• Does anyone have a plan for a decent labor day plan to celebrate

    Asked by GregP_WN on Monday, September 7, 2020

    Does anyone have a plan for a decent labor day plan to celebrate

    I'm talking about something that doesn't put you and your family and friends at risk? We are in the middle of thr country so our closest neighbors are some raccoons, deere and some of their friends .

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    8 answers
    • po18guy's Avatar

      Well, it was windy all day. That wind fanned a large fire not all that far away. So, the entire area now smells like a campfire and debris and ash are falling. So, it's re-runs of CSI Miami.

      20 days ago
    • Bug's Avatar

      It was a quiet day. I had a Zoom pilates class this morning then spent the rest of the day doing laundry and “house” things. Our air was better for several days but is smoky again.

      20 days ago
    • MarcieB's Avatar

      Two couples (our neighbor and friends) came to our house for dinner on our deck outside. My husband grilled chicken and made a lovely peanut sauce and I had planned to do barbecued beans, but I was afraid that flavor would clash with peanut sauce...so I opted for smashed potatoes. And frosted brownies! Real picnic food. We are fortunate to have a fire pit in our backyard, so that was a great way to end the evening - coffee and conversation around a fire. Judging from the comments above I would say were lucky to have a fire that was contained.(!)

      19 days ago
    • JaneA's Avatar

      I'm like Bug - I had a Zoom Silver Sneakers class. I grilled hot dogs and had baked beans and potatoes chips. A holiday like Labor Day is the only time that I ever indulge in hot dogs.

      19 days ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      We had a fairly lazy day. Ended up going after BBQ for dinner (takeout). It was a disappointment - expensive and not very tasty this time around (too done - both ribs and brisket). We were definitely not the only people opting for BBQ for Labor Day. The parking lot was pretty full and the drive-through line was long.

      19 days ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      We had another enjoyable day. These days, I can't tell one day from the other. I don't remember what they call that condition where you can't tell what day it is, but I think I gots it.

      Sweetie said her sister came by to see us, another benefit of not having a memory, you can get excited when you realized that you had visitors.

      I cooked 6 times for myself. Imitation Cracker Barrell Old Timer's Breakfast before 12, lunch, I'm not sure, but I'm sure it involved some vanilla ice cream. I start with 3 giant scoops of ice cream, a generous helping of Hershey's chocolate syrup, which I've been hooked on for about 12 years now. I then give it a good dose of locally grown honey. A handful of frozen strawberries, bananas, and pineapple. A splash of milk on that gets it ready for the first round in Nutriblend Rx Blender, click this link for more information about this unit. I was skeptical before I actually used it. https://amzn.to/2R6WcOi . Just for about 10 seconds. Then I take it off and add one container of the secret sauce formula that's supposed to have everything in it that I need, nutrient wise that I need to survive for a day.

      Then we add a dose of peanut butter powdered protein. All of this makes me 1 or 1.5 servings.

      #3 serving for the day will consist of whatever might be around on the countertops or in the refrigerator or freezer that might mix up well. The crazy thing about blending smoothies or my feeding, it makes no difference what it tastes like.

      #4 Will be about like #3. I am experimenting with mixtures still and finding things that will blend well together well. It doesn't make any difference what it tastes like. I just need it to blend well, not be stringy so it will go through my screen filter. Apples, pineapple, and some other fruits will also be too stringy if one type or the other. There is a lot to learn.
      #5 and #6 will be any combination of the above. It depends on what I've just watched on TV as to what I will imagine I am eating. The timing of my eating is hard to get used to also. My last one goes from 9 through 10 PM.

      Sweetie gets frustrated too trying to cook for just one person. She eats a lot of leftovers from cooking one thing on Monday and eating it for 3 days. Her sister lives right next to us and brings her supper fairly often, so that's a help.

      At any rate, we had a good day, napped a lot, and worked on recipes a lot. I have a huge file of recipes I've been going through and trying.

      We hope all of you had a decent day.

      19 days ago
    • MarcieB's Avatar

      so Greg...you can't taste anything? I understand you would not taste anything if the food is going directly into your stomach via a tube. But, can you take a small spoon of ice-cream and allow it to melt down your throat, just so you can have some taste? If I were pumping an ice cream sundae into my tummy, I would like to at least have a little of the taste so I could get into the spirit of it. ;-)

      18 days ago
    • andreacha's Avatar

      Greg, have you checked into any of the commercial vendors yet? If insurance pays for most of it, it may be a win for you. Anyway, a couple of nights ago I wrote a note after I researched to see if the food was available commercially. One stood out and I looked at that site quickly and posted to let you know the name of the site. I've always heard that no matter how much security we may think we have on our computers, it's never enough. It was the very next morning when I was on FB that a very sizeable ad pops up, and it's for the same darn company I had looked at for you. We are just one big open book in this life, aren't we? It sounds as though you are getting creative with your meals. I could never taste anything they put in my tube until they surprised me with a banana. I love bananas but they surely don't like me - as the nurse quickly found out.

      18 days ago

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