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    Asked by Vivadiva on Monday, October 20, 2014


    If your breast cancer was found by a mammogram, what stage was the breast cancer when it was found? Curious because my screening mammogram in May did not show any concerns but 3 months later I discovered something in my breast that was confirmed, by ultrsound and biopsy, to be stage 1 breast cancer. After the ultrasound a diagnostic mammogram was done and the mass was seen. A doctor told me it would have been maybe 3-4 years before it would have shown on a mammogram.

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    • Ejourneys' Avatar

      A suspicious mass showed on my regular screening mammogram on Feb. 7, 2014. I had a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound on Feb. 19. At that point the radiologist said that half the abnormalities he'd seen that looked like mine were benign and half were malignant. Had my biopsy on Feb. 27, got my diagnosis on March 4. Tumor was 1.8 cm., stage 1a invasive colloid carcinoma.

      about 6 years ago
    • Julie99's Avatar

      Staging is done by size, grade, and if/how much it has metastasized.
      After I found a lump, I was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram was clear but ultimately I was stage IIb, with 3 tumors and lymphnodes.
      I recommend checking out Are You Dense Advocacy. Nancy Cspello is amazing and has helped the small group I wogk with massachusetts get legislation passed regarding dense breast tissue. Fatty tissue is clear on a mammogram and easy to view. Dense or fibrous tissue is white. So is cancer. Dense tissue can mask cancer making it more difficult to find. The standard of care for radiologists is to report what they see, not what they don't see (in the dense tissue), and not to share information with women regarding dense tissue.

      about 6 years ago
    • ChildOfGod4570's Avatar

      Yes, I was a denswe tissue patient, and my first mammogram showed me as being clear, so my GP didn't have me get another one until two years later because of no history in my family. Mammogram number 2 had me coming back for the ultrasound and biopsy, the dreaded diagnosis of invasive infiltrating ductal carsonoma coming a week later. My oncologist wrote me down as stage III, probably because one lymph node was involved; however, my research on the Internet showed that I was more similar to stage II. HUGS and God bless!

      about 6 years ago
    • junie1's Avatar

      With me,, I had a mamo in March,, nothing showed up,, went to the PCP for check up, review the mamo,, She was not pleased with the way my left breast looked,, ordered up a diagnostic mamo, with ultra sound,,, nothing showed up... 3 months later, at my yearly checkup with the GYN,, she was not pleased with the left breast either,, and sent me right to a breast surgeon, who ordered up an MRI, and That something was found,, and I had another Ultra Sound done,, and they found tumors,, big ones,, Why the first 2 mamo's and the 1st Ultra Sound didn't find them,, no one knows,, and to top it all off,, I went to the same place to get the MRI done as I had the very first 2 mamo's!!! When I had the Ultra Sound done, the 2nd time,, I knew something was wrong,, and the Breast Surgeon confimed it.. A tumor 4.cm was found in the left breast.. meaningthe left breast had to be removed, and I told the BS, if you take the left,, you are taking the right also,, I'm not going thur this again... 20 yrs ago, I had breast cancer in the left breast,,(at that time it was only stage 1),,When surgery was completed on July17th,, I was DX with stage 4 breast cancer,, the cancer had traveled to the right side,, leaving the right breast alone, (not touching it al all), and went right into the lymph nodes on the right side!. 4 lymph nodes had tumors, of 2.8 cms!! I'm so glad I decided to have the right breast along with the left,, It Really Did Save My Life!!
      Good Luck to you,, As my doctors have told me,, Mamo's are full proof!!,, But I gotta say,, that when they found it 20 yrs ago,,, it was by a mamo,, no sure why it didn't find it this time..
      Again,, Good Luck to you,,,

      about 6 years ago
    • ld_105's Avatar

      Stage 1, the MRI found two add spots. One very small .2.

      about 6 years ago
    • cam32505's Avatar

      I have heard that cancer is growing for many years before we have symptoms or an accidental scan that might show it. I work with someone who has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, no symptoms. He had heard trouble and one of his tests showed the cancer in the pancreas. So, even early detection isn't always that early.

      about 6 years ago
    • Jbro's Avatar

      I noticed something felt strange (not really a lump) about a year after my last mammogram. I had dense tissue and had been good about getting yearly mammograms. I had two tumors - 2.3 cm and 1.6 cm - and was stage IIa. Although several times over the last few years I had to have additional diagnostic mammograms and a ultrasounds nothing ever showed up. I had bilateral mastectomy with immediate expander/implant reconstruction. Low oncotype score meant no chemo. I'm taking anastrozole for 10 years.

      about 6 years ago
    • Misty's Avatar

      I had no symptoms when my annual mammogram showed 2 tumors, which were later confirmed by ultrasound and biopsies. During my surgery my doctor was only able to find one tumor, the cancerous one. I was stage 2-a. Whatever happened to the second tumor is a mystery, but lumps are forming and disappearing without diagnosis all the time. Most are benign, such as a fatty tumor.

      Prior to my diagnosis I was under the care of a hematologist because my blood counts were way off. Apparently it was just a matter of waiting to see what developed. This went on for over a year before my positive mammogram. Fortunately I had just changed from the hematologist to an oncologist who was absolutely great and took very good care of me.

      The good news is that I am now a 3-year survivor and feel better than I can remember feeling for at least 10 years. I had a mammogram just last month and am still cancer-free! This is especially good for me since I am HER2 pos,

      about 6 years ago
    • baridirects' Avatar

      I had a negative mammogram in July of 2012. In January of 2013, I discovered that the texture of the tissue in my left breast had changed - it's hard to describe exactly what it felt like, but I noticed that the breast did not "drape" with gravity when I was lying down the same way the right breast did. I went to my OBG in early February, who confirmed the changes by exam, and then got on the diagnosis merry-go-round. By late February, I received the diagnosis of Stage III invasive lobular cancer - this was modified to Stage IIIc after my double mastectomy in April. Although we treated it aggressively, sadly, I was diagnosed with metastatic disease to the bones this past March. The combination of dense breast tissue with lobular cancer makes diagnosis by mammogram very, very tricky. If my insurance had allowed me to have a breast MRI back in July of 2012, I would have be diagnosed that much earlier.

      Namaste, Christine

      about 6 years ago
    • Rustysmom's Avatar

      Mine was found on a 3-D mammogram last October. It was followed up by an ultrasound that same day which confirmed the tumor, then a biopsy that confirmed the cancer type. It was Stage II Invasive Lobular. My OB/GYN had been routinely prescribing diagnostic mammograms for the last several years because of my family history and this was my first 3-D mammogram. (My mother is a BC survivor and my sister is Stage IV.) A CT scan identified a second area in the same breast that when biopsied was "inconclusive". My BS interpreted that as "pre-cancerous" and I decided on a mastectomy on the right side.

      about 6 years ago
    • Ornategirl's Avatar

      Hi. I had a mammogram and ultrasound March 2013, for a lump below my left nipple. ended up being a cyst. Found a lump in June 2013, above my left nipple, and waited for my bilateral yearly mammogram, end of September 2013. Diagnosed mid-October 2013 with Stage 1 Infiltrating
      ductal carcinoma. So the March 2013 mammogram missed the Cancer. Stuff like this just
      happens, nothing is 100% on finding CA. Once it's found, just focus on beating the XXX
      disease, that is the only place to put your energy. Take care.

      about 6 years ago
    • charnell's Avatar

      I had a mammogram and also an ultrasound 2/14/13. Nothing showed in either. I found lumps on my breast and called 11/14/13. I was stage IIIA when diagnosed. Tumors on both breasts and lymph node involvement.

      about 6 years ago

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