• Just diagnosed

    Asked by SPOLSTON on Tuesday, December 31, 2013

    Just diagnosed

    Haven't done PET or biopsy yet, but doctor is quite certain it is small cell and has spread to liver & back. He has had no symptoms. How long before he starts getting sick and in pain? I'm his wife and scared to death!

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    • banditwalker's Avatar

      First off slow down and take a breath. My doctor has been wrong about a couple of things so far. And I realize your anxiousness. You don't have any test results back yet. Start learning all you can about this disease, I swear, the more you know the more you relax. You can start arming yourself with questions for the dr. no matter what the diagnosis.

      You came to a great website here. I have gained so much knowledge and the people are very kind. Good luck to you and yours.

      almost 4 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      Who is this psychic (witch) doctor that he can know things which others cannot? How did he come to this conclusion? By a thump to your hubby's gut?

      Remember the person who makes such a pronouncement is just a guy (or gal) who has a few years of schooling more than you. He/she still puts on pants one leg at a time.


      There are other sites you can look up. Your hubby could have a fatty liver, hepatitis, some sort of infection or allergic reaction (perhaps to some crapola this doctor has given?).

      My advice is to find a different doctor. I don't care who this s.o.a.b. thinks he is or how the eventual scans turn out. This man is amongst the worst of medical supposed professionals.

      almost 4 years ago
    • lilymadeline's Avatar

      He might not get very sick or in pain if his treatment works, just very fatigued and somewhat uncomfortable. Cancer itself is a stealth enemy and rarely shows symptoms until the last few months or weeks. Cancer rarely makes people feel or look sick ( pain exception is bone cancers ) but chemotherapy and other cancer treatments do make people look and feel sick...or they used to anyway because now they are better at dealing with the side effects than they were in the past. And please seek treatment at a cancer center and not a regular hospital because cancer centers specialize in dealing with the side effects. My cancer center has classes in chemo brain, exercise classes, support groups, etc. cancer treatments have. I wish you and your husband a healthy future, hopefully he will respond to treatment! I am a stage IV patient and I have had a good quality of life for the last 3 1/2 years now...yes cancer is tough and awful but it can be managed now in many cases. Good luck and god bless!

      almost 4 years ago
    • gijanet's Avatar

      (((Hugs.))) I am so sorry that you are going through this. Bandit is right. slow down for a minute and breathe. I also have small cell lung cancer and was diagnosed in October, so the panic you are experiencing is all too fresh for me. All you see, read, and hear is that small cell is aggressive and fast-moving, so you feel like every second counts. Do read up on the disease, but do NOT read the statistics. They are dated, depressing, and frightening as XXX. Do you have confidence in your oncologist? That is important. I did not have a warm fuzzy about the one who diagnosed me, so I sought out another one at a larger cancer center who I really trust and like, but he is an hour's drive away. That may or may be "doable" for y'all, and it did delay my starting treatment a week, which I pray won't matter in the long run. Do go ahead and read up on the treatment options for extensive small cell lung cancer and make a list of your questions so you can hit the ground running when the test results are in. It would also be good to fo ahead and research clinical trials, just in case. Good luck and keep us posted.

      almost 4 years ago
    • EllasDaddy's Avatar

      Different symptoms show up at different times depending on what stage and the person. Chemo is when the real trial begins. Most side effects are controlled with drugs. Don't get to worried just yet. We are all here for you.

      almost 4 years ago
    • melani's Avatar

      Get another Dr. That's terrible to assume. Assume means he's making an XXX out of himself.

      almost 4 years ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      How does he know it definitely spread to the liver.
      Listen...this site below starts with a video that you MUST WATCH RIGHT NOW.
      A young guy who had cancer stage 4 colon is giving advice to somebody who JUST GOT THIS STINKING DIAGNOSIS....PLEASE check it out.
      ALSO....I know people are sick of me saying this BUT WE Must take some responsibility to help the situation. Check out The China Study.....very interesting about meat and cancer plus other stuff. Many foods are anti cancer and vice versa.
      GET BUSY !!!
      Maybe it will help maybe not but let's try EVERYTHING WE can.
      SURELY all the answers can't just come from cutting, burning and poisoning. If it wasn't all so real it would be funny. It sounds INSANE..


      Barry...WE ALL ALSO NEED TO GIVE GRATITUDE FOR TODAY AND The opportunity to have lived on this amazing planet.....

      almost 4 years ago

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