• In light of two mass shootings in one day, have you considered how lucky we are to survive cancer?

    Asked by WNMyeloma on Sunday, August 4, 2019

    In light of two mass shootings in one day, have you considered how lucky we are to survive cancer?

    These events remind us that we could be gone in the blink of an eye. Car accident, heart attack, falling off a bluff, mass shooting, or just succumbing to cancer. We are all lucky and hopefully thankful to still be here and able to enjoy our lives. Think about it and be grateful today.

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    • andreacha's Avatar

      I feel far more than grateful to be here after almost 13 years and watching the atrocities shown on television, with almost all of the victims killed or injured far younger than my 75 years. A large number of us can remember back to the days that we took our children or grandchildren shopping for new school clothes and supplies just prior to the start of the new school year. It was usually a very happy time of year for the kids. We never had thoughts of these horrendous actions in those days. I can't say how much of a difference it would make or not -- but I just heard the manager of the Walmart, knowing it would be a phenomenal business day, had no guard on duty when the shooting occurred. The shooter had a captive group of victims lined up one after the other in the checkout lanes where the news says the shooting started. He's being charged with capital murder which is appropriate but knowing how many people he killed or injured, he can only be put to death once. As grateful as I am, I have lived a full life and would gladly have had it be me that died in place of one of those innocents.

      10 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I lost my 43 year old son and 2 months later my best friend to heart attacks. Neither had a single clue they were taking their last breaths before they did. I learned that having cancer is not the worst thing that can happen to a person, by far.

      I was already a person who was thankful for every day, but their heart attacks definitely drove the point home that none of us have a clue when we will draw our last breath. So, it is to our advantage to live as if today might be our last day on earth.

      10 months ago
    • po18guy's Avatar

      It seems that society is becoming a cancer!

      Now, as to gratitude, 103 Americans (infants, toddlers, elementary age, teens, adults) die each day in the US...

      ...from traffic collisions. No warning. No goodbyes. No time to mend relationships. Just.... lights out. 37,000+ each year. We somehow find that acceptable. It gives me pause to wonder.

      10 months ago
    • CancerChicky's Avatar

      I have moments where I will be doing something and all of a sudden think to myself that I could not be here to enjoy it. I might be playing with my nieces and nephews and get a flash that I could be dead and not have the chance to enjoy them. I seem to have these flashes a few times a week. So yes, I'm grateful to be here and I do realize that I could be gone from this cancer, or a car wreck, or shot, or something else. For me the bottom line is that dead is dead, it doesn't matter what takes me I'm still gone. So I am grateful to be here!

      10 months ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      Every mass shooting rips me apart. Twenty-seven years ago my daughter missed being in a school shooting by minutes. She was attending a meeting at another school in the area. Her group left the meeting minutes before the shooter started shooting. The meeting took place in the very room where the shooter took hostages and killed and tortured them. Some of my friends had children in the school. I was friends with one of the teachers who was a hostage. The valedictorian, a young man with a scholarship to the Air Force Academy was shot in the back and has remained paralyzed from the waist to this day. A month or so before this event a friend of mine had killed in a mass shooting the library where he worked.
      I have survived 9 past the day, I was told I would die of cancer. I have been here on WhatNext for 6 years people that I followed have died. Yet I survived. I often question "Why I survived" All I can do is live the best life I can. And be kind to everyone I meet including disagreeable people that I must deal with

      10 months ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I often have moments where I think to myself that I could be missing this. I call those "survivor moments". I mean that if I wasn't a survivor I wouldn't be taking part in this party for our niece. I wouldn't be able to walk along the creek with my sweetie, I wouldn't be able to be playing music with some friends enjoying the night, etc. so yes, I do feel lucky to have survived 3 diagnoses and one stroke, and several stupid decisions over the years.

      10 months ago

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