• Last Chemo Treatment

    Asked by vjt558 on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Last Chemo Treatment

    Next week will be my last treatment then I’ll have surgery. I have an awesome oncologist and her team are great. My question is if it’s appropriate to bring them a gift. Like a fruit basket or candy? I know I pay for the service but they also become part of your journey. Thanks for your advice.

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    • beachbum5817's Avatar

      There is no reason why you can't bring a gift. The fruit basket is a great idea, especially if there happen to be any food allergies. I am sure that they will appreciate it and your generosity. Good luck with your last chemo treatment and surgery. Take care.

      4 months ago
    • Skyemberr's Avatar
      Skyemberr (Best Answer!)

      It's an awesome thing for the health team to be thanked for going up and down through all of the work of getting a patient through any kind of treatments.

      Sometimes the right hug to the RN or a kindly word can go a long way toward helping that professional to feel appreciated. I think that kindness from the patient and appreciation for what those nurses and CNA's do every day can truly keep good people in the heath care field where we need them. I think it helps prevent career burn out.

      You are doing something very nice to bring a gift!

      Also; sometimes I will fill out a feedback card on a nurse or whoever I feel really helped me out. Those get put in the personnel file of the nurse in a lot of hospitals and can lead to them getting a better evaluation, a raise, or as in the case of my hospital, a gift card! My only real rule on those feedback card is to try to always use them to praise, because I know that there are plenty of patients who will only full them out to complain.

      4 months ago
    • 2943's Avatar

      I bring ‘little thoughts’ and give out to phlebotomist, security, receptionists, schedulers, infusion staff, ct techs in addition to PAs, doctors. Each of them has been part of making my journey easier. One said” doctors are always thanked but not us. I am close to finishing a year of infusion but 3 years of various treatments. Your fruit basket is a grand idea! You will give them smiles for that and completing a big part of your journey. Congrats!

      3 months ago
    • Kp2018's Avatar

      I won't take credit for this - I saw it on another forum. An Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet was the gift one patient gave to her team. Along the same line as your fruit basket. It's the thought that counts.

      I will take credit for this, however. In my thank you card to the whole team (it was a small one), I mentioned each person and included a phrase about how that person made the treatment easier. They loved that! The gratitude and personalization count.

      3 months ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      I have always tried to thank everyone who has had any hand in my care in any way whatsoever. From my sweet wife who has had to be a caregiver when she was scared to death and had no idea what to do if something serious happened to me 32 years ago, to the nurses, doctors, technicians, and even the custodians who come in to clean the rooms while we are laying there in pain. A simple thank you goes a long way when they might have had people yelling at them all day. A simple gift goes another step forward and shows your appreciation. So YES, on the gift.

      And congratulations on reaching this milestone!! Enjoy your last day, let us know how it goes and what you decide on taking them.

      3 months ago
    • bcforavon's Avatar

      It’s ok. I brought food baskets, given gift cards to the radiation techs, nurses, receptionist. They were all so very nice and caring. I really appreciated them.

      3 months ago
    • omaalyce's Avatar

      Absolutely, depending on the size of the group you can surprise them with lunch or a nice tray of cookies. A fruit basket, seriously I brought in bags of the small tangerines at Christmas and they were so excited. Something simple goes a long way as they usually receive things at Christmas but not often throughout the year. On my last day, my husband and I went to our local bakery and brought in trays of cookies that we shared with the other patients and a separate one for the nurses. I also brought a bunch of pink beads at the party store that I gave out to everyone, patients, doctors, nurses, the specialists etc. Since there was no bell to ring I bought pink plastic clappers and gave them to the nurses so they stood in a line and clapped for me as I left. I told them to keep them for the next patient. Little things go a long way. Go with your heart.

      3 months ago
    • cllinda's Avatar

      I brought flowers

      3 months ago
    • Boogerman's Avatar

      I regularly take different things in to my treatment facility. Sometimes donuts, enough for everyone. Or sometimes an arrangement of flowers to put on the nurse's station. Sometimes it's a homemade pie or two. Anything to show my appreciation.

      And congratulations on finishing treatments! I hope to be able to say that some day.

      3 months ago
    • TerriL's Avatar

      The chemo staff absolutely appreciates gifts likes cookies or a fruit basket, etc.!

      3 months ago
    • NeckCancer's Avatar

      I have told them all thank you so much that they are starting to tell me to stop. They say it's just their job, but I say thank you anyway and god bless you for choosing to go into this line of work!

      3 months ago
    • carm's Avatar

      First of all let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I work with oncologists and it always makes them feel good when a patient makes them a part of their celebration...and we nurses like it too. It makes the docs easier to work with when they get the warm fuzzies.

      3 months ago
    • DanielD's Avatar

      Small thoughtful gifts are always in order to show special thanks or special appreciation, whether an individual or a group, and if it's not too much trouble personalization is great.
      If your doc has a sense of humor you could consider something like this. My hematology PA, an absolute sweetheart,sharp as a whip who kept me from freaking out many times got a kick out of a mug inscribed with “Please do not confuse your Google search with my Medical Degree.”

      3 months ago
    • BugsBunny's Avatar

      Congratulations on finishing, I hope that I can keep it together until my final treatment! I just try to let them know that I appreciate them every day and I was also thinking of something to take to them as a gift and haven't decided on anything yet. Thanks for the ideas

      3 months ago
    • RockTom's Avatar

      I have taken things to the center when one of the girls happens to mention something that they like. I have taken coffee in from a spot one of them said she loved, I have taken donuts from a spot another one said she liked. I took a painting in to the main technician that I did of a landscape with horses after she told me she had a horse. I think something that they can connect with is a great thing to give. And of course, a heartfelt thank you is always appreciated by almost anyone.

      3 months ago
    • Rustysmom's Avatar

      Congratulations on completing your treatment! Yes! to the thank you treats! You are right, they all become a part of the family walking this journey with us. Mine were so kind, not only making sure I was cared for, but also my husband who went with me each treatment. I brought small orchids for each desk for my chemo team, and a big box of crazy cupcakes to the radiation team. all were well received,

      3 months ago
    • emmmi's Avatar

      I brought in a large fruit tray for the entire radiology department on my last radiation treatment day. I also brought paper plates, napkins and forks for all to enjoy. Did not ring the bell that day,, but was happy treatment was over. The only thing I enjoyed during my cancer treatment was the company of the radiation technologists .....and counsel from the radiation oncologist.

      3 months ago
    • vjt558's Avatar

      Thank you all for the suggestions. I’m excited to show my gratitude to my oncologist team. I like the mug idea as I was always googling.

      3 months ago

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