• I have oral Cancer on the floor of my mouth. been thru chemo/radiation and now scheduled for surgery at Stanford cancer center on 12/19/12.

    Asked by musician8245 on Thursday, November 22, 2012

    I have oral Cancer on the floor of my mouth. been thru chemo/radiation and now scheduled for surgery at Stanford cancer center on 12/19/12.

    since the chemo/radiation therapies it seems to be advancing quickly. my tongue is swelling up and uncomfortable. I'm using Ibuprofen as my pain mgmt
    drug. It seems to work better and without the narcotic feeling. I'm also trying a procedure I read about online with Habaneros peppers, garlic on Ezekial bread with organic butter. Also, Emulsified Cod liver oil, Cellfood and strong doses of Vitamin C in crystallin powder. I'm trying to improve my condition for my upcoming surgery. Has anyone tried this or know anything about it?
    How about the Gerson Therapy? Getting desperate! Thank you

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    • nancyjac's Avatar

      The best advice I can give you is not to do anything of those things without first clearing them with your doctor. Some of them are detrimental or can negate your treatment, orthers are just scams.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Harry's Avatar

      First, about Gerson Therapy. Here is a page from the National Cancer Institute about Gerson Therapy: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/gerson/patient/page1 It sounds like quackery to me--unapproved, not supported by clinical trials, and potentially dangerous.

      Second, about your habaneros recipe. Interesting. Habaneros are supposed to get your endorphins going and I like a good hot sauce, but it strikes me a bit like hitting your head against a wall because it feels so good when you stop. :-) But, do whatever makes you feel better.

      Finally, talk to your doctor about your pain. I can certainly appreciate your preference for ibuprofen over stronger stuff, but this might be a time to compromise on this point. Also, look into complementary therapies--after consulting with your doctor. There are a lot of these. You do them WITH your standard treatment not INSTEAD. Complementary therapies that others report as successful include yoga, accupuncture, meditation, reiki, prayer (yes it is), etc.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Peroll's Avatar

      The swelling in your tounge may be due to the radiation impinging on the tounge. Yhis wouldbe normal, so your cancer may not be advancing like you think. As for the therapies you are trying, Nancy is correct you should talk to your doctors before trying any of them. When I started chemo the first time 8 years ago I asked my oncologist if I should be trying some smilar things to strengthen my immune system. His response was that cancer cells like to get healthy too and advised against trying things as they would likely be counter productive to the treatments. Bottom line is that we should all tell our doctors everything we are taking/eating and follow thier advice. Good luck and let us know how your surgery goes.

      almost 5 years ago
    • Cat's Avatar

      What I can say like the others, talk to your doctor about anything you are trying. I had to stop for now the herbs I was takeing becuz I was getting strange side effects with the chemo drug I was also takeing. Just to let u know, I also go to Standford, had two surgerys and drive 5hrs to see my oncologist , I LOVE Standford, I think they give how to be nice to people classes to everyone! Very smart doc,s up there. Good luck with your surgery

      almost 5 years ago
    • carm's Avatar

      Hello, my name is Carm and I am an oncology nurse and it has been a long time since I have had a patient with V.C., it used to be called the "Snuff Dippers Cancer" because most victims chewed snuff or tobacco. So this is a low grade type of cancer and it rarely metastasizes to other sites. The swelling is from the assault to the lymph nodes and can take months to return to normal, however spicy foods do not help. You need to ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy so that you can get lymphatic massage manually to help open the lymph drain and reduce the swelling. Once the situation is corrected with surgery, you will find that the threat of advancement will diminish, Best of luck to you, Carm.

      almost 5 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      I like your adventurous style. It is quite likely that the radiation, itself, is swelling your tongue. Are you sure ibuprofen is good? Perhaps you could ask your docs about lydocaine?

      I, too, have heard about the habanero cure. I've a gf with metasticized breast cancer and was talking about it with her. The question is how to get hot enough peppers down without burning the holy heck out of your insides. There is some medical evidence that strong doses of capsacian (SP? - the actual hot in the hot peppers) does blow up tumors but the question remains as to how to get it delivered properly. Because peppers can't be patented (unless they are GMO), don't look for a lot of research into this idea.

      I definitely believe in the power of proper nutrition. I try to get a lot of my vitamins and minerals from food. If you are able to eat (or drink) try fresh whole food (organic if possible). I like a whole Bell pepper as a snack. It is full of vitamins A & C. When I have one, I usually want another but they are quite pricey to buy and difficult to grow in my bug and bird ridden garden. Second to food is, of course, powders and potions. I like cellfood (if I am correct about what you are actually using) but I do not like the idea of fish oil. Fish oils are delivered through triglycerides and replete (I believe) with unwanted bacteria. Please consider checking into tablespoons of hemp seed and (soaked) chia seed as adjunct to your meals or blended into your drinks.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with the Gerson theory. Once sickness sets in, however, I question whether juices, themselves, are enough to reverse disease. Gerson also includes fruit juices which contain sugars to feed the cancers and are without the fiber to lessen the sugar rush to the cells.

      Consider, please, the power of sprouts (no, not alfalfa sprouts from the store - too much of a chance they have salmonella or are grown from GMO seed). Try a morning juice of 3 celery ribs, a whole cucumber, and a cup or two of pea or sunflower sprouts (it only takes a few days to grow your own or you can buy them at an organic market) and, if it tastes bland, an accent of ginger or mint. This is your kick start for the day.

      I was greatly helped by an oil and seed which were sent to me by a friend in Egypt. The Latin name is "nigella sativa" and it is a type of black cumin. Sloan Kettering doesn't like it because they fear it makes patients too strong for the chemotherapy to be effective.

      Is your neck and/or are your lymph noses swollen?

      I don't believe we "catch" sickness. I believe we "build" sickness through continuing to malnourish ourselves as we have been carefully taught to do. BTW, I am a raw foodie.

      I don't think the docs much care what you eat but they do like to be filled in on any powders and potions you might be ingesting. Breathe. Improve your condition in order to live.

      Best wishes for recovered good health. Blessings.

      almost 5 years ago
    • krbrowndog's Avatar

      Hi; First off I don't know anything about the adjunct therapy's but I did want to share with you my experience with the surgery you are about to undergo. It is a very difficult and complicated surgery. I had squamous cell cancer on the floor of my mouth and in order to remove it surgically they pulled all my bottom teeth, removed half my tongue, (replaced tongue part with a "free flap" from my forearm) also removed 72 lymph nodes from my neck. A skin graft covered the flap that was removed from my forearm (graft from my upper thigh) Installed was a nose feeding tube and a trache' so that I could breath. I don't mean to scare you, but when I went in to have this surgery they did not explain to me all that they would be doing, so when I woke up I was scared beyond any fear I have ever had. I hope you have a good support person to help you through the months of recovery you will have to live through.. I am doing good now, but I still can't have my teeth replace because the swelling is still causing me problems. If you have any questions of me, (pain relief etc please contact me, and good luck, hang in there, you can survive this, I did.

      almost 5 years ago

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