• Have you made any mistakes along your cancer treatment path?

    Asked by Throatless on Friday, June 14, 2019

    Have you made any mistakes along your cancer treatment path?

    Have you taken bad advice, chose the wrong doctor, or agreed with something even though you thought it wasn't best?

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    • Molly72's Avatar

      I consented to having my stomach pumped, that won't happen again! EVER!

      4 months ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      After I completed treatment and was just in follow up, my surgeon retired. The twit who took over looked like she was 16, maybe a size 2. The 2nd time I went in to see her (I was at every 6 months recheck), she looked me up and down, stuck her nose back in my chart and told me I need to have bariatric surgery. Ok, doll, you don't even KNOW me, you don't know if psychologically I'd be a candidate. Better yet, are YOU going to pay for it, because MY insurance won't cover it, and I work for the medical TPA, so I know that. I was furious. But I don't do confrontation. So like 2 months later, it was still bugging me. So I called to see if I could change doctors, since chickie-babe had only seen me twice. I was set up w/an appointment with another doc. Great... Then the office manager called me and said that since it was a small office that Dr Chickie-babe might get her widdle feelings hurt if I changed, so no, I couldn't. I told her if I couldn't I would not be coming there anymore. She told me to let her know where to send my records... My biggest regret is that I never sent the letter I wrote to the practice, the hospital, my surgeon (who was semi-retired, but was focusing on administrative work as the head of oncology at the hosp), the hospital group. I really wish I had sent that letter, but it's been like 3 years, so kind of pointless now.

      4 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I have plenty of regrets in my life, but how my lung cancer has been treated doesn't count among them. I've been incredibly fortunate from start to now.

      4 months ago
    • Lynne-I-Am's Avatar

      I was way too complacent with my medical care. I let months go by following the medical advice my gp gave me even though I was not getting better. When I finally did seek a second opinion, I saw the wrong specialist because I had been led to believe all my symptoms were related to problems above the belly button when in reality they were a result of problems below the belly button. Today I am much more proactive with my health and my choices of health care providers.

      4 months ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      I’ll always regret (and feel guilt over) my not having reported the negligence of the radiologist who misdiagnosed what turned out to be breast cancer in not only me but in two other women I know. I’d found a lump and went to this radiologist, who also felt it. She gave me a mammogram and an ultrasound and pronounced me okay and to come back in a year (she did not take a biopsy, which she should’ve, since the lump was there and palpable). My gynecologist got her report and urged me to see another radiologist, because ultrasound picks up cysts, and if this palpable mass didn’t show on the ultrasound, it should be biopsied (I may not have remembered her reasoning). Anyway, it WAS cancer.

      When I told the first radiologist that I was very “unfine,” she blithely said, “I hope it’s not a quickie.” The two other women I knew who’d been similarly misdiagnosed by her were told the same sanguine thing.

      Apology to anyone here who’s heard this from me before. What’s really odd is that in a city of eight million people (many of whom had or have breast cancer) and many radiologists, not only did I meet two women who’d been treated badly by the same radiologist, but one of the two women is someone I’ve known for decades (she’s a neighbor in my apartment building)! All three of us are doing well.

      And I SHOULD have reported this doctor so perhaps she’d at least be sanctioned for her sloppy work and flippant attitude. She died years ago at age 70.

      4 months ago

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