• Has anyone had problems wearing the face mask for radiation?I will be starting my treatment soon but when they put mask on me within a few minutes I panic and feel like I can't breath.Then I start to breath heavy making it worse.I just want to pull it off

    Asked by joyce508 on Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    Has anyone had problems wearing the face mask for radiation?I will be starting my treatment soon but when they put mask on me within a few minutes I panic and feel like I can't breath.Then I start to breath heavy making it worse.I just want to pull it off

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    • SunnyCloud's Avatar

      Oh my..I feel for you. I had to endure 3 hrs in the MRI & Im claustrophobic. Not even meds could calm me. I prayed the whole time. Try closing your eyes and talking to God or imagining yourself elsewhere. Breathe in your nose and exhale through your mouth. Also, ask your doc if you can have something to calm your nerves beforehand. xoxox

      almost 6 years ago
    • lovinglife7036's Avatar
      lovinglife7036 (Best Answer!)

      Hey joyce508,
      I do not like close quarters, CT-MRI, ifeel traped and the world closing in.
      I had a mask on me for my head & neck cancer,had treatments twice a day 5 days a week,i really got to the point i hated the mask,i picked a song that was upbeat and sang it over and over in my head and i picked a different song each treatment,and if i did not sing i would listen to the radiation machine and each time i heard a sap i knew that we were getting closer to the end of treatment and with each sap i said thank you to God,You will be in my prayers

      almost 6 years ago
    • kulaken's Avatar

      I didn't have much of a problem with the mask , knowing that the full brain rad's i was to undergo, were to be precise and i wasn't interested in getting any rad's where they didn't need to go .

      I got through it with many little ditties in my head , tried to make light of the discomfort as well as the knowledge it only lasted a few min, the staff was wonderful as well .. good luck


      almost 6 years ago
    • glomoy's Avatar

      I am going thru that now. What helps me is that the techs play music while I am on the table getting treated. I also ask that the techs talk to me and let me know what's going on. If the panic is bad, talk to your dr. maybe they can give you something to help with the panic.

      almost 6 years ago
    • joyce508's Avatar

      Thanks for your response.I'm still a little scared but know God will be with me the whole time.I will ask if I can bring one of my gospel cd's to play during my radiation treatment.I was given meds to take to calm me during chemo and I will be taking them again for my radiation.I'm glad to have other people to talk to that already went through what I will be going through.I will post how I made out
      thanks again

      almost 6 years ago
    • mizzbraynt's Avatar

      Ask the doctor for something to help you calm down...I had 2

      over 5 years ago
    • shhwee's Avatar

      I hated my face mask. I went through Proton Therapy, so on top of a tight mesh mask I had a 10 ton laser less than 12 inches from my face...
      I found it made the experience easier if I closed my eyes and hummed to myself. Eventually the sound of the machines lulled me to sleep. The fact that radiation makes you lethargic helped too lol!

      over 5 years ago
    • prozacsue's Avatar

      i just prayed when i had that thing on my head . and i had to lay face down on the radiation table cause the whole was on the back of my neck/head that they had to do the radiation. but it was seriously like 60 seconds with it on during the radiation.

      over 4 years ago
    • rld's Avatar

      I had a similar panic experience. I asked for a trial run on the bed with the mask locked in place, without going under radiation, and a demonstration on how I could unlock one side of the mask in an emergency. Simple conditioning. That was all I needed to overcome my fear. Our "emergency" plan was that I would ask the attendant to stop the RT, and then I would unlock the mask. Just the knowledge that I could "escape" along with the experience of remaining with the mask in place for the required time was sufficient. Interesting that none of the information on RT that I've read makes any mention of this technique. I remained in the clinic until there was an opening in the schedule in order to do my trial run. The RT staff cooperated and were very pleased with the result. Simple "conditioning" is common sense. Guess most of the radiation oncology professsion doesn't have time for such nonsense.

      over 4 years ago
    • rhanya's Avatar

      well there's nothing to do to avoid it, I keep praying God for the 10 min to finish, I go daily to hospital for radiotherapy these days, I know my hair will fall soon so i'm so depressed but i'm sure God will always be by my side. read this it really gave me hope http://fixmoneyy2minutes.com/health/article-2144111/Teenager-stuns-doctors-incredible-recovery-operation-brain-tumour-left-unable-stand-speak.html

      over 3 years ago

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