• For the survivors that are out of treatments for a while

    Asked by HardyGirl on Sunday, February 16, 2020

    For the survivors that are out of treatments for a while

    During treatment, I didn't worry about the outcome. I didn't think at all about a horrible ending to this. I just focused on one day at a time. Now that I'm out of treatment for a while I am finding that I worry about a recurrence and the possible negative outcome. I think about death and the funeral, I think about how my family will get by without me. Did any of you go through this?

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    • JaneA's Avatar

      Fear of recurrence is our most common fear after treatment. It's worst for the first year or two afterward, and then we begin to regain confidence that we may actually have a long and durable remission or "cure."

      It's best to not allow yourself to go into those dark, dark places thinking about death and the funeral or your family without you. These thoughts lead to anxiety which has a negative effects on our health.

      Keeping busy, trying a new hobby, or exploring new friendships and activities are good ways to substitute positive thoughts for dark thoughts. I hope that you find peace of mind soon.

      about 1 month ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      Yes I did think about death and my funeral and my family. And I wrote down exactly how I wanted my funeral, I made what plans I could for my family and doing this gave me peace of mind. Just this week I found a Psalm that I thought would be nice for my funeral so you see I am always tweeking my funeral. It is okay to have dark thoughts and to worry if it prompts you to action. If you worry about reoccurrence you can keep up on the most recent research on your cancer and keep a journal. You can live a healthy lifestyle so if there should be a recurrence you will have your optimum strength to beat it twice.

      about 1 month ago
    • Jayne's Avatar

      I think that is normal for a bit after treatment stops, you go from having swarms of people tending to you to being alone with your thoughts and fears. But, it did subside for me eventually. The longer I stayed out of the cancer environment, the easier it became to feel like I may actually have beat it.

      about 1 month ago
    • gertie22's Avatar

      Yes I find that I am worrying about everything health related now that treatment is done-PTSD maybe??
      I thought all along I could get through the cancer treatment-- but now that its over I'm a raging hypochondriac. What the heck??? Time to move on mentally I guess.

      about 1 month ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      Yes it's normal. I was declared cancer free this summer-treatment ended Valentine's Day-2013.
      Yesterday, I got a big cramp in my neck-I had several symptoms of head radiation caused stroke and a mini-stroke. My son got me to the ER in 20 minutes.

      I'm not the only one worried and freaks out---last night I had scans to see if the radiation from years ago caused a septic spot in my throat, if anytype of growth was starting in my throat-and he named about 3 more things he wanted to check with the scan. Also labs to see if anything is wrong there. Several years ago, I had a kidney infection, and that ER DR was worried that the radiation had affected my kidneys or the rads started a cancer in my urinary system.

      I worry about my 3 coonhounds getting fed regularly-getting vet care. I fed the hounds before we left for the ER. My sweet Missy is ancient, blind -deaf, and she has a bad stomach. If given dry dog food she starts bleeding. A canned food diet is too hard on her system and she starts bloating and hurting. She doesn't have accidents in the house. She finally adjusted to being blind and deaf. I don't worry too much about my son and grandson-both adults-but I worry about my coonhounds.

      about 1 month ago
    • Molly72's Avatar

      I had a friend who is a potter make a very nice urn for my ashes--- when the times comes!

      If it makes you feel more in control, make sure your will is up to date, your financial affairs are in order and if you are planing a funeral, discuss that with your family as will.
      You will feel relieved so you can then get on living.

      about 1 month ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      Don't forget to designate someone to be your legal designated patient advocate-power of attorney for your medical care.

      I don't care to be stuck in a bed on oxygen and tube fed.. Part of this is that my nose wouldn't survive oxygen-and more importantly, things like Ensure, Slim Fast, etc give me great pain in my stomach-I end up puking. I'd want them to stop the tube feeding instead of going through that-conscious or unconscious. For me it would be a sign to go--let my angel take me to my Lord. I'm not the best Christian, and I'm scared that my angel will get mad because the doctors ke4ep stepping on her and pushing her out of the way, and she'll take me to the hot place

      about 1 month ago

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