• Howdy! All(look out for my spelling) Robo-surgery 60 days ago- psa came back a ,2. doc. wants radiation. up in the air.

    Asked by Tanker66 on Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Howdy! All(look out for my spelling)
    Robo-surgery 60 days ago- psa came back a ,2. doc. wants radiation. up in the air.

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      You can read my profile, which tells my journey, with prostate cancer.

      I was diagnosed at the tender age of only 53. I had an aggressive type. I opted for the robotic surgery, like yourself. After surgery, I was advised by the surgeon that:

      "66% of the time(patients in my status) the prostate cancer NEVER returns."

      I began experiencing a rising PSA level, about 2 1/2 years later.

      Knowing that I had an aggressive cancer, I PUSHED THE ONCOLOGY DOCTOR-- TO COMMENCE RADIATION TREATMENTS. The doctor gave me the option of:

      watchful waiting or undergoing the radiation treatments.

      The doctor commented that the "outcome" of his patients,
      has been more positive for those taking radiation treatments.

      *** That being said, every person is different, in my opinion.
      I don't know what your Gleason score was? stage of cancer?
      There are many variables, that enter in to the response to
      your particular situation.

      You might consider getting a "second opinion", about your doctor's
      apparent recommendation, that you undergo radiation.

      ** There ARE potential side effects, from radiation treatments.
      I experienced some of them, and still have residual effects.
      (My radiation treatments were 4 years ago).

      My cancer returned, 2 years AFTER the 8 weeks of daily

      So, I feel that it is important that you, make an informed decision.

      ** Only you know, ALL of your personal variables, involving your decision. But if you have any question about the NEED for the radiation treatments, why not get a second opinion.

      Let me know, if you have any further questions. Take care.
      Hope I helped you.

      over 10 years ago
    • Indyeastside's Avatar

      We have similar paths. After surgery my PSA showed and started to rise. My doc opted for CAb Hormone therapy-no radiation. Stopped the PSA climb, in fact under.008. I was a stage three level when diagnosed.

      Do they know where the remaining cancer is at? With me they did not-thats why no radiation for me.

      over 10 years ago
    • dennis' Avatar

      I also had Divinci robotic surgery when I was 55 years old, that was 7 years ago. Last year my PSA started to rise. It had basically been almost at zero before that time. I opted to participate in a clinical trial where I received both Hormone therapy for 4 months and radiation therpy for 2 months. I have just finished this treatment and now will wait for the results in the coming months. I feel that this was a good direction to take. I also found that being in the clinical trial, they are very exact on following up with me so that they can gather the data they want. Doing both the radiation and hormone therapy increased the side effects during this time, but I found ways to deal with all of them where I either eliminated the problem or significantly reduced them. If you can find a good exercise program I found it will help you a lot. I found one at the local cancer hospital where they worked with you on exercises that were specifically focused to strengthen and help you deal with the side effects. Good Luck.

      over 10 years ago
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      My PSA started to come back from zero, 2 years after my surgery which was in Jan 2003. I was told, "it happens". The recommend procedure at the time was radiation which I did for 8 1/2 weeks. It did not have much affect on me physically but the PSA went down to 2. Two years (2007) later it began to rise and I was put on a hormone therapy, Lupren. That worked well until 2010 when it started going up again. I went from one shot every 6 months to one shot every three months. Now I have been on Zytiga for about 3 months but the PSA is still rising. I go for a blood test tomorrow and will know the results early next week.

      about 10 years ago
    • n2jhawks' Avatar

      I am 54...had the robotic surgery in Nov and will start radiation soon as well....positive margins...PSA = .12 right now but they feel they have it isolated and a CT scan will allow them to be precise in the radiation....while Im young and healthy, I am choosing to attack it now and hope it didnt get anywhere else (closest lymphs were also removed)

      about 10 years ago
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      I have not chosen any local treatments because I did not want to damage the pelvic floor because of either surgery,(positive margins) or radia tion (co-lateral damage with surrounding tissue within the pelvic floor). My PSA has moved from 3.5 in 2005 up to 8.3, but I am assuming that my prostate cancer cells have been growing slowly. My gleason score was a "7" back in November 2011. There is a some very excellent information on the PCRI web site in California. They just had a major conference and all of the power points are yours for the asking. They have some good ideas and options for you. There are many suggestions, but the answers are all given in "percentages from all of the meta-information that was presented." It's a "rolling of the dice," but one study suggested better outcomes if the radiation is done right after surgery. However, one thing is for certain - the type of external-beam radiation chosen - whether photons(IMRT,3D-Conformal, where damage to tissue is minimal) . It all depends on what imaging is available at your hospital. (this is very important because this will, if done correctly - spare tissue damage. I assume you have done your research and know how well your oncologist has performed. They need to have done over 250 treatments or so. You might even try using ADT, or hormone blocade - this will get some of the cancer cell fuel - testosterone and the chemistry from working until you make a final decision. You could even wait for a while longer. (the ADT would at least get rid of the microscopic amounts of PSA.) There is some evidence that radiation supports your own immune system to function more effectively. Surgery, (since you have had it, & hormone therapy is recommended by some doctors.) You're going to have to experiment with some choice. (time is on your side) You could even take a regimen of either "proscar" or "avodart" - some literature says some men do well after local therapies. Ultimately, the choice is yours! Good luck. I have decided to choose "active surveillance" for the time being. I am curious - what were your gleason scores and psa readings prior to your decision to do "Robotic surgery?" Good luck!


      over 9 years ago

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