• Finally got a surgery date

    Asked by little_fut on Thursday, February 28, 2013

    Finally got a surgery date

    IYIPPEE ! I finally got a surgery date....but now I would like to know what happens next. I know the day of my surgery I'm getting some wire put on (in?) me just prior to the lumpectomy. How long is the surgery and what is the wire for? Please let me know asap.

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    • little_fut's Avatar

      I just spoke to the surgeon and she explained what the wire was for and how long each part of the surgery would take. Thank you all for listening.

      over 5 years ago
    • crudd123's Avatar

      I had this kind of lumpectomy! If I understood my surgeon, they use the wire to go in and take out the tumor!
      My surgery was just out patient, went in at 8:30 am and was out and home by noon! Recovery wasn't bad the first surgery but then they did not get clear margins on pathology report so they had to do second surgery! This has taken over a month of resting to feel better! Hopefully though you will get clear margins! I will keep you in my prayers! Good luck to you!

      over 5 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      Good luck with your surgery....wishing you an easy recovery

      over 5 years ago
    • Netsy's Avatar

      Glad you were able to get clarification. The needle guide wire insertion is not painful and after surgery I did not need pain meds because my surgeon numbed the site well. Remember to remind them if your prone to post-op nausea so they can prevent that. Surgery will be about an hour. The site will be sore after. Best wishes to you

      over 5 years ago
    • SusanK's Avatar

      I didn't have a lumpectomy but I am hoping yours goes smoothly. Somehow just having that surgery date on the calendar helps, though, doesn't it. It's like, "NOW we're getting someplace!" Keep that positive attitude, keep asking your questions when necessary, and get this all behind you. There are better days ahead!

      over 5 years ago
    • euphgirl's Avatar

      Hello! I just had that surgery on Monday. They do numb the spot where they put in the wire. Mine was done in the mammography lab....no pain at all and went quickly. The wire helps to guide the surgeon. I had lumpectomy and removal of 10 nodes. It took about 1.5 hours. I have felt way better than I thought I would. I have not needed pain meds, and have been able to get around. I did get one drain put in under the arm for the site of the lymph nodes surgery to drain. I am learning to maintain that as it it is staying in there until March 12...not bad, just a learning experience! If you have any more specific questions, ask away!!!

      over 5 years ago
    • Giraffe's Avatar

      The wire is to be sure the Dr. Is able to remove the designated spot. My stay at the hospital was rather long ,due to other tests and procedures. The surgery itself was only about 3 hours then recovery.
      I know it is scary, but mine was not painful. Good luck.

      over 5 years ago
    • jad's Avatar

      My surgery was not long. I think it took longer for the radiologist to insert the wires. I had a very charming radiologist who kept up some intelligent and distracting patter. No pain. She did mark me up a little with a Sharpie, I think. I had 3 nodes removed. No drains. I was able to drive the next day. (I didn't, but did on the second day after). With the new improved dressings, I was able to shower right away. Surgery has so much improved! I was very surprised it was so easy. Keep in mind everyone's experience is different though.
      Ask for the "Michael Jackson" drug for anesthesia --- it is very good for controlling nausea.

      over 5 years ago
    • Bug's Avatar

      Hi, little_fut. I had a wire inserted and it didn't hurt. I was told it was to help guide the surgeon to the tumor. Then a dye was injected. A couple of people told me the dye injection stung like crazy so, of course, I had myself worked up about that as well. I asked the doc doing the dye injection if hubby could hold my hand and he said absolutely, yes. It smarted and hubby's hand got a good squeeze but it was over quickly. If you do get the dye please don't be concerned about it - really. Then I had the lumpectomy. The worst part for me was the nausea afterwards. I've always gotten sick from anesthesia but I don't think the anesthesiologist took me seriously when I told him. Two weeks later I had to go in again to get a little more margin. I had a different anesthesiologist - a great guy! He listened. He gave me something in my IV, a pill and a patch. I was still sick afterwards - believe it or not - but not *nearly* like I was after the first surgery. As a matter of fact, the second surgery was on our wedding anniversary and I was even eating a little. I went home the same day after both surgeries. Good luck to you! Looking forward to hearing how it went (if you want to share).

      over 5 years ago
    • SandiD's Avatar

      I was more sore under my arm where a node was removed than my breast. I found that keeping a small pillow under my arm really helped. Also, if you ride in a car, having a little pillow under the seatbelt sure helps too. I really was able to control my pain pretty well with Tylenol just fine if I did not move too much. Same day surgery. Good luck to you!

      over 5 years ago

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