• My claim for Social Security was filed in 3/2009 f, but did not input the lung cancer until diagnosed 11/21/2011. How long for assistance?

    Asked by Tighthead on Sunday, March 25, 2012

    My claim for Social Security was filed in 3/2009 f, but did not input the lung cancer until diagnosed 11/21/2011. How long for assistance?

    I hired a Social Security Disability lawyer and it seems he is so national that my claim is being put aside. I thought when the Lung Cancer was put on the table assistance would be forth coming. Then again, we are talking about the Government or should I be approved by now?

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    8 answers
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Qualifying for SSDI after you are already on SS retirement can be tricky. The purpose of SSDI is to provide income for those who do not qualify for SS retirement based on age but are not able to work because of disability. If you are already retired and therefore not employed, it is unlikely that you will qualify for SSDI, and even if you do, it is unlikely that it will provide any additional income beyond what you are already receiving.

      almost 9 years ago
    • gdytko's Avatar

      I didn't go with a lawyer, a company called Allsup had all the answers and they were way less expensive, they had my claim benefits in about three months, no joke. They did everything and SSDI is all they do. Look up (Allsup . com)and they have a phone number on their web page also. They'll tell you what you want to know, when and how long your help would start and even why it might take so long or if you even quailify. Everything was done over the phone.
      I hope this info. helps,
      I wish you well,

      almost 9 years ago
    • AngieJ's Avatar

      I applied before disability due to other health issues from April 2008 , ist time hearing not approved ,although I had been paid from Met life an ins co.from my former employer .my cancer was diagnosed 7-2011 ,had 2nd hearing Jan 2012 ,lawyer already got paid Feb 2012 ,I haven't received any payment yet but a medicare card,I was once told if I ever won disability I would have to pay back met life ,just the Amt I would have received from ssdisability ,& I was told met life would pay the difference between what ssdis. Would pay in the Amt of 60% of my base pay ,while I was working ,hopefully this is the case ,my dr told me not pay met life anything ,but I am sure they will have their hands out & maybe that's why I haven't received anything yet.Good luck

      almost 9 years ago
    • JannD's Avatar

      If you have a social security office near by, it may be good to go in a talk with someone. They may be able to handle this easier in person. Next....... If someone is working on the claim, it will be set aside as far as funds for a little longer because they will still go by the six month rule probably from diagnosis. So, if it was November, 2011, they would not begin to pay until June. Since it would just be due then, thre may not be anything retroactive. Or, they may give a six month retro check. But if you are face to face, someone can compute the difference, and possibly be able to get this done.
      We had good luck locally with my husband's prostate cancer. Plus, she suggested we apply for eary retirement while we waites so we had something coming in. We applied on Aug. 31st. We had a check for the early retirement in our bank on Sept. 1st. !!!! Wow!!! I did not think the governemtn could do anything in one day!
      Good luck

      almost 9 years ago
    • derbygirl's Avatar

      I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2008 and underwent heart surgery in 2006 and again in 2009. Because of these I applied for disability in 2009 after my doctors told me it was best for me not to work. I was denied and then had to refile because I hired a lawyer who didn't file my appeal within the time allowed. After refiling again, I was denied once more so I got a local attorney to help me file an appeal. Social Security sent me to a third party medical examiner and now I am waiting for a hearing to be scheduled. My lawyer told me it could take a year to two years because the hearing office in my state of PA is behind by 6500 cases. So for now I am receiving food stamps, medical assistance and $90 a month cash assistance. I am grateful for this small amount but I can't understand why people who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness have to wait so long for money that they have been paying to the federal government since they began working. I am frustrated and no one in PA seems willing to help. My lawyer told me I was denied not due to my illnesses but because I am under the age of 50, have a college education, and management experience. He told me they are not considering my illnesses but if I become terminal they may move the hearing up. I have never been more frustrated in my life and really should be taking my time focusing on my health instead of fighting this issue that many of us have to fight. Good luck in your quest for benefits and hopefully I won't have to wait much longer for mine either.

      almost 9 years ago
    • Tighthead's Avatar

      I'm only collecting VA 30% disability which was flipped to Pension (100%) due to depression, can't retire only 59 years old. Was turned down for SSD in 1992, reapplied (flare up of PTSD) in 2009 after 9 years of employment & was denied 1/2011 & offered a ALJ (Administrative Law Judge) in person or video, but it never happened. In Nov. 2011 diagnosed with Lung Cancer & added to lawyer's case with supporting evidence to SSD, in order to get the additional moneys over the VA rate (approx $375 a month). I may be wrong, but I think cancer still would be calculated from the beginning of claim & added to the retroactive check? But, anything is possible when it comes to UNCLE SAM? Will keep you posted!

      almost 9 years ago
    • nancyjac's Avatar

      Well the deciding factor really isn't the illness or date of diagnosis. SSDI is all about whether or not you can or cannot work due to a disability. And SSDI requires you be unable to work for at least 12 months.

      almost 9 years ago
    • WVgirl2424's Avatar

      The hospital case manager called social security for me and then social security interviewed me over the phone as I was in hospital receiving 30 days continuous chemo for leukemia. I was approved almost immediately but had to wait 5 months to start getting checks. Not eligible for medicare until disables for 2years so my husband went to DHHR and applied for Medicaid. They informed him that I had to have 15000.00$ in unpaid medical bills to get medicaid, he got the Medicaid but need 15000.00$ (spend down) every 6 months to keep it. As of yesterday I found out that I have no medicaid until I rack up the spend down again, that will make 45000.00 in medical bills I've amassed just to get help from an institution I've paid for my entire life. I will get better after 2 years with no cancer ( leukemia) they will let me try working. At that time I have no idea what to do for insurance as no e will take me now. And no, I have no faith in obamacare or the president, and do not think that bill is constitutional. I'm in a pickle! But I am alive. I get permanent total disability, not SSI. So have the doc's office call and fax the diagnosis to the SS office, sometimes that helps.

      almost 9 years ago

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