• How often and how long after Double Mastectomy do you continue to see the surgeon if there was no chemo nor radiation?

    Asked by fbard on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    How often and how long after Double Mastectomy do you continue to see the surgeon if there was no chemo nor radiation?

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    • Ligal's Avatar

      I still see my surgeon twice a year since 2015. She checks for possibility of recurrence and advocates for me with other doctors, especially my oncologist.

      6 months ago
    • marz's Avatar

      Thanks for all your specific answers of the timeline you keep to make sure you check in with your doctors it’s definitely time for me to have a visit and then there’s the whole surgery reconstruction thing… I just haven’t felt I’ve met a doctor that I Trust (Except for a private practice doctors which my insurance won’t cover) is offering the best non invasive strategy … maybe by now they’ve gotten caught up to the current options & will be more flexible
      Though I’m not holding my breath
      I definitely just need to get this done I feel like it’ll be a big symbol to being passed this stuff finally… So why and how the XXX have I absolutely procrastinated for this long? (Trauma)
      Without a job or family or friends or car or clean apt I can’t think of anyone that could actually help me with post care… I tend to lose sense of time and can go weeks with hardly doing anything or even getting out of my apartment so having regular doctor appointments is a big help to keep me on some semblance of a schedule. So I suppose su. finally answer the question about continued care, Ideally, as much as is necessary & available. Visiting some of drs actually strangely has become rather f for me just being there I already know that I am taking care of myselfand perhaps very little if you know you’re in good current health…
      After I finish my chemo surgery and radiation I’d see my oncologist every couple weeks. Than once/month, 3, 6 etc
      I participated in a clinical trial so like clockwork I was scheduled every three months to see my oncologist and check all my blood and urine and a full panel of everything and a CT scan , echo… you name it.
      Now that that’s been over for about two years in kinda floundering. Sure sure blah blah I survived but I’m far from thriving and that is trauma as well… For me I’ve found it’s great to have at least one professional person that I meet with or speak At least once a week.
      It’s been five years now (& i Still feel trapped in cancerVille :( w no employment no car I certainly have more than enough time to contemplate my situation like how did I get here and how the F do I get out of this… Don’t have the answer unfortunately right now I’m just trying to catch up to level zero… I swear the treatments they put in my body messed me up in my brain So severely and that combined with my lifelong battles with major depressive disorder with some mania schizoid episodes general anxiety Adhd and the list goes on... TRAUMA YOU SAY??!!.. since stage III breast cancer uprooted my life in every way, I’m now finally speaking w a therapist every week. It’s so hard to find good mental health care geez! It’s ridiculous it’s traumatizing and it’s own to have to shop around to find psychiatrists who aren’t just pushing drugs that companies are sponsoring them to do. I refuse to be a guinea pig anymore which is what I felt like when I was on my cancer treatments as well and it’s now linking to other traumas from my Past. Dude Cancer is traumatizing, for me on every level of my being physiologically neurologically psychologically your emotions your weight Your ability to function and the confusing feeling of having insecurities that I can remember having as a kid but evolved past them so now it’s harder in a sentence because Knowing I’ve done the work and gotten past those levels and yet here I am feeling it again when I like know better

      SO I feel fine with your use of the word Trauma… And it’s commendable that you do referred to and discuss and ask about trauma. I wonder if any of this will ever not hunt me. So I suppose it’s questions like that i’m trying to be more mindful of not indulging in because it’s rather pessimistic and depressing and fearful… Appropriate segue into the whole thing of don’t know what if it happens again because statistically yeah maybe maybe not but that’s just one of many things I have to remember to not waste my time on. Though I would honestly like to learn about others experiences and post care and maintenance… And what goes through your mind and do you think it’s possible that some trauma that is a Prius right now maybe was already present just more shoved away so well in fact That until cancer these Elements of emotions and triggers weren’t affecting you but now, in cancerville where life and death and the bombardment of everything other stuff buried, whether resolved or not, just slip into the cracks though maybe because I’d like to see silver linings…
      Your problems synced an opportunity to come into the forefront of your life however with everything … like a gray not only am I limping because my bones have disintegrated and I’m literally going crazy because of the chemicals and the hormones and that list can go on anon now on top of this my entire past history of various Trumatic events are flooding in and I feel buried what’s going on? But here’s the good perhaps part: They are cards out on the table this is the time for you so go for it however you can or want to. I definitely am remembering things in the past that I can’t recall from 30 years ago…
      More specifically with you though are you referring to the specific traumas you’ve experienced and are experiencing due to the big C?
      I learned a lot of what not to do and another thing I sort of start thinking about but then shut it down is that I know I would not have chosen the exact same treatment plan if I knew then what I know now… The surgery overall was the most Trumatic though which must be Why am procrastinating for so… XXX… Long!
      I wonder if this is already too long for what next to a lot of you posted but oh well I’ll copy it to my journal if not
      I also understand other comments asking you to be more specific which can be helpful otherwise you just end up randomly rambling as I am doing now ha ha
      Perhaps it’s because getting my tits chopped off completely was presented me as a necessity in order to not die so I was just like OK go for it. But the surgery now… The doctors are like heads of cedar Sinai that because of this they’re so short and snappy when they meet with me because they’re just such busy in demand surgeons more like it’s just matter-of-factly but I like to discuss and research and ask questions And then I don’t get that along with the skin flap grafting from my latissimus dorsi muscle which is like the biggest muscle in your back and I don’t care about scars but it’s not just about that it’s going to actually more physically causes trauma and deformity and weak in my body my back hello so I just don’t know what to do

      Did anyone else experience hesitation or concern or obstacles etc. when it came to getting your surgeries? Did you just take it was available or did you research an interview and choose who you felt OK with?

      I still have my expanders in and the left one deflated a couple years ago already but due to the trauma I experienced during that initial surgery I’m not so thrilled to get under someone’s scalpel… And it’s emotional too, like so many people say to me it’s a boob job like what’s the big deal but if I could perhaps surrendered to viewing it like that I would’ve had it done already… But it’s just links to so many things and … I can explain exactly there’s just not been an intense enough urge to get it done already.… Does this answer your question ha ha

      5 months ago
    • marz's Avatar

      Ps: there really wasn’t all that much dr visit follow ups with my radical bilateral mastectomy as others have described… As long as everything goes smoothly… Are you planning on further surgery ?

      I’m wondering what post op is like for reconstruction… anyone…? Thanks

      5 months ago

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