• My mom has no appetite, nausea & diabetic. How can we get her to eat?

    Asked by sanchezlil on Saturday, June 23, 2012

    My mom has no appetite, nausea & diabetic. How can we get her to eat?

    She's lost alot of weight. Her strenght is diminishing. She's also a diabetic. We tried Ensure Plus, but it spiked her blood sugar. Meat, chicken and fish make her nauseaous. She didn't like tofu. What other protein sources can we try?

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    • GRACENOW's Avatar

      This was my problem last summer. Protein smoothies can work. We mixed with almond milk if she doesn't do well with regular milk. There are all kinds of protein smoothies out there and many flavors. Spiru-tein is one that works for me. It can also be mixed with water and some ice. I use rice milk, put smoothie mix in the blender with it and add a little frozen fruit (which may be too much for her diabetes.) Just protein powder and liquid works!

      almost 10 years ago
    • Ivy's Avatar

      You also might try Boost brand, a competitor of Ensure. They make one version called "Glucose Control" that has a much lower carb count. Good luck!

      almost 10 years ago
    • CountryGirl's Avatar

      I hated the nausea meds and worked very hard to minimize the nauseous feelings. Everyone is different, but here are a few of the things I ate:

      1/4 grilled cheese
      1egg--over medium with lots of pepper and mustard
      Carnation instant breakfast
      Cranberry juice (I was convinced that this would help my kidneys; I don't know if it helped my kidneys, but it was the only fruit I consumed)
      Sharp cheddar cheese and crackers
      Hot green tea helped

      I made an agreement with my husband early on that when he said eat, I would eat. I accepted that I wasn't in the position to make my own decisions in a lot of areas. I never wanted to eat. The foods listed above are ones that I thought, "that's not terrible."

      almost 10 years ago
    • judalou's Avatar

      lots of cold wet fruit like watermelon or canataloupe ,popsicles,cold green tea by Lipton...in bottles...ice cream,frozen yogurt,bananas....mild flavors...

      almost 10 years ago
    • Blue's Avatar

      I buy vanilla flavored protein powder and blend it with almond milk, a few frozen raspberries and a couple dollops of plain yogurt. Any size portion of fresh or frozen fruit of any kind can add flavor to the mix. Like you, I can't stomach the Ensure.

      almost 10 years ago
    • Blue's Avatar

      Can your mom have a stent placed in her bile duct? That made a huge difference for me. My appetite returned and my skin returned to its normal color. The constant itching and rash disappeared.

      almost 10 years ago
    • sanchezlil's Avatar

      Thank you all for your responses. This really helps.

      Blue...she's had the temp plastic stents since last year, but last week we had it replaced with a permanent metal stent. So far no changes in appetite. It seems to be getting worse.

      The scary part is that we're not even treating the cancer yet. She's not doing chemo or radiation. We've done 3 biopsies, numerous scans and tests and they all come up as inconclusive for cancer. Yet, the mass is growing.

      almost 10 years ago
    • Camarillolaw's Avatar

      Glucerma is a shake for diabetics that may work for your mom. It is formulated to help control your blood sugars. They also have snack bars that may help.

      almost 10 years ago
    • katie's Avatar

      I use Proscore chocolate protein shakes it has 30 grams of protein and fills you up like a Thanksgiving dinner and it Doesn't spike you blood sugar. It's powdered and I just mix it with water and ice. Good luck

      almost 10 years ago
    • shauna0915's Avatar

      Ask your mom's oncologist or primary care physician to prescribe Marinol. It's a synthetic THC pill (liqui-gel). If they say they've never heard of it tell them to look it up! My dad took them 4 times a day and it helped with his appetite and helped with anxiety, too. Basically, it's a man-made pot pill...completely legal. We also got vanilla protein powder and added it to everything we could. You can make shakes with different flavors of diet soda. You can put it in cereal, ice cream...put it in anything you can get her to eat. I wish you the best!

      almost 10 years ago
    • bjay's Avatar

      I make smoothies with Trader Joe's protein shakes(vanilla or chocolate with 21 or 35 grams of protein.)Iadd protein powder banana,strawberries and a yogurt called Carbmaster which I buy at Ralphs market. Add some ice cubes and a straw.Perhaps your mother could eat a little bit but often. Also,Breyers has an ice cream entitled "no sugar added" which is tasty.

      almost 10 years ago
    • eccrine100's Avatar

      ask your oncologist about "IC Megestrol ACET" substituted for megace.

      I was losing weight fast and could not hardly stand to look at protein, but seemed to fix me up so I'm eating a normal diet now. Good luck!

      almost 10 years ago
    • sanchezlil's Avatar

      Thank you all so much for your responses. This is tremendous help. My sister and I are very appreciative.

      We started putting her meals in small 4 oz. containers and protein shakes in small 8 oz bottles. This way she doesn't have to deal with any cooking and doesn't get overwhelmed by any large plates of food. Seems to be helping.

      Thank you again!

      almost 10 years ago
    • Rachel95991's Avatar

      My husband was able to eat soft scrambled or easy over eggs. He also liked greek yogurt to blended fruit smoothies for extra protein.

      over 9 years ago
    • booboo's Avatar

      You have a compassionate use law in California so ask for medical marijuana.. Try avocado, grilled cheese, eggs, Greek yogurt.

      over 9 years ago

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