• I have just been diagnosed with stage II fallopian tube c. My question is about chemo treatments relating to it, like IV and IP chemo. Thx

    Asked by Vjp2012 on Monday, January 21, 2013

    I have just been diagnosed with stage II fallopian tube c. My question is about chemo treatments relating to it, like IV and IP chemo. Thx

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    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Ok, what is your question?

      over 5 years ago
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      I had stage II ovarian cancer and had the choice of having a chemo port that was placed in a vein in my chest or intraperitoneal (IP) port in my abdomen. If I had IP chemo I would have had to travel about 3-1/2 hours each way for each chemo treatment since it was not offered in the city where I lived. My doctor originally recommended IP chemo when he thought I was stage III since he thought it would provide a lower chance of reoccurrence since the chemo drugs are sprayed directly into the abdomen cavity where the cancer was located. But later when my diagnosis was changed to stage II he said it was not needed as much. I decided to do my chemo locally and have the chemo port put in my chest since I didn't want to travel so far for each chemo treatment. Also, I read that the side affects were worse with IP chemo. My chemo port was put in during out-patient surgery. During chemo treatments, the drugs were given to me via the port in a vein in my chest. I had 6 chemo treatments spaced 3 weeks apart with Carboplatin and Taxol. After my chemo treatments were over, I had a PET CT scan to see if there was any evidence of cancer. Since none was found, my doctor removed my chemo port in his office. So far, I have had no evidence of cancer since my cancer was surgically removed November 2010 and my chemo treatments ended on March 17, 2011.

      over 5 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      Hi there Vjp2012... I had almost the same surprise... I was going in for back surgery. All I say is Thank God they found it when they did. I had the surgery and then both I/V and I/P chemo infusions. I was told the I/P was painful. I never had a momments pain with it. My children said good cause they would have carried me kicking and screaming for the rest of the treatments.... I guess I gave them enough grief on health when they were growing up. Payback... You know. Anyway. I had six 28 day cycles of this treatment.

      Day one was I/V... I still see her putting the needle in and we were laughing about kitties. Day 2 was to my I/P port that the surgeion had placed in my abdomine on one of my lower ribs. They inserted the needle (Long) in through the scar from inserting the port. Done here you don't even feel the needle XXX. I was one of the first ... well at my clinic I was the first... to get this. They'd bring in one extra nurse at a time to instruct... It was actually fun to chat with them. I did this one laying on my back "for privacy". I think I slept after the first one when I was too up tight to sleep. THEN day 8 was another I/P infusion. Then count down to day 28... and the next day... Day 1 start over with the I/V.

      They gave me meds (steoids) - I never felt pain, or got sick. Once or twice at home felt a little nausia, but it left. I did have no taste or desire for food... a weird metal taste. I did require Neulasta shots 24 hours after my last infusion each cycle, as my white count was low.

      My mind prior to having chemo had me loosing all my extra weight... Oncologist said no... So I gained loss from have a 39 lb tumor removed, and then some.... AND here I am 7 years later dieting to take off the Christmas cookies and chocolate covered cherries my DIL makes.. To kill for!

      My thoughts were always.. there is more to see and do and I wanted to. I was 62.. you're 44. I in these past years have seen a daughter married, a grandson married, I've gained 3 more grandchildren (actually daughter married their father, but they're my grandchildren). AND I've held two very precious GREAT Grandchildren. Tom and I have danced at wedding (quite a deal, as my feet are numb) A side effect of Chemo, but well worth it. I've walked the beaches of Cape Cod... traced my ancesters back to 1635 arrival in Boston.... I get acrylic nails now as mine are rather soft... but my hands look like mine again.. When I get a muscle cramp now ad then, or my foot tries to make a fist.... I'll 'generally' simply thank God to be alive and feeling it. If you have any questions... I'm here as are many others!

      over 5 years ago
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      Hello there....I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer stage III in September of 2011. Big surprise as I had no symptoms except urgency to urinate and thought I had a bladder infection. Had ovaries uterus, fallopian tubes, gall bladder, appendix and omentum removed. Started chemo treatment through the vein in my arm and did not know about a port. My surgeon suggested I get one, so in January of 2012, I had a port put in the upper chest. Wish I had done it sooner because it is so much easier to deal with blood draws and chemo through the port. I still have the port even though I finished chemo in April of 2012. When I go back for blood draws they still use the port. After the first couple of chemo treatments, I was able to continue my regular routines and felt that the only time I knew I had cancer was on the days of my chemo treatments.

      over 5 years ago

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