• I just had a port put in this Wed. I start Chemo on Monday is the port healed enough for them to use it to give me my first treatment. It still feels sore to me.

    Asked by CJhouse on Sunday, January 8, 2012

    I just had a port put in this Wed. I start Chemo on Monday is the port healed enough for them to use it to give me my first treatment. It still feels sore to me.

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      My port was put in and used the same day, so your's is probably ok. You will be sore for a while. The port is fantastic compared to taking chemo by vein. My veins kept getting hard so they couldn't be used, finally they put a port in. It quit working and was taken out, and another put in. Well worth the pain. Good luck with your treatments!

      over 8 years ago
    • CJhouse's Avatar

      Oh Thank You drummerboy I was worried about the pain:) i am getting these blisters around where the tape was. I think from the tape. I see the Dr. who put it in again Weds. It's good to hear this is a good choice.
      Thanks agian!!

      over 8 years ago
    • susie81610's Avatar

      Hi CJ:
      Yes the port can be used right away although mine is in my arm I had lost too much weight to put in my chest it was the best thing I did. There is no way I could imagine having chemo without it also they can put other types of drugs in also so you don't need a shot or another I.V. It will be tender most of the time depends on how much chemo you have to have but not anything that should really bother you. Good luck to you on your first day of chemo it will be easier now.

      over 8 years ago
    • CJhouse's Avatar

      Thanks susie81618 it seems like this is happening so fast no time to breath inbetween lol . its nice to know this is the better way to do the treatments. This site is great! it helps getting the answers from people here. Thank You!

      over 8 years ago
    • Alya219's Avatar

      You will be sore for quite sometime! I know it took a good month for me to feel like it was totally healed and adjusted to. But I also had mine put in and used a few hours later the same day for treatment. So you should be fine. When they go to access it you will probably still be pretty tender, just remind them that you just had it put in and they will be as gentle as they can be!! :-)

      over 8 years ago
    • CarolLHRN's Avatar

      You will love the port. I know everything is happening fast. The same was for me but I am so happy I had the port. Even when I was in the hospital last month, the IV team was able to access the port so I didn't have to worry about having IV's while I was in the hospital.

      There is a cream/ointment the nurse can put on the port site prior to accessing it. It helps numb the area so it isn't so painful. You may want to ask your nurse for this.

      As far as the blisters, be careful. I have very sensitive skin and I got blisters from the clear dressing they use. I had chemo 24/7 so I never had a chance for my skin to breath and heal. The nurses actually had to rotate the dressing and trim it so that they didn't put the dressing over the blisters.

      over 8 years ago
    • susie81610's Avatar

      Hi Cj
      Hope your first treatment went well for you and is being nice to you. I'm sure the port worked well for you also? It may be tender around it tonight nothing some pain reliever couldn't take care of for you. Good luck to you.
      Susie :)

      over 8 years ago
    • po18guy's Avatar

      As to the pain associated with accessing your port for treatment, ask doctor for a prescription of lidocaine cream. At home, before heading to treatment, put a dab of the cream over the port, then apply a 3" square of Press-n-Seal over it. The Press-n-Seal clings to your skin and will hold the lidocaine against the skin. It will be numbed by the time you receive treatment.

      over 8 years ago
    • Elaine's Avatar

      I too had the port put in and used on the same day. I sort of felt like I got punches in the shoulder- nothing worse. A suggestion. there is this ointment that has lidocaine in it. If you put it on the port 60 minutes before your infusion you will not feel a thing. Though this is my 2nd infusion and I have nothing to compare to - I was happy to feel nothng when the port was used. You will have to get a prescription. The product is called Lidocaine and Prilocaine Cream 2.5%.

      By the way, my doc insisted that I not get the port wet for 7 days. That was a bit of a challenge. Hope this helps. Elaine

      over 8 years ago
    • glomoy's Avatar

      when i went through chemo is 1996 ( this my second time around), my port was put in the same day I had my first chemo treatment. Like everyone else has said you will be sore.

      over 8 years ago
    • Shellsmom's Avatar

      My daughter had her port put in on a monday morning..and had chemo the next day with no problem. The nurse gave her some numbing cream to put on a hour or so before the chemo time and it worked great.

      over 8 years ago
    • abrub's Avatar

      The numbing cream is Emla, and you want to gob it on, not just put on a little. Cover with plastic wrap. Use at least an hour before.

      I'm also sensitive to the tapes, and had lots of problems with the tapes and tegaderms that were used.

      Because of problems, my port was put in twice in 24 hours (replaced). The first time, they used glue, and I was told I could get it wet immediately. However, when they had to remove that port and replace it within 24 hours, they had to use stitches and steri-tapes. Then I had to keep it dry for several days - I don't remember if it was a week or just 4 days.

      The glue is wonderful - they used that for my hernia repair, on a 6 inch incision from my navel to my pubic bone, and I was able to shower right away. The problem with the port was after removing and cutting through the glue, they had to use something else. Hence the steristrips, and no water.

      My port was supposed to be used the next day, but with my complications, we postponed my first chemo from the Thursday to the Monday.

      The port is wonderful - saves you from lots of IV sticks, and the Emla cream is miraculous. I also used it when I was getting chemo directly into my belly - it numbed me so that I couldn't feel that needle either.

      Good luck!

      over 8 years ago
    • JustJack's Avatar

      I started chemo the day after my port was put in. No problem. The soreness I feel from my port has to do with the incision used to install it, not from the use of the port.

      over 8 years ago
    • Littlehouse's Avatar

      I don't have an answer but was wondering about the port as well. I had a port put in on Dec 29 and had chemo the next day but the needle had been left in the day before so I have not actually been hooked up for IV for next treatment. I will be 3 weeks in with the port in place. It still fills tender to touch. How will it feel ? Not sure how they hook up? No hole in skin I see? Is it just a needle that enters the port?? Little unclear on this. I go back Jan 24 for next treatment.

      over 8 years ago
    • survivorb2's Avatar

      to Littlehouse.....It will be tender for awhile. I think the most tender part is the vein it is set through your neck. I feel like if I pull my head a certain way or lay a certain way it really strains it.
      Yes they just take a needle poke the port and hopefully they can get blood drawn through it (sometimes you have to stand/sit in different positions to get that working). Put the cream on b4 u go it helps with the minute of pain when they access..
      Good Luck, it does get better!!!

      over 8 years ago
    • sweetcfo's Avatar

      Hi CJ. I too had a port put in and used within hours after they installed it. The ointment works wonders. The port was used again only a few days later and with the cream, it worked well on the subsequent days. Mine is still painful after only 1 week but not unbearably so. I had on IP port installed and the dr. put it on my rib and that took about 5 weeks to feel better. Hope your treatment went well.

      over 8 years ago
    • WoodstockWoman's Avatar

      I had a port first (which I HATED) and it was used right away. Then I had a PICC line and then had a Hickman which I LOVED! Then I had a pheresis catheter. I think the Hickman was the greatest....they could draw blood out of one line and give chemo in the other with no sticks!

      almost 8 years ago
    • krystajackie's Avatar

      My mother in law is having a port put in on Monday afternoon, can she start chemo/radiation on wed of that week

      about 7 years ago
    • DaveWaz's Avatar

      I hope your overall port experience turned out to be a positive one.

      For those of you still seeking information or advice on getting a port for chemo, I have two articles you might want to look at.

      Beginner's Guide - "What is a chemo port?"

      Blog Article - "To port or not to port?"

      I hope you find this information useful! As always thank you for your input.

      about 7 years ago

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