• How do you deal with couped up anxiety and emotion

    Asked by toml on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

    How do you deal with couped up anxiety and emotion

    I amsupposedly cancer free. My last psa was 0.05. I just have this doubt in my mind. I have lost 2 friends recently to cancer and a third has been to that his has about 4 months left. I was an emotional mess before finding out I had cancer, but now everything bothers me. I have an appointment with the cancer center on the 5th for a 2nd opinion of a body scan report. The doctor said I have areas of contamination, but they are not cancer. He could not explain "Contamination". I think I need to talk with a psychiatrist, but can't really afford another bill. I haven't worked now in a real job since being layed off in 2007. Now I feel a lot of not being worth a XXX. I can't find any work, and my wife is left with the stress of her job to pay the bills. I do have a small retirement that is paying the house payment. I have taken up photography as a business and it is starting to pay a little. Sometimes in the back of my head I have a bad voice. I have 5 Grand kids, I want to be here.

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    • leepenn's Avatar

      I feel like there should be some free counseling services available through your local cancer organizations. Also, consider a support group - maybe that would help?

      And, to be honest, there's a lot to be said about appropriate use of prescription drugs. I use XANAX to help me sleep at night when the bad voices are active in the back of my head (to use your language - I usually just call those the "what if" thoughts).

      Lastly - consider getting OUT with your grand kids. Take them fun places! Let their joy overwhelm your anxiety....

      Hugs. I'm sorry you are dealing with this.

      over 9 years ago
    • Indyeastside's Avatar

      You've got a lot on your plate, I get where you are at. Zoloft is a good anti-depressant-would get some help and talk to a counselor-should be a cancer group that can help you-talk to ACS they may have some ideas. A male support group would be good if you can find one.

      I am out of currently out of work as well and am dealing with worth issues. Keep in mind work is what you do, not who you are.

      Grandkids love you, wife is there, keep looking and a job will come. Volunteer at something that gives back-good for the soul. You'd can be amazed that no matter how bad you may have it, others are in worse spots and it feels good to help.

      Finally, I pray a lot

      Good luck, you are not alone. Keep in touch.

      over 9 years ago
    • susie81610's Avatar

      I'm also with leepen I'm on xanax and anti depressant I just take the xanax in the morning and at night.
      Try your cancer center they have oncology social workers that should be able to help you find help. It took me 35 places before I found mental health that I could afford and Thank God she just accepts what medicare pays her which is $35.00 a visit and she charges $200.00 So don't give up keep looking someone will be willing to help you out. I even went to a place and sat for 3hrs told them I was not leaving until I talked to some one so I sat my butt there until they let me.
      As long as the important things are getting paid relax it will all fall into place. Its hard to have to change your way of thinking but you will be able to find that peace again. As for contamination the only thing I can think of is maybe scar tissue or something from chemo or radiation? Never heard of that please let us know.
      Good luck and enjoy your day.

      over 9 years ago
    • SunnyCloud's Avatar

      When I was told that I was cancer free & done with therapy, I became anxious and depressed. I didnt know what to think, do, or feel. Then I was wondering what is the sense in being happy or relieved...why bother living if I might get it again and die? I called my social worker at the cancer center. She referred me to a doc. I joined support groups and let all my friends know how I was feeling. That included my husband whom is not very supportive. He is one of those that cant handle such things. Anyhow, the more I talked about it the better I felt. Then one morning as I was waking up, I had the thoughts, "I want to die. I just dont want to live anymore." Suddenly, I had a thought. "Those thoughts are not my own." and "Why would God answer prayers of healing just for me to be sad and anxious?" No, He would want me glad & thankful. He would want me to have stronger faith in Him. Now, I practice switching negative thoughts to positive ones. And, I keep in mind a friend's quote, "Instead of thinking what if you die? What if you live and you missed out on all the joys?" No meds needed for me, just need a close relationship with God, pray about everything, and have faith in Him. Fear, sadness, anxiety...is not from God & is not His desire for you. P.S. I claimed my healing as mine and done when I first found out that I had cancer. And so it was. God bless & may He fill you with His strength & peace. Amen.

      over 9 years ago
    • mspinkladybug's Avatar

      Welcome to survivor ship! what u r feeling is so normal it is alos very normal for us to get ptsd our bodies r at war we saw people lose the battle we r battle scares talk to ur onc or gp about this and it may be time to get on something for awhile. good luck

      over 9 years ago
    • steve70x7's Avatar

      As a Veteran I have a support group available to me at no cost. I was already plugged into this system and the transition from combat PTSD concerns to having cancer concerns was smooth. I found out that several of my fellow Veterans have been through the same struggles.

      I hope you are doing better!

      about 9 years ago

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