty acids amongst other things. Science talks about medium chains of tri glyscerides. Avocado, olives .. not every fruit actually gives oil. Some give juice or syrup.

      I dont use products so much as I use food ...

      Moringa is a wonderful plant. I make raw fruit and nut cakes using young coconut meat, and I love the coconut water.

      I believe a person needs a little oil and quite a few greens as strengthening fuel.

      Looking forward @Whitey61

      over 3 years ago

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