• Has anyone ever taken Ritalin for cancer fatigue?

    Asked by MarktheMan on Sunday, February 24, 2013

    Has anyone ever taken Ritalin for cancer fatigue?

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    • AlizaMLS's Avatar

      Dear MarktheMan,

      I'd love to know if there's something to take for Cancer related fatigue! I'd especially love to know because I'm not the average Breast Cancer patient. I've got a dual identity as a Lupus patient as well (lucky me!!). Lupus really poops me out and I had that first. I take a form of quinine for Lupus (it's an anti-malarial drug they've been using for years that helps fight fatigue. Nope, they won't you that for cancer (there are side effects from that as well (there's no free lunch!...;)) It helps (I kind of forget how much till I go off it), but I'm still tired from Lupu;, now I'm tired from both Lupus and Cancer. I moonlight!...;)

      I'm also a trained (retired) Medical Librarian and I have ADD (sans H [I'm not hyperactive]) and was diagnosed as an adult about 18 years ago. I had my Ritalin tryout. It wasn't the blast you might think! It perked me up a little and helped me concentrate intensely for about 20-30 minutes so if I had a very intense task, Reference question, report, etc. it was useful for that very short time. However, it caused an increase in my already raised blood pressure so they had to take me off it. No big deal. I inadvertently went back to an old high school habit of chewing gum and I mentioned to the doc who was treating my ADD that that seemed to be helping (the gum, that is). She told me not to laugh, that there had been studies about chewing gum and ADD patients and concentration and that they indicated that it was as effective as Ritalin without the side effects. So gum it was...

      I realize you're not discussing ADD. I've never heard of off-label use of Ritalin. Docs now because of state watchdog groups re controlled substances would be very reulctant to prescribe such a thing and the half life of Ritalin is as mentioned pretty short., so it wouldn't be the panacea you're seeking. I don't recommend cocaine either...;)

      Maybe a cup of half caf coffee if it wouldn't upset your stomach (be one of those Starbucks guys with a laptop...;)). See a nutritionist for tips on eating healthy post cancer to get your strength back. I'm not going to tell you to drink wheatgrass juice (because I think it's disgusting personally), but I'm sure you'll find the veggie contingent on the site who'll swear by it as well as the macrobiotic folks.

      You could browse Amazon for books on post cancer diets. There's a book I think I'm going to check out called "Crazy Sexy Diet" It's written by the same folks who brought us "Crazy Sexy Cancer" and Crazy Sexy Survivor". Maybe a bit more chick flicky type books than you'd perhaps like. Seriously, if I were you I might seek a good authoritative book on a post cancer diet written by a nutritionist from Memorial Sloan Kettering (that's my mecca, but I'm not plugging for them) or The Mayo Clinic or The Cleveland Clinic, Mass General or Johns Hopkins. Someplace reputable not "The Car Guys"...;)

      Someone on the forum wrote a question having to do with what everyone's favorite form of chocolate is. I replied to that. Perhaps you should search for that and see my answer and include your own. One of the things in general that helps fatigue is to do, watch, read or eat something you enjoy.

      If you like books, there's an online bookgroup called goodreads.com. It won't cure your fatigue, but it will keep you busy and offer your more titles of books you may be interested in and allow you to write book reviews.

      Wishing you the best in your quest for E! If you find it, let me know!...;)


      over 4 years ago
    • teddyfuzz's Avatar

      I've never taken Ritalin but I tried Adderall and Desoxyn. The Adderall made me really shaky but the Desoxyn didn't. It helped with the fatigue - I was still tired but I felt more motivated to do things.

      over 4 years ago
    • Tracy's Avatar

      My daughter has ADHD, she has a prescription for Ritalin but prefers to not take it all the time (she does not want to build up a tolerance). She has started using the e-cigarettes after researching and finding out that the nicotine was very similar chemically and the e-cigarettes are steam not the cancer sticks of old. It helps her stay focused and calm.

      over 4 years ago
    • MarktheMan's Avatar

      Thanks for the information Ladies!

      over 4 years ago

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