• Has anyone in the network heard of or had any dealings with a guy named Ben Ong?

    Asked by GENMAR47 on Saturday, September 1, 2012

    Has anyone in the network heard of or had any dealings with a guy named Ben Ong?

    Recently recieved an e-mail from Ben Ong ([email redacted]. com). Googled him and found website called Bens Prostate. This guy makes a lot of claims for curing prostate problems. He says on his site that he can't cure cancer, but leads you to believe he can if you order his book ($49.00) and use his supplements ($79.95 a bottle for 30 day supply).
    I would like to find out if this guy is a scammer or for real.

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      If he is trolling the internet looking for cancer patients to prey on and sell his stuff to, he is a scammer, or maybe not a scammer, if you want to buy his book and snake oil, anyone can sell anything, if you will buy it. If he had a great approved method of dealing with cancer, lots of doctors would be using his methods, or products.
      This is just me, I never heard of him, but I wouldn't go to a guy that was on the internet selling hodgkins pills.

      I know we like to look for other ideas, but I don't think so.

      Best of luck to you, hope your condition is going the right way!

      about 5 years ago
    • FreeBird's Avatar

      I agree with drummerboy. If you read that he cannot cure cancer, and that he's not a medical doctor, and there are also all kinds of disclaimers to put off responsibility onto you, there's not much further you need to go.

      about 5 years ago
    • TEBozo's Avatar

      Ong also sells a cancer test that he says is more accurate than a biopsy. Only $2000 and , of course, insurance pays no part of it. It seems that urologists have hit the jackpot wanting to biopsy all of our prostates. One of my internal medicine professor reminded me that none of our dads died of P cancer but most of them had it when they died. He further stated that we all have rogue cells in our 60 year old bodies and by puncturing our prostate, we certainly release those rogue cells into the rest of our body.

      almost 2 years ago
    • greendragon's Avatar

      I have it on good authority that this so-called Ben Ong individual is a fake and a fraud and hides behind a pseudonym. His real name is Leo Scheiner, a Jew that lives and works in Golders Green. I seem to remember No. 813, Finchley Road. I ordered some stuff from him back in 2007 in response to one of his ads in the newspaper, I seem to remember it was the Daily Mail or Daily Telegraph. He runs a dodgy business called The Nutrition and Health Institute of all things but when you look more closely and delve deeper, there is no such name or building associated with any institute. He runs his company from his bedroom and there are a few staff there also working from his home according to a man called Bart Wolffe told me over the phone when he dealt with my delayed order of two months! I asked him many questions about the business as I was very sceptical. He said that the business is registered somewhere in the Dominican Republic making it very difficult for anybody to prosecute him. This Bart chap also mentioned that Mr. Scheiner is very mean and stingy and doesn't pay any income tax and says that the staff's wages are paid tax free from Austria thus making it difficult for the Inland Renenue to trace it. I couldn't believe how this employee was so open and friendly about everything. He also said he doesn't get paid enough money.

      I have done some more research on him because I feel that the whole concept is nothing but a scam. Apparently, he has written a book about prostate health going under the name of some Chinaman - Ben Ong. But it's not really a book but some makeshift booklet piecing xerox copies of A4 paper stapled together. Contrary to popular belief, he has got all his information from a man by the name of Roger Mason who left the mainland to go to America many decades ago. He is a leading expert, highly respected and recognised nutritionist and has written many books and is highly qualified in his field.

      This so-called Ben Ong a.k.a. Leo Scheiner virtually copied his website www.youngagain.com and re-named it www.youngagain.co.uk. together with the entire minerals and supplements. I don't think that website exists anymore. He has also copied huge drafts verbatum literally word-for-word from Roger Mason's book on the prostate health and other renowned authors and has given the impression that it's all his own hard-earned work!!

      I managed to get hold of Roger Mason some years ago which was very difficult I might add and had a long a detailed conversation with him. He said that he cannot stand this bloke Scheiner and has had many dealing with him and sued him years ago based on the fact that he has used all his knowledge, expertise and experience to suit his own ends and make money out of it. Mr Ong/Scheiner has the nerve and audacity to call himself an entrepreneur according to Roger Mason.

      Personally, my advice is I would not have anything to do with this individual. Don't waste your money.

      I hope this helps.

      Greendragon (Cornelia)

      over 1 year ago
    • Ramspit's Avatar

      6 years ago I was diagnosed with T3 prostate cancer. I refused all recommended treatment by health professionals until I had completed my research into the subject. I read extensively from the reports and research done in several countries and books produced. From the knowledge gained I formed the opinion that the treatments available for prostate cancer are seriously flawed, probably irreversibly damaging and dominated by the pharmaceutical companies. Cancer is a huge multi billion dollar business and many highly paid health professionals and big businesses depend on it to provide huge profits and huge salaries. If anyone found a cure they would have to be eliminated (that sounds like a cynical joke but there is some truth in it). My opinion has been reinforced by several of my friends and associates dying or seriously injured from prostate cancer treatment. I am in my seventies and I have watched 5 men die in agony, 2 men incapacitated for years from an infection introduced through having a biopsy and now several having their sex lives eliminated and quality of life downgraded through on-going treatments.
      I read Ben Ong's book and decided that what he has to say makes a lot of sense and encapsulates much of what I have learned through my own research. I take his supplements and refuse all other forms of treatment. It is now 6 years since my diagnosis, I am fit, healthy and have a good sex life.
      I can only report on my own experience, whether his supplements have accomplished what he claims or he is a fraud is open to question, I can't go round again to find out. Maybe just leaving it alone would have achieved the same result, I don't know. What I do know is that I am the lucky one amongst many many men who are faced with making a life changing decision, scared stiff about the consequences and I seem to have made the right one. For that reason alone I am so grateful I found and used Ben Ong.

      10 months ago

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