• i have stage IV rectal cance,r 0Mets ,1 lymph node involvement surgery extensive A & P, Total hyst.2 Tumors removed+ 1 lymp node, total 14 lymp nodes removed & perm colostomy rectum sewn shut. finished after recovery for surgery 2 rounds of chemo 2Drugs

    Asked by AngieJ on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    i have stage IV rectal cance,r 0Mets ,1 lymph node involvement surgery extensive A & P, Total hyst.2 Tumors removed+ 1 lymp node, total 14 lymp nodes removed & perm colostomy rectum sewn shut. finished after recovery for surgery 2 rounds of chemo 2Drugs

    3-30--1,2011 ate out at resteraunt came home immediately starting having Severe pain ,vomiting ,costipation ,diarrhea for hrs had hubby buy a fleets enema ,didnt help much 4 hrs later went to ER no pts coming or going in ER .STIll same symtoms after being in BR for 1/2 hrs we went home to hopefully ride it out , didnt get better so I drove myself to another ER admitted for N,V,Dehydration tx antibiotic iv fluids Ctcan = nl went home after 24hrs told it may be gastroenteritis , a wk later much better then off & on. went to my family Dr on April 27th dr. said " Oh it takes a while for Gastroentoritis to go away " I said "Itsbeenalmost a month & occasionally i am still having problems like the time i went to ER & was admitted" in the meantime i called my gastroenterologist office & spoke with an office med worker & left my symtoms for the Dr to see what can be done i was leaving on a VACation 4-8 to 4-19 no return call from dr. called again & spoke with dr told me to take 2 types of bran cereal every am & metamucil @ night tried the cereal worked ok . metamuciel i couldnt stomach. had a few occasions where i would have constipation & spend 1 hr or more going to BR ugh ! called gastro dr when returned back home from VACA called dr & went for appointment explained my symptoms he gave me Align pro-botic on July 1st . wasnt getting much better called him 7-13-2011 went to lab to give stool specimans that dr orderes went to office appt & he said the spec were nl . & then he examined me with a flex sigmoid scope & couldnt pass it through my rectal past 3-4 " told me i neddded to go directly to hosp. called my hubby to come to dr. office to tell him the bad news was in hospital total 28 days start to finish . I am a nurse but i wasnt working to advanced arthritis, bulging disc & several other ailments... it took a few test to find the exact problem the colonoscopy showed cancer tumor lemon sized, i had a colonoscopy/Egd with dilation 15-16 mnths prior & was good on the lower scope not even a polyp ,sm hemmoroid ,gastric reflux hiatal hernia I was totally SHOCKED anyway anyone go to out of state cancer tx center or any tx other than chemo/rad. ? thank you ,Angie

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      My story is very similiar to yours. My stomach was always bothering me and my PCP sent me for every test she could think of. She wanted me to have a colonoscopy as a last resort. I wasn't thrilled but when my stomach issues interupted my social life one night, I decided to bite the bullet. I had a rectal tumor as well but not as large as yours. The doctors didn't think it was cancer due to my age and medical history so they decided to remove the tumor and send for pathology. During the removal, the surgeon called the pathologist because the tumor just didn't feel right to him. Sure enough, it was cancer.

      Since then, I have had 6 weeks of chemo and radation. I just got home from the hospital from having a J-pouch and loop ileostomy. I am being treated as stage III with unknown lymph node involvement. I face 8 rounds of chemo starting at the end of January and then a take down of the ileostomy in June.

      Needless to say, I was shocked at my diagnosis as well. I am lucky that I live where there is an excellent cancer center. I opted to go to an office that is affiliated with the cancer center because I wanted to be a patient, not a number. I had to keep in mind the 28 radiation treatments and having to run to the hospital each day in my selection of where I got care. The treatment for colon/rectal cancer is pretty standard now with chemo/radiation and surgery. There is an oral form of chemo now that makes it a little easier to manage.

      Good luck in your journey and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

      almost 9 years ago
    • AngieJ's Avatar

      Carol ,thank you for the response .it is scary with the diagnosis & how my colonoscopy was nl just 16 mnths before the dx. I do wish now that someone would have examined me rectallywithin the time period mar 31st - July 14 .the only one that came close was the ER nurse obtain a stool specimen & she told meshed felt something ,which j was told 14 mnths prior I had a sm.hemorrhoid . Now that I am reflecting back if there was a sm tumor maybe it wouldn't be as advanced as a stage IV if any Dr would have done a digital rectal exam ? Wow if feel like put my faith in the hands of Medicine & I was gravely let down! Thanks for listening my husband & I are going to orientation Fri night @ Gildas Club support group ,hopefully I willgather more insight too .thNks again it means so much .anytime I am open forconversation also .Angie

      almost 9 years ago

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