• Finishing up chemo today and a bit scared. Anyone else have that happen?

    Asked by BuckeyeShelby on Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Finishing up chemo today and a bit scared. Anyone else have that happen?

    Today is my last round of chemo and while excited, I'm also nervous. Don't get me wrong. I'm looking forward to not drugging myself every 3rd weekend. And i'd realy like my hair back. I'm thinking it's the loss of structure in my battle -- not seeing my oncologist every 3 weeks. Anyone else have these kind of feelings when finishing chemo or radiation?

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      First, congratulations on getting to the finish line. Today is going to be a day you will most likely remember and be one of your "cancerversaries" There have been others that have talked about that lately. For me, I didn't feel that way, I was glad to be done, and never looked back. Have a fun day with it, maybe you'll get to "ring the bell". Take a picture and post it if you do!

      Wishing you the best last treatment ever.

      over 5 years ago
    • RachaelC@StF's Avatar
      RachaelC@StF Community Outreach Coordinator 317-528-7794

      Congrats on your last round of chemo! You deserve one of those "No Mo Chemo" Cakes! I can't speak from experience, but I could see where you'd be a little scared. But on the bright side, you made it through- you're a fighter! Keep us posted on how you're doing, we are here for you.

      over 5 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      It was definitely a day of mixed emotions. I didn't feel like "celebrating" at all and everyone close to me respected that. About a month later I started finding things to celebrate: increased energy, doctor's permission to eat sushi, regrowth of hair, etc.

      over 5 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Chemo was just the beginning for me. Right after chemo I had multiple surgeries, and right after that 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments, and continuing through and after all of that, targeted treatment, treatment for newly diagnosed arthritis and physical therapy. It has only been sinde the end of November since I haven't had active treatment. The year I spent in active treatment, while the treatment had structure, the rest of my life when to XXX in a hand basket. So for me, completing active treatment finally allowed me to be more in charge of my own life again, so no, I was not scared, I was immensely relieved.

      over 5 years ago
    • ticklingcancer's Avatar

      Shelby, I'm so happy you're at the end!! Congratulations!! I don't know what your follow up's will consist of but for me, the first year was every 2 months and I've just been moved to every 3 months. They're going to keep a pretty tight leash on you for a while. I think some of there fears will start to subside rather quickly. Especially on that next 3rd weekend when you get to sit at home and do nothing all day!!!

      over 5 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      Congrats on finishing chemo :)
      Its 6+ years since I finished chemo, so I can't accurately say how I felt, but I don't remember being sad...but chemo wasn't the end of treatment....I was started rads 3 weeks later and starting AI's and had an ooph scheduled.....I saw my onc every 3 months for the 1st 5 years so he still had tight "reigns" on me.....oh....I just read the last part of your questions....no I don't remember being sad finishing treatment...but I think it did feel like after having a baby when you no longer see your ob/gyn so often!!!!

      over 5 years ago
    • Debbie's Avatar

      BuckeyeShelby-my last chemo was 11/26/12 and I expected to dance out of there! But I left feeling yucky and apprehensive. I associate the feelings to how it was prior to my first chemo. The unknown is scary but during this cancer stuff, we deal with new things everyday. BTW, I'm still waiting for hair, eyebrows and eye lashes!

      over 5 years ago
    • Nancebeth's Avatar

      I was nervous to finish because it almost felt like I wasn't actively fighting anymore even though I knew I was just finished with my course of treatment.
      I was super super happy though!

      over 5 years ago
    • Mel's Avatar

      Hi, I finished my Chemo November 27th 2012 and yes I still feel lost and scared not going to my treatments. i think how crazy is that nobody wants to get these treatments and feel bad, but not going and seeing the doctors, nurses, new friends, just sad and I feel like a caged bird let free into the wilderness like ok we did all we can do until you find something or feel ill so go live your life and I'm like huh... what do I do. I have all these emotions and thoughts and not sure where to run with them. This is so probably not helping you hahaha.... But congrats. on being done!!. :)

      over 5 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      Buckeye: a very apt question right now as I take my last of 18 chemo treatments on 1/22 and have been wondering how I'll feel, too. But neither of us wanted to take chemo forever, did we?

      I say, congratulate yourself for being strong enough to go through all of the chemo your docs recommended. Some people won't do that--and they are the real unlucky ones, I think. I heard that Haley Mills (the actress of long-ago) went to one treatment and then quit because she "couldn't take it". You and I have GOT to be better off than she is!

      I say, do something special today for yourself, think positively and keep tuned in to both your body and this forum. Your docs will be watching over you--but so will we. Congratulations and best wishes for a LONG HAPPY FUTURE!

      over 5 years ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      all finished. I'm actually feeling better. The medical oncologist ants to see me in a month. I'll see my surgeon again in 6 weeks. And my med guy is going to try to convince my surgeon to move the CT scan from 6 months post chemo to 3 months. Don't feel abandoned anymore. Still a bit anxious but better. Thanks everyone! I appreciate each of you sharing your experiences and thoughts!

      over 5 years ago
    • Laureen's Avatar

      Yes, I had that feeling of alone-ness when I stopped chemo & again when I stopped radiation. I met some nice people who understood what I was going thru. I was sad to lose them, although I knew from the start that outside the "cancer setting", we would have no relationship. I know that if I was in a really, really dark place I could reach out to a few of them even now.

      over 5 years ago
    • SpunkyS's Avatar

      Congratulations! Didn't it feel like the end would never come?
      I was nervous about finishing too. Felt empty to not go in every week. Also was nervous about "how are they going to keep an eye on this". Staff said I could call or stop in if I missed them or needed some extra sanity. Hope no chemo feels normal soon.

      over 5 years ago
    • Kathy's Avatar

      I finished my last chemo 2 weeks ago. It was a relief but I knew I still had to go thru them nasty side effects - and even knowing it was the last time didn't make that any easier. I'm feeling better and am so happy to not have to go back and get knocked down again!!! Also even though this was the last one - I wish I had a crystal ball that would tell me that that was my last chemo forever!!!! Congratulations to you!!! What a journey this has been.

      over 5 years ago

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