• How have you emotionally & spirituallydealt with your diagnosis? The stress and fear? What gives you comfort? Hope?

    Asked by teachdent on Saturday, December 24, 2011

    How have you emotionally & spirituallydealt with your diagnosis? The stress and fear? What gives you comfort? Hope?

    I was just given a 100% recurrence diagnosis on my desmoid tumor. Kind of hard to have hope...but I am trying! Your help, tips, advice appreciated. Thank you.

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    • CarolLHRN's Avatar

      First, just take a deep breath and pause. Always make time for yourself. Don't be afraid to feel the emotions. Instead, experience them. Experiencing the fear and the pain somehow makes it feel like it's not bigger than you are. I also firmly believe God never gives me more than I can handle. Sometimes I question his judgement, but I do believe I can get through it.

      I also feel journaling is very beneficial. It really helps to get the negative thoughts out and then your mind can be filled with positive thoughts and an attitude towards beating the disease.

      over 8 years ago
    • susanz's Avatar

      Pray for strength and courage. Never Give Up. God is gracious with his miracles.

      over 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      For me it's always been a positive attitude. I don't give in to the idea that I'm done for, that cancer is going to get me and win. I choose to believe that I am going to win, nothing will keep me down, this is just a detour along my way through life and will only make me stronger. I choose not to worry about the things in life that I can't do anything about, like, will it come back. It does no good to worry about it, what will be will be, I will deal with it IF AND WHEN IT COMES, this is easy to say if you can get your mind wrapped around it and buy into this way of thinking super positive but not everyone can do it. It makes your mind rest and makes your life easier if you can though. Good luck to you in your treatments. Wish you the best.

      over 8 years ago
    • Stevedarke's Avatar

      I write which helps to release my demon's below is something from my book-


      Within Pandora’s Box hope was locked away from humanity and we were as candles unprotected from the changing fortunes of the wind yet upon the release of hope our fragile flame is able to burn brighter against a fortuitous wind, for what shall become of us if we do not have hope to shine back into the face of fear and adversity as we journey along life’s precarious path, for we may have nothing else to give or receive except the extended hand of hope.

      Keep hope for where would we be without it,


      over 8 years ago
    • RuthAnne's Avatar

      What has helped bring me peace (and this may be unpopular) was to thoroughly examine and come to terms with death and our temporary state as human beings. I read many biographies and autobiographies of people who have suffered and died from cancer and other diseases. Once I came to see that my situation was not special or unique, and that death and disease is a part of life, I stopped worrying about it so much. As a result, I am ably to live freely, openly, and (relatively) free of fear. I may die of cancer, I may get hit by a cab walking across the street tomorrow. Whatever comes, I am happily living now.

      over 8 years ago
    • wvgal68's Avatar

      I tell people that my attitude is a combination of denial, hope and faith. I do realize that I have stage IV cancer, and that it's not going away, and it will kill me at a young age. But, I have faith that everything will be all right. I have hope that I can continue to live for several years yet, I have faith that there will be something discovered that can let me control this disease.

      Other than that, I have seen psychologist on two different circumstances, once when I was newly diagnosed, and at the point that you are when you posted this question. The second time when I was having problems with anxiety prior to chemo.

      I have read of lot of positive thinking/survivor books. I may only find one sentence or paragraph that helps me, but those little nuggets are there.

      Other than that, I really make an attempt to enjoy the moment, and thank God that I can.

      about 8 years ago
    • acalltofaith's Avatar

      I know it may sound corny, but as a survivor of Ewing's Sarcoma, I sought solace in prayer, and having prayer groups pray for me. And it worked! Don't get me wrong, I still had bad days and times, but as a four-time cancer survivor, I knew to put my faith first. You can become stress free in knowing that if you have faith, the other things are less important, and you will know how to live today, and realize that it is just a short walk on this earth, and you will be set for eternity and whatever comes at you in this temporal world. I wrote a book on my story entitled, "A Call to Faith, the Journey of a Cancer Survivor." If you would like a copy, you can email me your address and I would love for you to have it. Peace.

      almost 8 years ago

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