• Im confused again

    Asked by little_fut on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Im confused again

    Today i am feeling strange, happy to say i have (so far) none of the side effects as from my previous infusions, but i am extremely dehydrated, lackadaisical, tired, unable to taste or want to eat. I also noticed i am really not myself. I keep having mood swings..(for lack of better term). I'm unable to follow my own thoughts, kinda out of it.
    Im guessing this too shall pass and maybe i got lucky and can avoid blisters and the dreaded "D" I had as side effects in the past???? I hope so. Well, i really didn't mean to bother anyone with my complaints. I guess im venting but im not sure. Whats happening to me? Thanx for listening.

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    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      Chemo affects each of us differently. You may feel "different" throughout your cycles. If you are depressed at any time during treatment (it happens sometimes), why not talk to your onc about it? You can take meds to avoid depression. If you are concerned about the way you feel NOW, why not call your onc? Good luck. Many, many of us have been through what you are going through now.

      about 5 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Sounds like you need to drink more. Chemo needs to be flushed out of your system, in addition the hotter it gets the more liquids you need to consume. I know i feel tired, lackadaisical, etc when I haven't drank or eaten enough. It's totally amazing what a healthy light snack and some water/tea (hot or iced), and/or seltzer, can make you feel.

      about 5 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      sounds like Chemo brain... food didn't taste good and I didn't have much of an appetite during chemo.....lost weight....ate things that appealed to me which wasn't much....couldn't stand smells (they still bother me 7 years later)....drinking water was hard for me, so onc had me come in for IV hydration after each chemo....
      Hope you feel better soon....and vent all you want...thats what we are here for....

      about 5 years ago
    • Nomadicme's Avatar

      Hydration is a big deal during chemo, as you want to help your body flush it out (it's good for your kidneys). Hydration also helps with moods. Try drinking an electrolyte enhanced water (eg Smartwater), if you don't need the electrolytes it won't hirt you, bit if you do need them it will help.

      I made ginger tea for stomach issues. Boil water, throw in some cut up ginger (don't overdo it as it can betoo strong).

      The feeling of malaise increases as treatments do. However, the more time goes by the closer you are to being done :)

      You will have good days and bad days. Try to sleep through the bad.

      about 5 years ago
    • mcowett's Avatar

      I drank high ph water. it helped.

      about 5 years ago
    • Msreje's Avatar

      Dear little_fut, we are always here to listen and try to share our own experiences. I did not have any dehydration problem as during my chemo I drank so so much. I mean like 4-5 liters of water a day to flush the chemicals out of me. I did experience what they call "chemo brain" I felt out of it, like encapsulated, my thoughts were "fuzzy", messy. My chemo sessions were every three weeks and once I was starting to feel like myself .... another treatment was scheduled. Be patient, it shall pass. Did you share how you feel with your oncologist or the nurses where you receive treatment? My personal experience is that the nurses are the BEST!!!! They have seen it all. I was once told by them that if we do not tell them how we feel they can not help us feel better. I hope this phase will pass soon and you will soon feel like yourself. All the best. Marisa

      about 5 years ago
    • DianaL's Avatar

      Are you drinking lots of water the day before, the day of and a couple of days after chemo. I found that this made a lot of difference in the way I felt. The notebook that my oncologist gave me stressed this! Every treatment is different, nothing is really wrong with you it is your treatment and each day will get better until you have the next one. Good luck and lots of hugs!

      about 5 years ago
    • jad's Avatar

      Even though I finished chemo 4 months ago, I am still drinking a lot of water. In fact, I have a white board on my fridge, and keep a tally. I have no idea how long I will keep this up, but I think it's a good (if odd) habit. One thing I noticed --- my skin seems to be better. I've been lucky to have "good skin" for my age all along - but I have to say it really looks good now. No botox, No heavy duty cosmetics (only a light moisturizer). You should all see how gorgeous I am for my age :) Only don't look at my hair.

      about 5 years ago
    • Nonnie917's Avatar

      Hey, don't be sorry for venting. That is what we are here for. We are people who care and will listen when others or your friends and family won't. You should start drinking lots of water or your kidneys could shut down like mine did. Put lots of ice in it so it's nice and cold and refreshing. You don't want your kidneys shutting down and from the symptoms you are describing it sounds like that are. That is the way I felt and ended up in the ER where they diagnosed me with acute kidney failure. Don't take any chances. Get to the ER and get tested for that because the medication you are taking I probably the cause and they need to get you off of it. I was taken off my metformin for my diabetes because it causes kidney problems and a few other meds besides. So please go see the doctor before anything happens. The confusion and all that is part of those symptoms and if a person didn't know any better they would think you are having a stroke. My speech was even slurred like I was drugged out or drunk. Please go see a doctor or go to the ER and tell the you need to have your kidneys tested becaue a friend told you to. I would feel better if you did.

      about 5 years ago
    • CAL's Avatar

      Please never feel bad about venting. I had a great support system of family and friends, but I often needed to not burden them with every detail of my complaints so this site was great for me to ask and vent. Chemo for me was the most confusing time where I couldn't sort through what were side effects versus just being sick versus being depressed or even just my normal behavior in the winter. I use to laugh that when I read all the possible side effects of the chemo and the meds given during chemo, they all had diarrhea or constipation--like I got to choose which one I wanted that go round. :) It does pass but hearing us all say it doesn't make it easier when it's you going through it. I am almost 5 months post chemo and even with my nutritional supplements and accupunture that really have helped me overcome the side effects of the chemo, I still am healing in terms of the peripheral neuropathy and the chemo brain. I still have more days than I use to (pre chemo) where I need to take a nap or just can't sustain my thinking powers as well as before, but it is getting better and better each day and in the grand scheme of life, it is not that bad. I tried to walk every day during chemo but it got harder and harder so it has been great to be doing that again since the end of January. (the warmer weather with sunshine helps a lot as well). Be kind to yourself and do try to keep your water intake up and concentrate on eating/drinking the healthy things that will help your body heal. My personal experience was that nothing tasted good for about 3 months during and post chemo so I made the "healthy" foods on my vegetarian (no dairy, no meat) prescribed diet and ate it. It really helped to keep my blood counts up.

      about 5 years ago
    • barbaraanne's Avatar

      Sorry you are feeling this way. I do think hydration is a very important part of it. I'm one of those people who is always thirsty, so I drink a lot of water..I found when I had extreme thirst, I drank a vitamin water zero or Sobe water (both w/o calories and added sugar, put packed w/vitamins. It really helped me. It probably helped w/the "chemo brain" although i catch myself often typing the wrong letters, or sometimes a little forgetful when I go grocery shopping. But it to shall pass...Be well stay hydrated, and if you can eat some nice juicy fruit, what ever appeals to you..Be well:)

      about 5 years ago
    • debco148's Avatar

      I think it is healthy that you can express these things so well. We've all felt this way, but you say it so easily. Go get some fruity Sobe waters with flavors that are more refreshing, zero calorie, Also, I found the pineapple, and tangerine flavored Edy's fruit pops were refreshing and helped that yuck taste in your mouth. Also, oranges and watermelon seemed to be my main staples during this time. The taste worked and they helped me with hydration and even with constipation. But, you will be fuzzy for a bit, then once it's over too from time to time. So try to play soduku, solitaire, freecell, bubblebreaker those types of computer games that make you think logically or quickly. They will keep your mind a bit more agile. Also, it will allow you to rest while doing it. When you feel up to it get some exercise too, I found Zumba the best cure. It made me get my mind and body to coordinate. I just toned it down during chemo and rads and didn't do many things that involved twirling or turning around.. found I got dizzy. Keep on keepin on, little fut, you are a warrior!

      about 5 years ago
    • MillieS's Avatar

      Vent all you want,sister. You are one of us and we understand you pain. A little chemo brain and hormone swings going on there. This is a lot what menopause was like . But seriously , hang in there . This will pass too and you are closer to being FINISHED. Hang on to that thought. Hugs

      about 5 years ago
    • Bug's Avatar

      I can't address the symptoms but I can say vent all you want. We're here. Hang in there, little_fut.

      about 5 years ago
    • Gabba's Avatar

      What are we here for if not to listen and support? You can always unburden to us. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling a little more like yourself...sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

      about 5 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      A lot of good advice here already. I just want to say you are not "bothering" us. If we didn't want to read your question and reply we wouldn't be doing so. Hang in there.

      about 5 years ago
    • Mel's Avatar

      That's why we are all here let it out!!. :-)
      I found sometimes i can't explain then or now my emotions/ mood swings etc... sounds like chemo brain, and dehydration... Rehydrate, redhydrate!!... :)

      about 5 years ago

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