• Let's call this "Fun Friday" Are you going to do anything for "fun" this weekend?

    Asked by GregP_WN on Friday, October 12, 2012

    Let's call this "Fun Friday" Are you going to do anything for "fun" this weekend?

    Since a lot of you don't have to have treatment tomorrow or Sunday, and hopefully lots of others are getting to the end of treatment or done, will you do anything this weekend for fun, to get your mind off your journey?

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    • SueRae1's Avatar

      Well, I had my infusion yesterday, and due to a scheduling snafu I am having a follow up Mamo and seeing my Breast surgeon today so "fun" is a relative word. I am hoping to have enough energy to get visit friends on Sunday, otherwise planning to sleep as much as I can and catch up on reading and/or DVR shows.

      about 4 years ago
    • Kimi1017's Avatar

      I will start by praying and thanking God when I wake up, then it's off to yoga. After that, I will go to my favorite coffee shop and have a relaxing breakfast and read my book. Then, I'll do anything I feel like doing coz I have no work! Yehey!

      about 4 years ago
    • BuckeyeShelby's Avatar

      I am spending Saturday watching college football. Even if my Buckeyes can't go to a bowl game this year.

      about 4 years ago
    • Peroll's Avatar

      Define "fun". My wife is dragging me to a charity dinner tomorrow night. At least it will be a diversion as long as I don't get too many questions about my condition. In my case I am on a break from chemo to get ready for surgery in a week and a half so I already have a diversion. I also get to make a dump run too, more fun!!! I do hope to be able to watch some football. Here in Seattle the rain is returning after being gone for almost 3 months so outdoor activities were better done last weekend when it was still nice. Still it will be nicer than spending the weekend recovering from my usual Friday poision session.

      about 4 years ago
    • teddyfuzz's Avatar

      Tonight is Girls Night Out! Good food, great company and a couple of adult beverages. This has been a long hard week at work and I am looking forward to letting my hair down (figuratively speaking, of course). I wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

      about 4 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      Peroll, I used to laugh at what I called the "old XXX benches" at the mall. When I have to go with my wife for her fun. Now, I am a proud member of the "old XXX club". I just sit and wait.

      But I draw the line at holding a purse!

      about 4 years ago
    • nobrand's Avatar

      I'm having fun pretending what the XXX's stand for in Greg's answer above.. there are a lot of fun possibilities!

      about 4 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      You gotta love the safety software, your not going to say anything that would be construed as bad in any way. It wasn't bad, so just have fun with it.

      about 4 years ago
    • ticklingcancer's Avatar

      I get to install an above range microwave this weekend. YAY!!!!

      about 4 years ago
    • FreeBird's Avatar

      sleepy saturday

      about 4 years ago
    • ImStillHere's Avatar

      We're going to our favorite pumpkin patch out in the country. They have a huge field of pumpkins, a train ride, lots of kid stuff, and a bakeshop that is out of this world. I will have my customary slice of lemon walnut pie, and then I will go to my special rock.

      Two years ago, we went to this pumpkin patch while I was in the midst of being diagnosed, and
      just so scared. I found a big rock to sit on, and prayed to God that I would still be around in a year. I vowed to return every year, to thank God for still being alive. Last year it was sheer joy to sit on "my rock" and pray, and rejoice that I was still here.

      about 4 years ago
    • EllenSRavis' Avatar

      I'm taking an acting class tomorrow!

      about 4 years ago
    • EllenSRavis' Avatar

      I'm Still Here...I hope you get to sit on that rock for the next 50 years!

      about 4 years ago
    • Harry's Avatar

      My wife is visiting my daughter in CA, so it's just the dogs and me.

      about 4 years ago
    • Sweetmouth01's Avatar

      This week for me, will be fun just being able to get online and research. That is all so far I will have to do unless a great blessing comes my way for me to have a place to move to and stop crying

      about 4 years ago
    • GENMAR47's Avatar

      The work week is over and the weekend is here(yahoo). Just gonna relax and enjoy life. Hope everyone has a great weekend. God Bless.

      about 4 years ago
    • Taagbu's Avatar

      I have a wedding of a co-worker Saturday and tailgating at the Texans Game Sunday.

      about 4 years ago
    • Beaner54's Avatar

      I try to have fun on the weekends. My mind is full of ideas but I have trouble getting motivated because my energy level is low.. I don't feel normal. Lots of emotional and physical changes since treatment. I seem to spend too much time at home alone watching TV which is so opposite from the way I was before cancer. The winter season is coming soon here in New York and I will surely be housebound then..
      Am I letting this disease consume me?

      about 4 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I had chemo on Wednesday so hoping side effects don't change my plans for the weekend. Saturday we will be celebrating a couple of birthdays and Sunday is the season premiere of The Walking Dead (zombie show) so my friends and I are having a premiere watch party. :) Can't wait!

      about 4 years ago
    • Modern's Avatar

      Me and my family are having a marathon of four wedding episodes die hard movies and random comedy stuff found on Netflix with the best Chinese food in the north country for dinner

      about 4 years ago
    • magdem's Avatar

      Since I am having to stay at an Extended Stay hotel while in treatment, this weekend has been very special. Friends drove down on Friday and are staying until Sunday just to cheer me up. It has been wonderful! Got my mind off of my own problems, laughed a lot, went out for nice dinners sat pool side until the wee hours (for me that's about 11 pm right now) and just talked and talked. My husband and I are so grateful for our friends. I am taking this energy into next week - chemo and radiation start again at 6:20 AM Monday morning. It's going to be a good week.

      about 4 years ago
    • akristine's Avatar

      Since I have an appointment with a urologist on Monday morning, I decided to treat myself to two operas: one on Saturday night for "Moby Dick" which was wonderful and one on Sunday afternoon, "I Capuletti e i Montagues" (The Capulets and the Montagues) at the San Francisco Opera. In memory of my dear friend who lost her battle with non-Hodgkins on April 22, I am seeing the operas we would have attended together. I'll update with the latest diagnosis after I return from the doctor on Monday and hope it's good news.

      about 4 years ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      I was at a pot luck gathering yesterday (Saturday) with other raw foodists. We talk about how we made this or that as there is no heating involved and not an animal product to be tasted, what else we are doing or discovering to improve health thru nutrition and other ways and it is always a great bunch of people with excellent ideas and stories of struggle and continued victory.
      Today (Sunday) is work as I am showing a house for rent or for sale.

      about 4 years ago
    • planogirl60's Avatar

      As an 8 year Survivor of Stage IV Tonsil Cancer I'm off my couch. My 10 year old son and I participated in a 5K run. My son just started running this year, I've been "turtle" running for over 3 years now and we both set a new Personal Best Record for finish time. It's not easy being a runner having had the radiation do a number on my lungs and throat, but I do it because I am a Warrior and whether I run, walk or crawl to that finish line I will cross that finish however I must. Next month I am going to try my first ever 10K. I am 52 years young.

      about 4 years ago
    • miscyn57's Avatar

      We celebrated my mom's 75th birthday today (Sunday). She is in 100% remission from AML and doing great! She still has 3 more rounds of chemo, but today we made her Queen for the Day and cooked her favorite dinner. We made sure to clean up the kitchen, so she can relax and watch her favorite shows on TV tonight. It was a really nice family day :)

      about 4 years ago
    • hjtobar's Avatar

      I helped mom put on a surprise 60th birthday party for dad this weekend:) It was so great to see the both of them so completely happy and enjoying another birthday together.

      about 4 years ago
    • Paw's Avatar

      Thanks 4 the question. I am going to a book club meeting with some friends good, food, and drinks (pop/soda/juice).

      about 4 years ago
    • Nursnana's Avatar

      My husband is taking me to our beautiful Blue Ridge mountains! The leaves are so pretty this time of year. We will have a picnic lunch.

      about 4 years ago
    • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

      Wednesday Tom and I planted more tulips and for the first time hyacinths. Twenty-Five ears ago I planted them in the ground around our home. I was having cancer surgery on Oct. 1 that year..(Hysterectomy, but they were going to leave the ovaries... I was too young). I didn't tell Tom then, but I was busy praying I'd be there to see them bloom. I was they were lovely and came up for another twenty years (almost). We moved into our Townhome in 2001. We're not allowed to plant in the ground, but we may have planters.... Last year we planted ten pots of tulips. Left them out to freeze and then kept them in our unheated garage until they knowig it was spring started poking their noses out of the dirt. We waited until March (in Minnesota) and in mid March we put them out, nestled with the bushes in the landscape. We had a very warm wet Spring. Our neighbors couldn't say enough, and kept asking how.. Well... We kept those pots outside and watered, now we've got twelve more pots. Will put the hyacinths in the window box we've added (We did purple and gold)... Go Vikings!!!! and the multi colored pots of tulips in addition to last year... I hope they make it, We'll get ready for Holloween this week-end... I love getting the house "kid ready".

      about 4 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I'm a sucker for anything ART. :) My bf is taking me and the kids to an art walk at "The Brewery" in LA. It's something we go to every year, but each time we go, we can never finish seeing all there is to see. :) I love seeing other people's creativity and getting a peek inside their heads. Can't wait!

      about 4 years ago
    • reddingfemale's Avatar

      Well, I had a good weekend , friday watched some good movies one of which was the Avengers and then saturday night had my roommates niece over and saw more movies , Butterfly effect ( not my choice but, oK ) then watched My sisters Keeper , Seen it before still balled at the end fall well knowing what the end brings . then Saturday today visited a friend Jean ( I use to take care of ) she is paralyzed from neck down but, man she has a fantastic attitude . so up beat and out going . she burned me three movies The Help , Good deeds, Pure Country 2. but, tomorrow Sunday Church and then bible study and then home and bed time then back to the grind .... :~) but, a great weekend all together . You all have a blessed week .

      about 4 years ago
    • letlifehappen's Avatar

      Not working. Doesn't get any better than that!

      almost 4 years ago

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