• Has anyone dealt with mucus in the throat from chemo or radiation?

    Asked by Catiejay on Friday, December 23, 2011

    Has anyone dealt with mucus in the throat from chemo or radiation?

    I have had mucus in my throat from previous chemo treatments but I just finished radiation and the mucus is very thick in my throat & causing me to gag & vomit. The Drs say it is just apart of the process but I know this but I want to alleviate it. Am I asking for too much?! Anyone has any remedies they can offer?

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    • susie81610's Avatar

      Try sucking on sour candies they make more saliva which should help some. The Dr also gave me nose spray try using just saline in your nose at night and morning that should also loosen it up.I use the sugar free ones but either or will work. (candies)
      Good luck

      about 5 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I had trouble after surgery in my throat, and during radiation. and even now, I have mucous in my throat that makes me gag and throw up. I use mucinex. Ask your dr. if it would work for you. Good luck in your treatments, I hope they are easy and pass quickly for you.

      about 5 years ago
    • lovemyhusband's Avatar

      Sour candies is an excellent suggestion and warm tea with lemon really helped my husband and even with chemo thru a port he liked the cinnamon candies too.

      about 5 years ago
    • Magnolia's Avatar

      I'm late to join the party but I will never forget the mucus. It signaled the beginning of the sores. It was so easily controlled after I finally paid attention to those around me who knew the answers. Consistent and frequent gargling with salt water. It was that simple, but it wasn't until the second time around of chemo that I followed the advice. What a difference! It broke up the mucus and literally prevented those awful sores from getting a hold on me.
      Good luck to you & I'm sure one of the suggestions (or more) will provide a lot of relief for you.

      almost 5 years ago
    • LMW's Avatar

      Baking soda and water rinse/gargle helped tremendously, as well as mucinex to thin the mucus and help it move. Good luck

      over 4 years ago
    • JoLoaretti's Avatar

      my husband had that while still in the hospital, it was actually burned like his skin was from the radiation, it was really bad for days and finally he was using that suction device attached to the wall & honestly the entire lining if his throat came out, like a big slimey loogie, and then he felt great, he was sucking on clotrimizole 10 mg 3x a day, bioteen mathwash very often, and then there is a regemine of swish & spit & then swish & swallow med that helped a lot, I think just kinda numbing it so you dont GAG, it gets better~!~

      over 4 years ago
    • arleneclifford's Avatar

      I had radiation to my throat, the only help I got was to use mucinex. It really does thin it out.
      Good luck.

      over 3 years ago
    • john5301's Avatar

      im going on over 15 months as of dec, 4, 2016 and the mucus just gets worse. i gag then vomit, went to a christmas party last saturday i was miserable, couldnt clear my throat or spit it out, its embarrassing wife is totally disgusted with me so she had a miserable time to..

      im so tired and yes i pray for death. this is worse than the cancer, i have been asked if i would have gone through this knowing what i know now, the answer is a resounding XXX no. i have lost my hearing due to nerve damage in my ears from the radiation i feel like XXX all the time, i vomit still and the doctors who treated me say be patient. bs its not worth it.

      im so sick of doctors telling me stuff. oh yeah the chemo and radiation makes me a real pain in the butt and real XXX to be around. i literally have become a hermit, im so embarrassed to go out in public from the hacking and vomiting from the mucas. oh yeah i cant walk straight as i stagger all the time, doctors says thats normal.

      im so tired.

      2 months ago
    • patchez0's Avatar

      John...I understand....and sometimes the hacking and illness is bad....but if you're cancer free it's all worth it! It will get better, eventually but your body takes a lot of time to heal...just don't try to push it. I'm laughing here cause I remember how frustrated I was saying "how bad it is etc ..." just like you and today 4 years (yes I said 4 years it really isn't that long for a better life) I look back and see how much better it really is. I had small goals like eating a big mac...then maybe a s teak.....and now it's pepperoni...still cant do spicy too well...I used a netti pot for the nose...that helped loads with the mucus...and Al Koal...and a Oral Jel mouth wash....when I sucked candies I choked and coughed.... so I learned to drink water too.... eating did get loads better today... I can now go out and eat in public certain things somethings such as steak I still reserve for eating home.... I was very damaged from radiation still have many many scars.....and I'm tired...but every day I grow stronger. I think John the secret is try and see your improvements not what you call your loss...Oh yes, my hearing too is not the best, but it comes and goes so i just try harder....They call this the "new normal" for us survivors but I believe with positive outlook and constant reminder of where I was (near death) when cancer found me....I am A OK....today...and you will be too....good luck to you... Jan

      2 months ago
    • john5301's Avatar

      patchez0 i an assuming you are a lady maam. i appreciate the words.

      During my journey which started in late 2012 i complained to the doctors of my throat and i was terribly sick. they said it was copd which i stated to them i think its cancer and i feel it growing. they ignored my statements as my wife also did to. 2013 passed and i was sick, i mean really sick yet the doctors refused to make a ent counsel. my wife sided with the doctors and 2014 passed and so sick but no one listened. finally in dec. 2014 i got very indignant with the doctors and of course my wife.

      i am a veteran and was being treated by the va . like i mentioned i got very indignant with them and they finally made a ent appt in march of 2015, i went to appointment, my wife took me. they bore scoped my throat and said they think its cancer on my larynx. exactly what i told them in late 2012, to make sure they did the biopsy and confirmed it was cancer. 15 chemo and 35 radiation treatments later i was so sick my wife had to use a wheelchair. pneumonia and the flu set in and of course the dehydration many bouts with thrush.

      my oncologists wanted to know why i waited so long, then he read a letter from my primary indicating that same month there was nothing wrong with me except copd and that i was extremely cranky.he stated if they would have caught it earlier a lot of what i was going to go through would not have been so bad.

      i had smoked before but i have not smoked in over 20 years . im not mad i got the cancer i am upset because it took these idiots so long. i told them so many times about i felt it growing in my throat. i lost my voice during this time i was very sick and they led to my wife believing i could be faking on how sick i was.

      anyway maam there are mitigating circumstances involved, forgive me for being angry it is not directed at anyone except the idiot doctors.

      oh i forgot during this time i went blind and i had to have corneal transplants in both eyes so i think i had a lot on my plate, good news i can see and they say im cancer free im just still so sick.

      thank you for your words ,maam

      2 months ago

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