• How would you define HOPE? Where do you get it, how do you make it?

    Asked by GregP_WN on Monday, August 11, 2014

    How would you define HOPE? Where do you get it, how do you make it?

    We have to have hope at all costs, but it's easy to say you have to have it, where is it? How do you get it, where do you look? You can't go buy it, so what do you do when you think there is none?

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    • lilymadeline's Avatar

      It is either there or it isn't! Hope seems to be part of my DNA, but I have had times when I lost it. At those times I start exercising or go outdoors, hang out with positive friends. In other words a change of scenery works wonders for me and always puts me in a better frame of mind.
      But hope comes easy to me because I have had cancer in my life over 30 years since my grandmother was diagnosed with leukemia and I have seen HUGE gains in modern medicine since then! I am truly amazed with how far we have gotten in the past 30 years and especially in the last 5 years since they are using targeted therapy and immutherapy ( sorry I can't spell it! ) to fight cancers. In fact I'm starting a targeted therapy drug today, and that knowledge wasn't available 4 years ago when I was diagnosed....I really feel if I can hang in there long enough there will be a cure. Besides I personally know cancer researchers and I know how hard they are working.....there are some brilliant people trying to beat this disease and with God's help I know that they are going to do it! That is what give me hope! Looking at all the recent gains in knowledge and treatments and knowing that there will be even better options for us down the road......I don't know if I am realistic or not but I just have this feeling deep inside me that eventually they will find cures for all the different types of cancers. Just think- cancer has been around for thousands and thousands of years and it really has only been only the past few generations of human beings that have developed ways to fight it. Just think of what will be discovered in the next few generations of scientist! Even in the next few years or even months there could be huge discoveries! Hope, how can you not have it?

      over 4 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Hey Greg.....I think they sell it at Walmart......next to the Flowers.....lol
      Who Knows.....?
      I think it has to be based on some New Info or Facts.
      AND Some people are a lot more hopeful than others.

      over 4 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Barry, WalMart is all out of it I'm pretty sure, it's in the dept. with all the other things you can't buy, like common sense, manners, respect and a few other things that a lot of people don't have these days. I wish we could go buy a few of these things, it might make things a little easier on us, don't you think?

      over 4 years ago
    • ritafaystageIV's Avatar

      Thank you lilymadeline for your post. We have to have hope and hang on for new treatment. I read that if a new drug can only offer you four more months of life, take it. In four months, they might come up with a cure.

      over 4 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Hey Greg.......Maybe we ought to start an ON LINE Story/Site for Common Sense, Manners and Respect...We could be Advice Counselors and Make a Fortune.....lol

      over 4 years ago
    • IDphil's Avatar

      @barryboomer - I also us humor to help me deal with everything I'm confronted with so I think I understand yours. For those who don't use humor, it can be hard for them to understand and I have to be careful how I use it. I look for my 'hope' from my faith in my maker. I'm developing a loving, personal relationship via the Trinity - it's not coming easily for me, but my men's group at my church is really helping.

      over 4 years ago
    • wingrider54's Avatar

      Hope is every day starting and ending without the diagnosis of cancer coming returning; praying that the next PET scan will show the same again. Seeing the grand kid's and watching Rick tossing a football with Spencer, still more accurate than Spencer. Seeing him with the will to live, and going out everyday with extra effort to make our log home in the woods look better than it has for the last 39 years. Knowing that right now, he has taken time to take his 86 yr old Mom to urgent care. She found out she had breast cancer just after Rick was done with treatment.She under went radiation, but she still doesn't know if it worked. Establishing Monday night as pizza and movie night for the two of us. In other words, making everyday count, AND especially when it is sunny and warm in northern MN, something we don't take for granted!

      over 4 years ago
    • YazBri's Avatar

      Hope is just something that seeped into my head.
      Once I accepted it (diagnosis), hope just kicked in. Going to a support group, mostly composed of older folks and hearing their stories, and how long they've lived w/it, sort of put me at ease. Reading and hearing in the news, from doctor, cancer patients that there are a lot options out there today, then in past history.

      over 4 years ago
    • YazBri's Avatar

      Sorry, I meant to write more, but clicked on answer accidentally. In doing that, I'm hopeless. As for the health, all I can do is hope. But sentence to last paragraph that the options out there now gives hope.

      over 4 years ago
    • Keith59's Avatar

      My hope is from GOD. It's faith...it's believing. Science is amazing...I have faith in it....but God created the scientists. It all comes back to God for me personally.

      over 4 years ago
    • Pambsky's Avatar

      Greg, I think hope comes from wanting to survive and make it. Wanting to have more time with friends and family and wanting to continue to enjoy life. I also think it's just internal. Something we are all born with, the will and strength to survive.

      over 4 years ago
    • schweetieangel's Avatar

      The hope i have is that tomorrow will be better than today and the next even better. I take each day at a time and hope that the next bit of news is positive. We have all been knocked down more than once and somehow get back up to survive the next good day or bad day. That is hope for me knowing that one day i will beat this.. i have seen others do it and that gives me the hope that i need right now.
      It can't be bought.. but the positive attitude can be shared and hopefully will help the next person just starting this crazy adventure with some "hope" that they can do it too.

      over 4 years ago
    • MMarie's Avatar

      THAT was a lot of questions Greg.
      I think HOPE changes frequently depending on what is real.
      To look forward. To trust. To believe.

      Here's the link to a video about HOPE a friend made for me.

      over 4 years ago
    • Ejourneys' Avatar

      Hope is subtle with me. I get it mostly from the research I read about (like the work being done with selective estrogen receptor degraders (SERDs)), and -- on a broader scale -- from what I read about any and all humanitarian efforts, given the shape of the world.

      Other than that, I live each day as best I can. Exercise and healthy eating, deriving joy from nature and from creative pursuits, have less to do with hope and more to do with just Be-ing. For me, hope means looking toward the future, but I do my best to live in and enjoy the present. Going through treatment is one way I exercise hope for future benefit, but I don't dwell on that hope so much as do what I feel needs to be done.

      over 4 years ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      Hope is a virtue therefore must be practiced everyday. I admit I am not a very virtuous person.

      over 4 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Hope is that small voice at the bottom of the jar that held all the evils of the world. I look deep within myself, and I am inspired by others, including everyone on this site. Some days it's the humor and the absurdity of life and my cancer journey.

      Other days it's the small acts of kindness that my oncology teams, family, friends and even strangers perform for me and others going through this.

      Hope is seeing how far we have come in treating cancers, all the research still being done and developed.

      Hope is being alive and kicking, to celebrate graduations, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries and even the 100th birthday of one of the seniors at the center I teach.

      Each morning when I wake up, there is hope.

      over 4 years ago
    • bsktlady's Avatar

      We have to have hope! Without it this horrible cancer would win! I have something with the word hope on it in every room of my house, whether it is a small wooden sign, a rock with hope inscribed on it, or a crock with hope on it. If I ever have the slightest shadow of doubt that hope is out there, I just look around and see it! My next step is a tattoo on my inner left wrist ( first one ever & I'll be 60 on Wednesday!). I want to always see hope! Now I think I'll go take some pictures of hope & try to post them!

      over 4 years ago
    • BabsWon's Avatar

      I put my hope in my surgeon, my oncologist, and my nurses. They instilled in me trust and confidence that they would do all in their power to give me the best possible outcome. I also had hope in myself that I could be strong enough to get through all the treatments. Where there is life, there is hope. And my belief, when life is ending, hope remains for eternal life in heaven.

      over 4 years ago
    • girlmissy's Avatar

      I think it is believing that, that which seems impossible, can still be possible, no matter the odds. Without hope, we have nothing ♡♡

      over 4 years ago
    • cyesuislord1's Avatar

      I agree with what girlmissy and Keith59 said. HOPE is knowing that whatever situation we confront, God has all the answer to it, and if we trust in him and don't let go(lose faith that he can do whatever he wishes) then we have HOPE. Human beings are limited to what they can do, even doctors, oncologists, etc, God gave them wisdom to come up with all the cures, medicines, treatments, etc. But, they still don't have HIS WISDOM or Knowledge which is unlimited. therefore, when they (our doctors, lawyers, pathologists, etc) cant come up with something or as some of them are used to saying,"there is nothiNG else we can do" that is when HOPE in GOD comes into play cause that is when he takes over from what THEY CANNOT DO OR PERCIEVE TO DO OR EVEN THINK TO DO. I hope to this makes sense to somebody. When you want the answers to a problem you are facing you seek the best professional help you can think of,but, what if that fails? then what?..the only option left is GOD cause he NEVER FAILS in anything and he has all the answers when everyone else says they don't.

      over 4 years ago
    • emen's Avatar

      Hope is one of our most amazing gifts! If you're wondering how to find it, look within yourself, it's there, and always will be in each and every one of us. Even when you're thinking there is none...it's there. When I found out I have cancer, I had many emotions...good or bad, I was hoping. Maybe hoping the doctor was wrong, or hoping I can stay strong & help myself and others. It is impossible to lose hope...that would be similar to living life without dreams or wants. Stay strong my friends...and "hopefully",we will achieve all of our dreams!!

      over 4 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      For me, God supplies all my hope.

      over 4 years ago
    • billyc1800's Avatar

      To me, hope is the incentives that are dangled out there in front of me everyday. The will to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow up. To get to know them, to get to love them, and to have them know and love me in return. I use events in the future as incentives to go on. For example, I have applied for tickets to the Masters golf tournament for over ten years and have never been drawn, until now. Now I want to be around in April 2015 to go to Augusta. When that happens I will have something else to strive to survive for. My hope always has been that the good Lord will always be there for me and provide me with the peace of mind that I will be provided for, and until then, will provide the incentives I need and use for Hope.

      over 4 years ago
    • cam32505's Avatar

      Hope is living for today and maybe another day. It is hoping for a cure for our cancer or somebody else's cancer. I have hope to live for my family, even though I lost my mother. She had hope that I would survive my cancer. She actually gave me the strength to complete treatment, when I wanted to quit.

      over 4 years ago
    • Janetspringer's Avatar

      My hope comes from knowing that God holds me in his hand both in this life and if he chooses to take me home.

      over 4 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      I'm not even sure what hope is. I call myself a butterfly. I just sort of drift around and enjoy the sweet scented flowers. I try to live in the moment. I've been homeless 3 times, and I was in my 50s the last time. I don't want anybody to think this is because I have money-I don't.

      A dear friend was giving me a lecture that I needed to fight this cancer, yadda, yadda, yadda. When I could get a word in edgewise, I said, "But I'm a butterfly! My parents used to scream at me that I wasn't a busy bee or ant that worked hard for tomorrow."
      My friend thought, and he said, "You know that butterflies migrate from Mexico to Northern California. They're tough."

      over 4 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      Sometimes People RELY on Hope at the cost of doing something different.
      Hope is fine but it should follow being Proactive. When all is over then we can just hope we will have an easy transition from Here to There....
      BUT Hope by itself? I don't know about that.
      BUT It's a little like faith, belief and The Truth (Whatever that is lol)
      Mostly I don't know anything other than I'm sitting here writing this nonsense.
      Sometimes Our Ego gets in the way of all kinds of stuff.
      Maybe one of the answers to curing cancer is letting completely go of our Ego.....We seem to have too much attachment to it when in reality we are really all part of the ethers.
      LOL.....Some Philosophical Mumbo Jumbo this Morning.

      over 4 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I think I have to say that my hope is my faith. Without it, I would be very hopeless.

      over 4 years ago
    • Tank's Avatar

      HOPE, letting go of that constant fear of having no hope. Finding HOPE in strength. HOPE comes from running this race and making it to the finish line with all the hurdles I'm jumping along the way

      over 4 years ago
    • HeidiJo's Avatar

      Hope was in the faces of my children when they came home from school, hope was in laughter; theirs and mine when they tried to make me laugh. Hope came with all the cards, gifts and food my friends and family sent me. Hope would give me the determination to keep going.

      over 4 years ago
    • Gumpus61's Avatar

      Hope is wanting tomorrow to be better than today and doing enough to make sure it is, and if it isn't.....resolving that tomorrow will be better than today.

      over 4 years ago

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