• How to stop excruciating blinding non stop pain from port insertion I had today

    Asked by MSfighter2015 on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

    How to stop excruciating blinding non stop pain from port insertion I had today

    My port hurts so bad I have to sit up sleeping, can't walk or move breath eat or have fun. I feel like my chest, left shoulder, lower and upper back have been crushed by a truck. I can't take deep breaths or eat or talk without screaming in pain. Even with pain meds don't help. Its unbearable and I feel like I can't breath and then when I do its slow n shallow because of pain. I'm cryi g and I can't move and I ahe a family n baby boy who needs me n I'm helpless. Chest pain is very aweful and arm pain neck and whole left side. Someone help because I'm in so much pain.

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    • rwhdesmoines' Avatar

      I am so sorry that I did not see your post before now. I WOULD CALL THE SURGEON NOW. iT SHOULD NOT HURT THIS BAD.

      over 6 years ago
    • myronbob's Avatar

      please , please call doctor immediately . you shouldn't have to deal with such pain . might be as simple as an adjustment or realignment but call doctor that's what their there for . good luck . bob

      over 6 years ago
    • rwhdesmoines' Avatar

      I am sorry to have answered you in capital letters. I was not trying to be rude. My husband wanted to leave right away when I was answering you and I did not have time to correct my answer. I was giving him a ride to work in a snowstorm. I hope that you get feeling better soon and the answer to your issue is very simple. When you have the time/energy could you let us know how you are doing. We really care about you.

      over 6 years ago
    • IronMom45's Avatar

      Yes agreed go go ER if have to.

      over 6 years ago
    • cam32505's Avatar

      You may have developed blood clots, because ports have been known to cause them. I had blood clots in my lungs. Besides being serious, they were painful. I couldn't walk to the bathroom at home without being winded. You need to get to the hospital right away. This could be an emergency situation. They have to give you blood thinners to keep the clots from killing you.

      over 6 years ago
    • cllinda's Avatar

      I hope you called the doctor who put it in. The port should not be hurting that bad. A little sore yes, horrible pain no.

      over 6 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Does your Doc Know?
      It shouldn't hurt like that and NEEDS to be checked ASAP...
      Keep us posted.....

      over 6 years ago
    • lilymadeline's Avatar

      It should not hurt this badly! Something is wrong, possibly an infection or blood clot? Is it warm? but please call the surgeon immediately if you haven’t already done so. Good luck to you and God bless!!!

      over 6 years ago
    • jackiwalkr's Avatar

      NOT NORMAL, Seek help. I was just slightly sore.

      over 6 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I hope you contacted your doctor ASAP. I had a bit of pain, but nothing like you describe. Yikes!

      over 6 years ago
    • PennieEckard's Avatar

      Hopefully you have either gone to the ER or contacted the physician. I have a port and did not have pain like your describing. It does not sound normal. Be safe.

      over 6 years ago
    • Nanajen's Avatar

      PLEASE go to your doctor or to the emergency room asap. You should not be having these issues with your port. My port moved, and did not even cause any pain. I did notice that I was getting short of breath. My Oncologist is supposed to have an echo heart done on me every couple of months. I have not had one since October. Anyway I am stage 3 her2 positive so I am on herceptin for a year. I had a heart scan in July and it said the port catheter had moved down in my heart and it was rubbing on the wall of my right atrium of my heart. I do not know why I was not informed immediately of this. I was informed on October 24th that I have a large blood clot that is embedded into the wall of my right atrium. I have been on Coumedan since October and the size of the clot has not changed at all. I am now seeing a heart specialist because of the blood clot. I do not want to scare you, but I do not want to see anyone go through what I have had to endure. Please let me know how you are doing after you have your port checked.

      over 6 years ago

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