• I was having a conversation with a lady and her mother today and the mom was telling me about her brother.

    Asked by GregP_WN on Saturday, September 21, 2019

    I was having a conversation with a lady and her mother today and the mom was telling me about her brother.

    He was diagnosed with colon cancer at a late stage then it recently progressed to stage IV. He was also in the middle of a divorce at the same time. She was telling me that he just hit a wall and had all that he could take and tried to commit suicide. He was unsuccessful. I know we have talked about it a little here and we had at least one blog article about it.

    Have you known anyone that was a cancer patient that either attempted or succeeded with suicide?

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    • Bengal's Avatar

      Yes. This fellow's wife had been taken by cancer. She suffered horribly before she finally lost the fight. When he was diagnosed a few years later he shot himself.

      9 months ago
    • carm's Avatar

      Yes... More than one.

      9 months ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      yes, but it's getting more difficult. Here the old Spanish and Native Americans used to walk out to die in the mountains or desert, but now family members are prosecuted for neglect if that happens. They have to call police at the end of day. Then with all of the cameras authorities can see one driving grandpa to the mountains-old family homestead.

      Then not being able to get anything that would give you a quiet and peaceful passing. Use veternarian medicine- and the state goes after the vet-because the vet should have known that one is suicidal.

      One has to have lots of money to go to Oregon--live there for so long, have doctors certify you, etc. What stinks is tha6t a woman can be kidnapped, raped, murdered-- and the police say-- Oh your girl is at her friends house you know how kids can be-- adults have a free will and take off--some jurisdictions it takes even months before someone will start looking-----But a cancer patient- OMG they might want to commit suicide.

      9 months ago
    • beachbum5817's Avatar

      I don't know anyone that committed suicide due to cancer, but I know that my husband planned to do it. What turned out to be 6 weeks prior to his passing, he went out an bought a gun. He gave me some ridiculous reason as to why he purchased it, but I knew the real reason. He has always said that if he ever had something wrong with him that couldn't be fixed, he would kill himself or he expected me to do. When he was first diagnosed, I asked him if he planned to do it. He said he didn't think he had the guts to do it, and since I had come through my cancer treatments, he wanted to fight. I guess the constant pain he was in was giving him the confidence to do it. I am so glad that it never came to that.

      8 months ago
    • meyati's Avatar

      I do know people that committed suicide after cancer came back. Nancy was a friend of almost 30 years. Another, who had the Navy Cross, an in-law, also committed suicide. People that know NM and the cultures are surprised that I didn't commit suicide or will myself to die. For some reason-western NM has the ability to figure out how to die in 6 months, a year. It's not unusual for a person to start smoking and drinking after a bad cancer diagnosis- not eating as a form of suicide, so the authorities don't bother your family.

      I refused to cut my face off and be in an intensive care bed for about a year-with an exposed brain. The doctors came down on my family about that. My family stood at my side about that- and they knew that I'd say good-bye cruel world when I couldn't stand it anymore. We took one day at a time. I explained that if somehow my brain was left exposed like that, for a year, I'd will myself to die. part of this is that nobody would give me anytype of pain killer after the surgery--A strip of flesh cut out from inside my nose on down through my upper lip removed, the side of my nose chopped off, bones cut out of the septum and sinus cavity. I sat in a recliner-while I and my family cried. My family was insulted by doctors calling us druggies. My family cut popsicles into slivers and placed them in my mouth because my mouth was swelled almost shut-

      8 months ago

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