• How have you dealt with hair loss?

    Asked by OvarianNews on Monday, August 20, 2018

    How have you dealt with hair loss?

    Many cancer patients and survivors deal with hair loss from chemo along the way. There are different ways that people deal with this experience and it is helpful to hear the various points of view. Did you shave your head, let the hair fall out or have the hair pulled out? How did you deal with the psychological and sometimes physical discomforts? Have any stories to share? We would love to hear from you.

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    • Skyemberr's Avatar

      It came out very unevenly for me but i never fully lost my hair. Normally my hair is down to the middle of my back, or longer. I had to have it cut to up around my ears because so much had fallen out that it was very uneven and looked odd.

      I was given a wig for free but didn't wear it... didn't need it. If I had or do lose all of my hair I will probably go with hats or something because I felt like the wig was itchy and restrictive, and I don't care much if people know I lost my hair.

      The way I dealt with it emotionally was to remind myself that it was a temporary thing, and that at the end not only would my hair grow back, but I would have all of the nasty chemo and cancer out of it when it came in.It would be one part of my body renewed... and that is how it worked out in the end.

      11 months ago
    • po18guy's Avatar

      I bought one of those visors with the wild shock of hair poking out the top. The bill says "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" When someone compliments me on my hair, I reply, "Thank you! Let's see how it looks" and I take my "hair:" off and have a look at it. Yeah, I'm a little warped, but humor heals.

      11 months ago
    • cllinda's Avatar

      I had heard my hair would start falling out on the 14th day. I had a really short haircut so I had some control in the situation and it did start coming out just as I was told. So after a couple of days being covered with hair when I showered, I grabbed a big bowl, a new razor and shaved the rest off. And cried. Being bald made everyone let know I was sick.
      I wore scarves and hats for months. Around the house I went without a hat but if I had visitors, I would be scrambling for a hat.
      It was not a fun time.

      11 months ago
    • Skyemberr's Avatar

      @cllinda has a good point. That is the other side of the coin for a lot of people. They don't want to be looked at, and have the private fact that they have cancer on display for the world. It's not uncommon to be very unhappy about that. All you can do is keep reminding yourself that it is temporary.

      11 months ago
    • Lauraandmary's Avatar

      Shaved Mom's head when it started falling out. Bought lots and lots of hats.

      11 months ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      My hair started falling out roughly after the 8th day... I was doing six 28 day cycles of three infusions, Day 1 was I/V infusion, Days 2 and 8 were I/P infusions...and on day 29 it started over again as Day 1... My hair started falling out after day 8,,,, My husband used an electric hair trimmer... and I was left with simple stubble... that wore off and was gone before the next cycle..I had tears fall, and Tom exclaimed... My god you look just like your brother.... I looked and he was right.... We both started laughing.... I had purchased two wonderfully comfortable wigs that matched my hair exactly... dumb luck, just ordered on line from colors available.... After I started my 3 cycle the Chemo nurse made a comment about my hair staying....... I pulled off my wig, and the entire area started laughing... the nurse laughed loudest. But when I told my brother, he commented..."Why were you crying? Cause you look me?"... I said "YES.. picture thiis YOU with BOOBS"..... We both laughed.....

      11 months ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      I had very long hair. Prior to surgery, I got it cut short, figuring it would be less traumatic when I started losing it. That began on day 17 after the first chemo. I had it shaved -- kept peach fuzz throughout chemo. I did the hat/scarf thing, but I also did chemo in an Ohio fall/winter.

      11 months ago
    • MarciaLynn's Avatar

      My hair started thinning about a week after my first chemo treatment. I had a picture taken of my hair on the back of my head, then shaved it off after I got tired of hair falling all over. Let's just say I wasn't pretty at all bald! My daughters took me to look at and buy a wig, I bought two and actually wore one of them a lot at first, to church and social functions, and got a lot of compliments. It was winter so it wasn't too uncomfortable. I also wore a lot of caps and hats.

      About 2 months after last chemo, my hair started coming back, and I gradually stopped wearing hats or wigs when the weather started getting warm.

      It's coming back very curly and I love it! The last time I went to the doctor, a nurse told me she loved my haircut! I told her it wasn't a cut, it was growing back and came back like this. Other than the curls, it has quite a bit more gray/silver, but a year has passed since it fell out, so it possibly would be this color anyway.

      It was hard to get used to being bald, but in hindsight the time really went by fast. In the 6 months since it started coming back, it ranges from 1 and half to 2 and half inches long.

      11 months ago
    • macfightsback's Avatar

      My hair was falling out in mouse sized chunks every morning about 2 weeks after my first chemo. So after a few weeks, I had it shaved. My scalp was less sore afterward. I wore hats after that. Wore wigs to work after chemo until it grew back. The worst part was losing my eyebrows near the end of treatment. They grew back 2 months after chemo thank goodness.

      11 months ago
    • MarciaLynn's Avatar

      macfightsback ~ I had totally forgotten about my eyebrows and eyelashes falling out! As well as all other hair, arms, legs, etc. My daughter brought some makeup to the hospital (my chemo was all inpatient) and taught me how to make eyebrows . . .

      11 months ago
    • lh25's Avatar

      I waited too long to have mine shaved, spent a weekend dealing with it falling out and I HATED that. Clumps of hair everywhere and such a tangible reminder of what was going on in my body. If I ever have to do chemo again I'll shave it right after the first treatment.

      I bought a wig, and wore it twice. I did best with scarves, esp. those pre-tied ones. I had some scalp sensitivity, I used baby shampoo and slept on a satin pillowcase.

      Odd part was, I could feel hair blowing in my face in situations like riding in a car with the windows down for a long time after I didn't have any.

      I have kept my hair short, it's a nice change and so much easier to maintain.

      11 months ago
    • kalindria's Avatar

      As my hair started falling out, I cut it super short and then shaved it. I wore scarves when I went out in public as California is just too warm for wigs and I find them itchy (and mostly ugly). I had a couple of cute hats too.

      It's grown back now and all my other chemo drugs haven't made my hair fall out. My sister is recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and her hair has fallen out. She got her hairdresser to shave her head. I mailed her a big box of scarves and hats and one crazy white and hot pink wig to lift her spirits. She loved them.

      As far as eyebrows, I've used Benefit's Browsings for years and love the product. It looks pretty natural so when I dress up, I also put on eyebrows.

      11 months ago
    • Moni's Avatar

      When I was told my hair would fall out during chemo, it was a small price to pay for knowing that I was going to live. But when it actually started falling out by the handfuls at the end of my first 3 week cycle by the handfuls it was disturbing, distracting, and depressing. I made an appointment with my hairdresser and quickly got my free wig from the American Cancer Society. If you don't know the ACS, has wig banks and if you have cancer you can get a free wig every 12 months.
      I have been bald now for almost 2 months. I guess if it was going to happen summer is a good time. At first my head was very sensitive and felt better wearing a soft hat/turban but now when I'm home or with someone I feel comfortable with, it feels better to be bald. When I go out, I primarily wear hats and scarves. I've rarely worn my wig, its really pretty and almost the exact color of my real hair but it just doesn't feel like me and it is not that comfortable to wear.
      A benefit to losing my hair, I haven't had to shave my legs all summer!!!

      11 months ago

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