• Do we ever get our life back

    Asked by warrior84 on Sunday, September 24, 2017

    Do we ever get our life back

    I'm 41 was diagnosed a year-and-a-half ago with stage 3 multiple myeloma I have undergone over a year of chemotherapy only to find out it damage my heart so much I couldn't get a transplant now I'm on revlimid only but my body hurts all the time my bones are very weak they want to put rods in my leg possibly in my arm because the myeloma has eaten so much of them I did construction for 15 years because of the work I can never go back I am grateful to be alive don't get me wrong I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer eight years ago but is there any part of my life from before cancer that I get to get back. Everything is a struggle now

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    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Life is a Struggle and EVERYBODY gets sick and has horrors. It is just the way it is here on Planet Earth. I call it Boot Camp for Heaven. Have you checked into the Keto Diet for cancer ??? Have you checked into Decadron/Steroids for Myeloma? Chemo can be worse than the cancer and that stinks. Are you still on treatments? If so why not start to heal your body. The time for killing is over so now start the healing. Try a total Vegan Diet.....No Crap and especially no Cows Milk or any dairy. If it grows in the ground eat it and if it has a face on it Pet it. Good Luck....If you want some stimulation etc. come over to facebook and friend me.....Barry Butler...

      over 1 year ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      It is true.

      My body doesnt function as well as it once did and I miss those great qualities but I eat well and exercise regularly and stretch myself to reclaim what I can and go forth with my life, physically diminished though it may be.

      Keep hacking away at weakness by stretching yourself. Take pride in small accomplishments. Keep your nutrition up.

      Give up the past and step forth into a future. It may be different but it is what you have.

      Best wishes

      over 1 year ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      It's sad to say, but for a lot of us, we will never get our old life back. We just have a "new normal, or new life". I have been through 3 diagnoses over 29 years, I wasn't the same after the first, more not the same after the second, and after the third, I am a lot farther from who I used to be, in several ways. My appearance has changed after each dx, and my body has changed along with the surgeries and treatments. I can't taste like I used to, I have a dry mouth, lost all my teeth, had a stroke due to a carotid artery that was fried by the radiation, and more. So no, most of us won't get it back. But we have what we are left with and we can either make the most of it and enjoy life as it is until we have no more, or we can complain about what we now are and make the rest of what we have left on earth miserable. This is one of those things that really is "what you make of it". We wish you the best.

      over 1 year ago
    • lh25's Avatar

      I find it's a bit of a balance act between pushing myself to regain my strength and energy(my biggest issues) and realizing as Greg says I have a new normal. And will never be the person I was two years ago again.

      over 1 year ago
    • annetteOR's Avatar

      @warrior84 I like that you asked if there was "anything" of your pre-cancer life you'll get back. Sounds like you're trying to work within a realistic framework of knowing it'll never be the same, but trying to figure out what, if anything, is salvageable. Of course, we're all different. You are young for an MM diagnosis and for having lost a spouse. Both bad breaks. I lost my fiance 8 years ago, and have found the emotional path I've traveled the last 3 years with MM to be very similar to the path I traveled after his death. Both types of losses required grieving from me. For me, facing and going through the grief eventually brings about acceptance and gratitude for what is. I try to look at it as nothing I've ever gone through has left me the same life I had before it: not college, not any job I've held, not any relationship, not even travel. Each new experience brings new things to my life and brings the loss of other things. Wishing you much peace and comfort.

      over 1 year ago

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