• Is us getting sick part of God's plan? I think NOT!

    Asked by HearMeRoar on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Is us getting sick part of God's plan? I think NOT!

    I'm curious about your thoughts. This is a blog post I did recently on "God not giving us more that we can handle".... http://lykehearmeroardude.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/on-beliefs/

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    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      I like your blog piece. I follow a different path than you, but there are a lot of universals. And while the divine might be infallible, we are aren't, even at the microscopic level. The divine isn't there to fix it, like our fairy godmother (although wouldn't that be nice...), but rather to guide us, to encourage us, to hold our hand when we doubt.

      over 4 years ago
    • MMarie's Avatar

      My therapist and I had the conversation about the myth of "God not giving us more than we can handle" last week. I don't believe life is a point system. I do believe we are given more than we can handle. That's why we have others and support systems in place such as this group.

      I've had a good share of icky things. Buried 5 family member in 36 months with all of them being tragic deaths and two of them being my parents battling long horrible illnesses. One being a niece age 13 getting killed. While dealing with the grief in therapy, repressed memories after 32 years surfaced revealing 19 rapes from my teenage years. Since the rapes were by clergy, it really messes with your belief system. I have been treated by using EMDR which has probably saved my life.

      Last summer, my therapist and I were transitioning to end our long and intense time together when I was diagnosed with Cancer. Seven surgeries and 8 cycles of chemo was the next reality. To top it off, I have no family, live alone and am the only employee at a local law firm. The owner is battling CNS lymphoma, and is undergoing very aggressive treatments which puts him in the hospital because they are so risky.

      I have been given more than I alone can handle. If God only gave me what I could handle, I wouldn't need Him, I'd stay in my comfort zone or probably rolled up in a ball and never learn and grow. I wouldn't need others to help me and I wouldn't need to help others. If he's going to use me, he's going to give me more than I can handle. If his big plans relied on humans, he’d never get anything done. Just sayin'...... We need help.

      over 4 years ago
    • Ydnar2xer's Avatar

      OK, I'm an Atheist, so I have ANOTHER point of view. One acquaintance asked my husband "What did she do to get cancer?", implying that God was displeased with something I did. It's lucky my husband didn't tell me this when I was around that man----he would have heard me up one side and down the other!

      NOBODY "deserves" cancer! NOBODY should have to have "the strength to handle it"! There are things in life that we can't control, and getting cancer is one of the worst. I don't see any connection between God and cancer, personally.

      over 4 years ago
    • GypsyJule's Avatar

      I like your blog, and I agree with your sentiment. Sometimes I just think, "It is what it is." My faith helps me through things, but I don't believe that God deals out bad things like a poker player dealing cards.

      over 4 years ago
    • gwendolyn's Avatar

      Jeez, what was it your coworker thought God was trying to tell you?

      I've had lots of people wonder out loud why I got cancer. I can't answer that question. My doctors can't answer that question. Some people can't live with unanswered questions and they turn to faith and other things to provide an answer. I know I will never get the answer and I'm OK with that. A lot of things aren't fair.

      over 4 years ago
    • Janine44's Avatar

      thank you Ive heard that saying and never liked it I have strong Faith and believe God helps Us make it through but tests are for school not life

      over 4 years ago
    • JennyMiller's Avatar

      At a Retreat some years ago, I was told that I was God's child and that I was precious in His eyes. I believe that -- therefore, what Father would deal out suffering to his precious child.
      I do not know the source of the pain and suffering in this world but I know that the Good Lord has been there to strengthen, comfort and guide me through the storms. My faith gives me hope and sustains my positive attitude. The mystery of it all is beyond my human comprehension -- I just try very hard to put it in His hands and move forward.

      over 4 years ago
    • PaulineJ's Avatar

      The biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God states that God is almighty over all. He is in complete control of all things—past, present and future—and nothing happens that is out of His jurisdiction. Either He directly causes—or He passively allows—everything that happens. But allowing something to happen and causing something to happen are two different things. For example, God caused the creation of the perfect, sinless Adam and Eve; then He allowed them to rebel against Him. He did not cause them to sin, and He certainly could have stopped them, but He chose not to for His own purposes and to bring about His perfect plan. That rebellion brought about all manner of evil, evil that was not caused by God but which was allowed by Him to exist.

      Sickness is one manifestation of the two broad types of evil—moral and natural. Moral evil is man's inhumanity to man. Natural evil is composed of things like natural disasters and physical sickness. Evil itself is a perversion or corruption of something that was originally good, but is now missing something. In the case of sickness, illness is a state where good health is missing. The Greek word for evil, ponerous, actually implies a malignancy, something that is corrupting a good and healthy state of being.

      When Adam sinned, he condemned all of humanity to suffer the consequences of that sin, one of which is sickness. Romans 8:20-22 says, “For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.” God—the “one who subjected” the creation to frustration following the Fall—has a plan to eventually liberate creation from its bondage to sin, just as He liberates us from that bondage through Christ.

      Until that day, God uses sickness and other evils to bring about His sovereign purpose, to glorify Himself, and to exalt His holy name. At times, He miraculously heals sickness. Jesus went through Israel healing all manner of sickness and disease (Matthew 4:23) and even raised Lazurus from the dead after illness killed him. At other times, God uses sickness as a method of discipline or as a judgment against sin. King Uzziah in the Old Testament was struck with leprosy (2 Chronicles 26:19-20). Nebuchadnezzar was driven to madness by God until he came to understand that “the Most High rules in the affairs of men” (Daniel 4). Herod was struck down and eaten by worms because he took God’s glory upon himself (Acts 12:21-23). There is even at least one case where God allowed disease—blindness—not as punishment for sin, but to reveal Himself and His mighty works through that blindness (John 9:1-3).

      When illness does come, it may not be the result of God’s direct intervention in our lives, but is rather the result of the fallen world, fallen bodies, and poor health and lifestyle choices. And although there are scriptural indicators that God wants us to be in good health, (3 John 2), all sickness and disease are allowed by Him for His purposes, whether we understand them or not.

      Sickness is certainly the result of the fall of man into sin, but God is very much in control, and He does indeed determine how far evil can go (just as He did with Satan and Job's trials—Satan was not allowed to exceed those boundaries). He tells us He is all-powerful over fifty times in the Bible, and it is amazing to see how His sovereignty unites with the choices we make (both bad and good) to work out His perfect plan (Romans 8:28).

      For those who are believers and suffering with sickness, illness, and/or disease in this life, the knowledge that they can glorify God through their suffering tempers the uncertainty as to why He has allowed it, something they may not truly understand until they stand in His presence in eternity. At that time, all questions will be answered, or perhaps more accurately, we will no longer care about the questions themselves.

      trust in the fact that God loves you and He is not playing games with your life. He proved His love for you once and for all time by coming to this earth to take your punishment and judgment on the cross (John 3:16; Rom. 8:31-32). If He loved you enough to willingly suffer and die in your place, how could you ever think that He would take pleasure in your suffering? Therefore, rest in the fact that God loves you. Trust in God’s character, wisdom, and power. He cares about you! Trust that He is smarter than you are and that He will somehow use this suffering for good.

      over 4 years ago
    • princess123's Avatar

      I think my having cancer has brought a lot of people closer together and allowed me to know how many friends I have. I don't know that this is the reason but I do know this is the result.

      over 4 years ago
    • savingrace's Avatar

      I like your blog, very interesting thought. There are many unanswered questions about life and why things happen like they do. None of us want to suffer, have pain, go through trials or tribulations but as we know, that's life and those who believe in God knows that these things will happen at some point. When the word says "He will put no more on us than we can bear", we may be hurting, frustrated, angry, so forth and so on but, we are all Living witnesses that is true. At any given moment before cancer or any other disease entered into our bodies and someone asked "what would you do if you came down with cancer", most of the time the first response would be, " I couldn't handle that." My mom and I were very close and I would often say "if something happened to my mom, I couldn't make it". Suddenly, within a matter of hours of becoming sick, she was gone. That was 20 years ago. Sometimes God allows things to happen to us to get our attention, sometimes He uses us to get others attention. Sometimes just to let us know He is God and He is here for us. His word is not always clear upon just reading but reading and asking Him for understanding allows us to see just what He says. "Whatever we go through, He will never leave us nor forsake us". John 9 tells about the man that was blind from birth and the disciples asked who sinned, him or his parents, and Jesus answered neither, but that the works of God should be manifest in him? We learn to give God the glory, through it all. Look at this site, perfect example, if I had never gone through cancer, I would not be here reading and sharing experiences. Sometimes the test of life are hard and we sometimes think we are not going to pass but one thing I've learned "If God brings you to it, He will bring us throught it. We just keep trusting and believeing that He is the almighty God that He is. Let's remember to keep the faith and stay in the race.

      over 4 years ago
    • Nonnie917's Avatar

      I didn't read your blog, but God has a plan for everybody. I never expected to get breast cancer because it does not run in our family, but I got it. It is true that the Bible says he will not put anymore on us than that which we can bare. He does it for a reason. No one ever knows the reason that except in my case it was to bring me closer to him and to depend on him for my life. My cancer was caught at stage 0 an non-invasive. An MRI helped me to make a decision I thought I would never have to make and that was to have a BL mastectomy. There were 2 clusters in the left breast the mammogram did not pick up and if it hadn't been for the radiologist making a mistake and missing a spot in the cancerous breast the MRI never would have been ordered and those non-cancerous clusters would have become cancer. So you see, God has his reasons for all of us to go through what we go through. We just have to figure that out by reading his word or going to church or both. I have gotten many answers this way. So please don't be mad at God, he loves you no matter what. You will get through this just stay strong and keep your beliefs. I hope that I have been able to help in some small way?

      over 4 years ago
    • jad's Avatar

      I'm not great in the belief (or disbelief) department. When things get murky, I tend to go to the fridge, or do something else.

      There's a bumper sticker around that I like: it shows a fish (a Xn symbol fish) with little feet walking uphill. IMO it effectively illustrates, with non-malicious good humor, human evolution and development,

      I don't think that any god pulls strings to give us our genes, clean or pollute or atmosphere - including the foods we eat. God gave us (the means of transmission is not important) a moral and ethical code to live by. I believe that gives us strength.

      The historic strides in cancer treatment are not God based.

      There.....I've said it, and I'm not about to debate anyone about it. So don't send me Scripture messages or quotes.

      over 4 years ago
    • jad's Avatar

      HMR, I forgot to mention, I liked your blog post.

      I also neglected to mention in my previous post that I would not impose my beliefs on anyone else. If religious texts give you comfort, if faith in a god gives you comfort, I think that's key in your life's journey.

      My sincere hope is for everyone here to be able to cope and get through the challenge that hit us all, right in the solar plexus.

      over 4 years ago
    • carm's Avatar

      Here is food for thought:
      In end of life care I have been with over 500 at the end, including nuns and clergy. Not one has ever mentioned God in that last week, not a one. Makes you wonder! Something to ponder, Carm RN.

      over 4 years ago
    • glam's Avatar

      I do not think that GOD makes us feel sick. I believe that this is part of the whole world and experiences from the past, original sin, past lives or any other believe you may have..........if there wasn't a big reason how dare could die a recent born baby or getting them sick also? I am a strong believer that there must be more than one life in earth so sometimes we go through experiences such as the one we all from this website are living......but other people live others and we are not on theie shoes to see how tough could be not to have a plate of food to give o your child, to be addict or have relatives addict to drugs, to lose loved people, to be handcapped or even to be a civilian in the middle of a war......GOD has never promise it would be easy, but he did promise that wherever had faith he would be there, he gave his soon to die for us, and I am sure whenever we pray with all our heart and faith he listen to us....he come to us.....sometimes we can not understand how, so we need to continue being strong, doing our on part in the battle and kepp being faithful.....he will support us.....I trust in God, in Santa Teresa de Los Andes to intercede for me, and with Christ' s mother......I also thank them because I have cancer at this age and not before and not after, because it allowed me to have a great childwood, to understand the treatment and the side effects (imagine for a young child what it is,.......I always feel very sad when I see a child in my cancer center, walking with their toys, very thin, with no hair, fighting such as I am but with no age to understand against what, how, why and for how long........shouldn't them be in a beatiful park playing with their friends and not having to worry about cancer?) to enjoy my family at most, to travel a lot, to have a career and to succeed on it, to be mariage twice because I think I would not able to handle all of this without my husband, to have a honneymoon, to be healthy when my father died, although I miss him tremendously during tough times of treatment but I guess he would suffer a lot by seeing me sick, etc, etc....so I was not so young to miss all of that and not so old that I could not handle surgeries, chemo cycles, side effects, and so forth and so on, so my body so far is fighting, is recovering, is moving forward and allowing me to still be here, enjoying this conversation for instance......Having friends, relatives, pets, and even unkown people from the other side of the world helping us in this journey is a bless of God, and have the health necessary to read, type and learn computer are also........as our willingness to be here and not resignated in a bed.........pray to God, be faithful, keep fighting, and help others who are also going through difficult experiences, that helps me a lot not to feel alone in tough times......God bless you and good fight!!!

      over 4 years ago

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