• How are you coping?

    Asked by stillkickin on Monday, October 3, 2011

    How are you coping?

    I'd love to hear about the kind of things that others do in order to keep their spirits up, and to maintain a positive attitude. I depend on family and friends to be able to talk things through and vent; if necessary. I like to give myself little treats like a special gourmet coffee that I particularly enjoy, or a particular book that I really want to read. What do you do?

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    • tnhhill94's Avatar

      Hi I'm a lung cancer survivor and I'm 17 years old just keep your head up and look at tthe possitive thing in life were gods blessings I belive my grandma passed away ( breast cancer) and she always told me that if you can go through cancer you can get through anything..

      almost 9 years ago
    • stillkickin's Avatar

      Thanks for your response, tnhhill94. The fact that you are coping so well with cancer at 17 is amazing. It's not an easy road to walk, but staying in the positive really makes a difference. You hang in there on your end, and I'll be hanging in there on my end too! Be nice to yourself, and let me know how you're doing.

      almost 9 years ago
    • mspinkladybug's Avatar

      by looking forward and not back

      almost 9 years ago
    • Tamara's Avatar

      im still in my anger phase... Ive taken on 3 winter classes, so that has kept me busy, but other than that, I've taken up drinking.. a lot.

      over 8 years ago
    • stillkickin's Avatar

      Tamara - I am very sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time right now, but I can certainly understand why. Your situation is similar to that of my daughter, who struggles to deal with my illness. Taking the classes is a good diversion for you, but I'm wondering what you do to take care of yourself. Even the smallest things can help to distract you, and take you away, even if only for a short time. Read a good book, take in a movie that makes you laugh, take a hot bubble bath. Please be good to yourself, and treat yourself kindly. I'm here if you need to talk.

      over 8 years ago
    • collinsb01's Avatar

      Hello Stillkickin. Due to my super low immune system, I had cut back considerably from what I used to do. My husband used to say that I was always running the road because I did so many things. I didn't agree then...but now being so bored, I guess he might have been right (lol). Kind of throwing caution to the wind, and trusting God more, I am getting back to things I enjoyed doing before. I have gotten back to singing in & directing one of the choirs at church (I will not restart directing and leading the youth choir at this time). I also plan to participate in a youth mentoring program begining next month. I have several brothers & sisters, but none are closer than say 1500 miles in proximity. I have to be content with phone and email communications with them. Besides my spouse, my 23 yr old is the only family in the state. Friends seem have really kinda pulled away since I became ill. It seems like after not succumbing to this illness within a certain amount of time, maybe they think everything is ok and I just don't hear from them as much anymore. Maybe I'm just too upbeat all the time.
      Hi Tamara, I posted on your wall. Take care

      over 8 years ago
    • TomLand's Avatar

      I am 3+ months post diagnosis. Treatments (weekly chemo) have settled into a pattern and I guess that helps. I have frequent visits from family and sometimes friends and that helps also. All family visits require travel so I really appreciate the fact they take time to visit.

      The chemo has worked so far and the tumors are shrinking - that makes maintaining a positive attitude easier I guess. Putting up with the pain is easier knowing I am getting better right now, although I know with pancreatic cancer it is not long term.

      Days seem to be taken by trying to resolve financial issues such as the current topic "Is it better to apply for Social Security Disability now or later?" I am leaning toward now!

      I also seem to have a side effect of the week that helps occupy my time. Currently it is edema in feet/legs & neuropathy - things not common with the chemo I am on (Gemzar). I also maintain a journal on Caring Bridge for friends & family. It helps to write about it I think and folks seem to enjoy reading it. I read a good bit also, although probably not more than I did before cancer.

      over 8 years ago
    • hilary's Avatar

      StillKickin - you are awesome! Quite a remarkable woman! I've referenced your post many times to KEEP ME POSITIVE over the past many months... THANK YOU for being so fabulous, courageous and generous with your journey.
      As you may recall, my father was "whippled" 9/9/11 ... negative margins post-surgery, but 3 lymph nodes affected. Current CA19-9 is 58... Mayo wants to see 54. (this is affecting my current outlook... shaky...but what can we do about it - not much!) My Dad was thrilled w/ 58 - it wasn't 270! His coping mechanism seems to be determination and being XXX off at his life interrupted. He WILL get back on that golf course and be fishing next fall, come XXX or high water! My coping mechanism - STAY BUSY! If I'm not going to appts with him, I'm dusting the crevices of my stairs... planning a party for my children... following my friends on facebook... planning a week of fabulous dinners to feed my family... leading a Girl Scout meeting... counting calories/fat grams for Dad...researching high calories drinks/foods... counting ounces consumed... creating data sheets to help easily keep track of nutrition and medications... something... anything... to keep busy! (For those who have followed me - I had a very rough time when Dad wasn't doing so well with the radiation... that was the worst month ever, but I didn't lose sight of the fact that the near death experience was to HEAL him... this was when tracking oz and cal probably worked against me...too much information.) Just yesterday at Sunday School, we practiced "centering prayer" and discussed when we felt God this past week. I broke down in tears - it's when I'm NOT busy... when I'm contemplative and still that it hits me. Perhaps I'm coping wrong - and should face the reality today... however, when I have such HOPE for Dad...why do I want to be sad about the WHEN & WHAT IFs... This diagnosis/prognosis absolutely sucks. Not much we can do to change the statistics - tears certainly won't help. I will save these tears and worries for when there IS something to be sad about and enjoy TODAY. For now, Dad is doing great and I have a party to plan! :)

      over 8 years ago
    • Blue's Avatar

      Dear stillkickin, I'm like you In that I enjoy a cup of good quality coffee in the mornings and, in my case, I add real half and half. After I Spruce up the house I kick back and read or watch a good movie on t.v. I also enjoy visits from friends and an occasional glass of wine.

      almost 8 years ago
    • kelley_gleason's Avatar

      It's all in your mind set. I put forth effort to volunteer for the American Cancer society relay for life. I've met some incredible people and it gives me a way to talk about what I've been through in a supportive caring environment. That then allows me to move beyond feeling sorry for myself and do some good.

      over 7 years ago

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