• How long has your journey been?

    Asked by MarS676 on Sunday, April 14, 2013

    How long has your journey been?

    Tomorrow I will undergo phase 2 of my breast reconstruction, this will hopefully be the last of my surgeries in this journey that I call Breast Cancer. I realized today what a whirlwind my life has been in the last 9 months, yes its only been 9 months since I was diagnosed with BC! I've had 8 rounds of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy, DIEP Reconstruction and tomorrow Nipple Reconstruction. I chose not to have radiation because I had clear lymph nodes and didn't want to wait 6 months after radiation for reconstruction. Thinking about my journey I wonder how long did it take others to get their lives back after cancer, how long was your journey from diagnosis to last cancer related procedure?

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    • karen1956's Avatar

      My journey moved fairly quickly....I had help with scheduling appts and getting test results....we knew one of the docs where I had my biopsies and he called me the night of MRI to give results and got me in the next day for 2nd round of biopsies....also one surgeon I interviewed got me into the oncologist the same week I saw surgeon....That said.....I had bilat 4 weeks after Dx.....then started chemo 3 weeks later.....6 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks....so that brought me to 5 months post Dx, then started 3 weeks later...by the time I finished rads (I had a lot of lymph node involvement), I was almost 7 months post Dx.....about 6 weeks later I had my ooph.......almost 13 months post bilat, I had the exchange surgery swapping out y TE for silicone implants.....So for the initial part of the journey, I would say 14 months.....But during all this time, life continued to go on....I was still wife, mom, and worked full time!!! of course I took time off and had help with meals etc. Good luck with your nipple recon tomorrow....

      over 7 years ago
    • Kossmore's Avatar

      No radiation is good news, one less destructive process and the sooner you will be well again. Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow. My journey has not stopped after 8 years. The actual treatment from diagnosis to starting chemo took 3 months, chemo and surgeries were 6 months, radiation a, month and a half. Then came the 5 years of medication. The side effects are still with me.

      over 7 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      I had just enjoyed about 4 years of not going to the onc when I was diagnosed with my second b/c. I imagine now that I'm a two timer I will be going for at least yearly checkups for some time now.

      I am interested in how your DIEP flap has gone. I chose to postpone mine until October, but am planning to do it then. Good luck w/your final stage tomorrow. :-)

      over 7 years ago
    • FreeBird's Avatar

      Dad started with lung cancer in December 2009, went through the surgery and chemo, beat that cancer, then in 2012 on a follow up scan, they discovered pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver. So there was a very busy period, followed by a cancer vacation where quality of life was back to normal, then back to another phase of the journey.

      over 7 years ago
    • Loafer's Avatar

      My journey was only six months from DX to completion. I had lumpectomy, 4x chemo, and accelerated rads (3 weeks rather than 6 1/2). The waiting for test results took the longest. I know many others have had a much longer and more difficult journey. Good luck with your recon!

      over 7 years ago
    • debsweb18's Avatar

      I'm 22 months from diagnosis and besides taking an AI for about 6-7 more years, I may be having another surgery. My last one was in December. I had a unilateral mastectomy and it takes more work for symmetry. I didn't have chemo and had 7 weeks radiation which ended less than 3 months after diagnosis.So all of that went fairly quickly. I'm having my first pet scan in a couple of months because I have nodules in several places they're watching. Initial diagnosis is not cancer but they have to watch them. These were found through lung x-ray, then ct scan, then thyroid ultrasound all because of 3 consecutive colds with a bad cough. I guess a lot of people have nodules and are found by accident. But once they find them, they watch them, so sometimes I feel the journey won't really end! I accept it as part of my life now. However I now have a new -normal life!

      Good luck with your surgery!

      over 7 years ago
    • JennyMiller's Avatar

      My Journey started in November 2011 and went as follows:
      Diagnosis was 11/11/11
      Surgery was 12/5/11
      Scans were 12/19/11
      1st Appointment with Oncologist was 12/23/11
      Port placement was 12/29/11
      Chemo was from 1/5/12 to 4/12/12
      Radiation was from 4/30/12 to 6/23/12
      Started Arimidex on 6/30/12

      I will have follow-up Scans on May 3, 2013 and will see my Oncologist on May 10.
      After that, I will keep the regular follow-up appoinments and be on alert for any changes
      in my body. I know that I will never be the same person that I was before but that is not a bad thing as I now have a better appreciation of family, friends and life itself. I wish you the best.

      over 7 years ago
    • Nancebeth's Avatar

      DX - January 6, 2012
      Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction with Implants - February 3, 2012
      Chemo Started - April 20, 2012
      Chemo Ended - August 17, 2012
      Clear Scans and started living with NED - Spetember 6, 2012
      Tamoxifen Started - September 2012
      Tamoxifen Stopped - November 2012
      Left Implant Replacement - November 1, 2012
      Hospitalization For Cellulitis Left Breast - February 26, 2013
      Partial Knee Replacement Due to Necrosis From Chemo - May 7, 2013

      I decided against any type of nipple/areola reconstruction, so I am hoping that after May 7, I am done. However, it seems that Lefty is being obnoxious again and might need to be replaced again...

      over 7 years ago
    • Mel's Avatar

      Hi! In November 2012 found my lump (thanksgiving day!) January 2013 Lumpectomy; April 2013 Bi-lateral Mastectomy w/reconstruction; June 2012 Port in 2 weeks later started Chemo. November 2013 finished chemo; December 2013 Expanders taken out implants put in; I also chose not to do radiation with everything clear. Still have not done nipple reconstruction unsure what I want to do. The getting my life back after cancer. It is and it's not, for me just always there now I don't dwell on it, but it changes you I guess I'd say. And praying nothing comes back.

      over 7 years ago

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