• Has anyone tried Gerson's technique http://www.gerson.org or one of their facilities or rapid Alkalinization?

    Asked by CathysSis on Friday, October 14, 2011

    Has anyone tried Gerson's technique http://www.gerson.org or one of their facilities or rapid Alkalinization?

    Also found loads of info on this link http://www.cancertutor.com It is very interesting to read. And makes me hopeful. What do you think?

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    • MAGNUM1's Avatar


      No, I have not tried Gerson's technique; never heard about it, until reading your question.

      But your topic of alkalinization, comes at an interesting time.
      I am a veteran and receive most of my medical care at a VA Medical Center. Yesterday, I was there for an appointment.
      The receptionist chatted with me, asking me how I was feeling, because I have had to cancel two appointments.

      He proceeded to tell me about ALKALINIZING your body,
      and the health benefits that staff have seen. Basically, the theory is that cancer cells can't thrive in alkaline, but thrive in acidic
      environment. He was suggesting that alkaline drinking water, creates the alkaline environment in your body; destructive cells can't live in it? His method for changing your body from acidic to alkaline, is to use a unit that converts your tap water. The unit treats the tap water, in a different way, than other advertized

      The staff member proceeded to give me testimonials, from other staff members, who simply changed to the alkaline water. An optomologist was experiencing pain; but it disappeared after starting the alkaline water. Causation, or coincidence?? I don't know. Another person had experienced severe back problems;
      but within a month of drinking the alkaline water, his pain was gone. Is it psychological? I don't know. I do know for a fact, that he DID have back problems, for many months.

      After hearing the remarkable testimonials, I later went on the internet, to research the ALKALINE theory. I found mixed beliefs, as to its value. A nutritionist at the Mayo Clinic, indicated that more research is needed, to assess its benefits.

      ** I just wanted to relate this "story", because I had not known about alkaline versus acidic body environments. And your question, brought this topic up(rapid alkalinization).

      I am NOT endorsing any particular treatment, or approach.
      The incident at the Veterans Affairs facility, just opened my eyes, to POSSIBLE other options to explore.

      After reading your question, I read about the Gerson facility.
      I wonder: if a person ate healthy, followed recommended
      daily amounts of fruits/vegetables, avoided red meat,etc.--
      wouldn't they receive the same benefits as the so called Gerson plan?????

      Gerson spokesperson stated that a cancer patient, would need to follow their plan, for AT LEAST 2 YEARS, too achieve overall health improvement. Makes no sense to me! How many cancer patients, have the luxury of HAVING 2 years, to see IF the Gerson program helps?? A cancer patient, with active cancer-like myself, is hoping for an immediate remedy. In my own situation, I see absolutely no value in the Gerson program. I beleive that following a healthy diet and exercise, would achieve the SAME benefits.

      In summary, I am skeptical about any "miracle" procedure,
      or program. BUT, I do believe that alternative medicine
      principles can be beneficial.

      almost 6 years ago
    • mspinkladybug's Avatar

      This has been a round for many years. so many different theories on cancer. oh the list i could give you. some inr=tresting research may come out of some of the studies but not much
      back in the 80s it was cucumbers could cure leukemia.. then there was cell washing......
      a balanced diet is needed in life along with getting rid of the toxins in our life
      tell me what good does it to to nuterlize your body when u r drinking out of a cup that contains bpa? water that is full of natural cancer causing chemicals? breathing polluted air? even if we live in a bubble cancer can still find us.
      people should do what they want it is their life and their health BUT always consult with your onc .

      almost 6 years ago
    • Keephopealive's Avatar

      My cannibis dr. suggested the alkaline water....there are always new "cures". It is an expensive machine but of course worth it if it worked. but who knows....

      over 5 years ago
    • amante's Avatar

      yes. It does work. I facilitated my g/f to do it who was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. she was told to immediately get surgery to remove the tumor & get a colostomy bag. Under the gerson therapy at home she was free of cancer in the blood work drawn about 4 months later, & the tumor had also completely dissolved.
      The 2 year program refers to the time that you should continue eating healthy organic foods, supplements & doing the enemas that flush out the poisons from the body from the chemicals, etc etc etc that were consumed over a lifetime that cause cancers. I also personally met someone who said that his friend had gone to the clinic in mexico & had been cured of lung cancer. (It is illegal to cure it in the US, thanks to the pharmaceutical companies that make 500 billion per yr from chemo sales, as they also helped draft the law that says only chemo, radiation & surgery are legal to use.)
      Its too bad these other 2 posts here may have dissuaded someone from trying it even though they admit they don't know anything & actually have the presumption to say that there is no value in it. A needless surgery is for life.
      The program is very specific & and should be followed to the T and is not just a vague healthy diet as guessed by the other posting. beware of fake posters and misdirection from the pharma corps who are trying to suppress information on any alternative to their monopoly.

      over 4 years ago

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