• Has anyone been treated at the Cancer Center for Healing in California?

    Asked by MyLungCancer on Sunday, June 28, 2020

    Has anyone been treated at the Cancer Center for Healing in California?

    I was scrolling around the internet and came across one of their posts that listed the "Top 6 Cancer Tests Every Cancer Patient Must Know". Some of these I've never heard of or read about.
    A Must-Have Cancer Screening Checklist
    ● #1 RGCC Test
    ○ Detects potentially deadly circulating cancer cells and cancer stem cells and
    identifies the most effective treatments for your particular cancer
    ● #2 The Cancer Profile
    ○ Discovers very early-stage disease and cancer recurrences, making it an excellent
    test for prevention and early intervention
    ● #3 Bioenergetic Testing
    ○ Identifies energy imbalances that lead to disease and suggests lifestyle changes
    and other treatments for restoring function
    ● #4 Thermography
    ○ Provides a radiation-free alternative to mammography that can detect abnormal
    findings years before breast cancer can be seen on a mammogram
    ● #5 Comprehensive Blood Tests
    ● ● #6 PET, MRI, Ultrasound, and CT Scans
    ○ Supply detailed images for guiding treatment and monitoring progres

    7 Answers from the Community

    7 answers
    • MyLungCancer's Avatar

      As I read through their website it reads more like a facility that's selling something rather than a medical facility that is simply showing what they offer and what they can do.

      9 days ago
    • JaneA's Avatar

      It sounds like another "alternative" cancer treatment center - says that they shy away from conventional treatments.

      9 days ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I have one big filter that I run all of these types of posts through. Is it an advertisement? Are they pushing for patients, trying to sell you a cure, trying to say that their treatment program is better than another? Are they putting down "traditional" treatments? If so, they are probably not the "traditional" type of medical facility. Get a group of doctors together and the consensus is usually that these types of places are a few notches below the MD Andersons, Cleveland Clinics, and the like.

      All facilities have marketing departments, but there is an obvious difference in the type of ads they run. I've been in marketing all of my working life and have a fine-tuned sense of seeing through the clutter to see what their message really is.

      9 days ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I've never heard of those tests except the ones at the bottom, which I had after my cancer was discovered. Like everyone else who has responded, I would shy away from them without a TON of more investigation!!!

      9 days ago
    • andreacha's Avatar

      I researched this hospital and was not surprised at what I found. It specializes in alternative medicine while saying it incorporates it with conventional medicine. I recognized a couple of doctors that were featured. They have the high vitamin C treatment along with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I'm not so sure I would feel comfortable being treated there. The problem I've heard about this type of hospital is that some treatment is considered as experimental which isn't covered by your insurance. You can always call them if you have specific questions.

      8 days ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Andreacha, thank you for sharing that. No matter what a person chooses as their treatment path, they need to know all the facts and it's good to know what any facility considers their preferred line of treatments.

      8 days ago
    • BobsProstate's Avatar

      One of the first things I look for with a lot of these types of places is, what are they selling? If they are trying to SELL you something, whether it be what they think is a better way to treat you, a bottle of ointment, a book that will tell you how they beat cancer, or something else, then run! Real, honest to goodness facilities, doctor's offices, etc. don't try to SELL you anything. They will tell you what they do, and maybe the qualifications of their doctors, how long they have been doing it, etc. But there's a difference in that and trying to SELL you something.

      8 days ago

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