• I just watched a news piece about a grade school girl that was dismissed from her school for "violating the absentee rules of the school"

    Asked by GregP_WN on Sunday, April 26, 2015

    I just watched a news piece about a grade school girl that was dismissed from her school for "violating the absentee rules of the school"

    She missed too many days of school so was kicked out of the school. What's different about this one? She has been fighting CANCER!!! Has common sense completely left the building? The report did say that she was able to get the school to reconsider, and they have let her back in. I just don't get it, an this coming from what is supposed to be a group of "educators".

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    • cllinda's Avatar

      That story broke my heart. Cancer is serious and she needs time to recover. Sometimes, I just don't understand how people can do things like this. And this is from administrators who should know what it's like to be seriously ill from cancer and it's treatments.

      about 7 years ago
    • Ejourneys' Avatar

      Heartbreaking and infuriating.

      about 7 years ago
    • IronMom45's Avatar

      Between this story, the airplane stories and for most of on this site the job related stories no one in government and powers at be are taking cancer like the pandemic it is today. However couple cases of Ebola the USA goes into a panic. Does this make sense?

      about 7 years ago
    • Maycupcake's Avatar

      I find it unbelievable that a lot of people treat cancer as if it was a cold or something, I've had experiences with people expecting a lot from me because "I don´t look that sick".

      I believe a portion of society is lost when it comes to the most important thing: the life of others.

      about 7 years ago
    • NNN's Avatar

      Usually, schools call the parents if the kid didn't show up, sounds weird.

      about 7 years ago
    • cllinda's Avatar

      You would think the school would understand. It's not like she was cutting school and going to the Mall. She was sick from chemo, and other things.

      about 7 years ago
    • TXHills' Avatar

      The school should have worked with the family and put her on a home-school plan during her treatments. Probably a big communication problem. Misunderstandings on both sides, maybe.

      about 7 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      Common sense isn't part of many decision-makers these days. Crazy. So glad they reconsidered.

      about 7 years ago
    • Janetspringer's Avatar

      In Texas school districts, she would have access to a homebound teacher. Also, many children's hospitals have teachers that work with the child's school to teach the curriculum. The school had a responsibility to inform the family of these options so the child could stay on track while going through treatment.

      about 7 years ago
    • Clyde's Avatar

      The parents were probably in a panic over the diagnoses and treatment and saw no need to inform the school. The school should have been following up on the absenses and talked through things with the parents. Lots of people not talking to each other.

      about 7 years ago
    • msesq's Avatar

      Poor child. She would have been given a tutor to help her keep up with school work (if she was able) in my state and most certainly not expelled for being sick!

      about 7 years ago
    • cam32505's Avatar

      I had a similar problem when my son was in third grade. He missed 2.5 weeks at the beginning of the school year for pneumonia. Then, he was scheduled to have his tonsils out and got the flu the day before, so they told me to keep him home for a week and rescheduled the tonsil surgery for a week later. Well, that led to 3.5 weeks more off school, all during the third grade. So, I asked his teacher about summer school, just assuming. He said he could only grade whatever was turned in and there was nothing about missing too much school. So, my son passed the third grade, while missing 6 weeks of school. We did get the work and try to do it, but that is hard when you're sick and missed the lecture. But, most schools do have requirments by the middle school level. This is more meant for the skippers and parents who think it's ok to take their kids on spring break when they can get time off work.

      about 7 years ago
    • amontoya's Avatar

      The part about this article is it is a "Christian" school! Where is their compassion? Didn't Jesus protect the poor and sick? What a disgrace.

      about 7 years ago
    • Nonnie917's Avatar

      I didn't see the program you are talking about, but the schools have a responsibility to see that any child who has a disability gets an education whether through their school or some other form of educational help. My sister has a son who is partially disabled because he has part of his brain damaged and they think it was from shaken baby syndrome. He was adopted as an infant at about 2 mos. old. I knew the mother and her living conditions so I was not surprised by the diagnoses when my sister called to talk to me about what the doctors discovered. They needed more information so they could treat him. Not only were they not working with him about his problems with certain subjects, he was being bullied and one kid hit him so my nephew hit him back. The school punished my nephew and nothing happened to the kids that started the fight. In the meantime, while all this was going on my sister found a school that could work with my nephew and his disability, but the school district would not pay for it. Apparently they have to pay for a disabled child who is not getting the proper help and education that a child needs within their school district and curriculum My sister got a lawyer through legal services, I worked for them at the time, and this lawyer was successful in getting the school district to pay for my nephews education and transportation to that school. So check with your states local legal services, if you have one, and get your child an attorney to represent him against the school district for not providing the education he is entitled to. Good luck.

      about 7 years ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      State passed law that after 3 days absence the parents could be prosecuted. Bad flu. I was contacted. I wrote them a letter, and demanded that they provide the name of a doctor that could cure flu and strep in 24 hours, or leave us alone, It helped that I went to the AF, and they wrote a letter that my kids were under medical care, and a colonel signed it.

      Through the years of warfare, my son missed 4 months of high school because he had mouse fever. They expected him to go to school. I contacted the NM State Nurse about this, and she came down on the school so hard, as did the Ft. Bliss pediatric dept. He passed too, with "A"s. He went to school. He went into the science class. They had a python that needed lots of live mice. To stay in the budget, the science teacher had the kids use live traps to catch barn mice and bring them to school. They opened the cage to shake them into the snake's house. One mouse was pretty smart, and jumped out on the floor. The only hiding place was inside my son's pant leg. It was running up my son's leg, and he tried to grab it. It bit my son all over the place. My son held onto the mouse, while the girls undressed my son-pulled his pants down. The boys pulled my son's boots off, while a big ranch kid got a fire axe. They boys grabbed the mouse lump inside my son's pants, and they pulled his pants off. The rancher's kid chopped up the mouse and my son's pants. A girl put a coat on him, and the whole class took him to the school nurse. They made sure that he didn't loose his Tony Lamas, his belt and buckle, or his stetson.

      I picked him and the coat up. He seemed OK. The nurse put bandaids on it, called the NM department of education, which called the NM State Nurse for infectious diseases.Then the phone is ringing off of the hook with the State Nurse, Ft. Bliss-happy doctors to treat a real disease-but call them before I came in with him, so nobody would be there. They always met us with a wheelchair and covered him up, the principal apologizing, and the science teacher who was a family friend and scared of being sued, etc. I kept taking him in to Ft. Bliss. On the next to last day of incubation, he came down with Mouse Fever. We carried him out to the truck and took him to Ft. Bliss. They asked if I could care for him at home, so they wouldn't have to close down the clinic. They said that since I took care of sick horses that I could care for him.

      Then the school contacted me that he missed too much school-child welfare would be out, etc. They sent a tutor, who saw him on the couch and fled. I reminded the principal that I could end up owning the school and his house if they bothered me any more. Nobody irritated me- and gave him an A. When he got well, they let him hang out in the ag building sitting on a bale of hay. I'm not kidding. This state did an individualized English vocab, spelling, and comprehension test on each high school student every 3 years. Each student has a numerical rating. My daughter was number 2 in the state and my son was number 3. That meant the school got more money. My son still sat out in the Ag on a bale of hay-

      What's dumb? I had some students that had to get younger siblings to school-single working moms. If they were late, at the first class, they were marked absent for all day-each and every class. They'd come in with coffee and doughnuts for me sometimes--I couldn't see kids failing because they had to get an 8 year old sibling on the bus. We had 2 hour blocks for classes. I was interrogated about this by administration. My reply was, "Aren't we supposed to educate the students and encourage them to attend classes?" They didn't have an answer for that type of logic. I taught school. I had many colleagues that I admired. I even met 2 principals that I liked, but school= idiots much of the time. At least Mr. Bonney wasn't fired.

      about 7 years ago

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