• My new job as an ambassador

    Asked by geekling on Sunday, April 22, 2018

    My new job as an ambassador

    As some of you may already know, I have been going on and on about magnesium oil and how it has helped me deal with debilitating back pain.

    To recap: I was lucky to meet a sweet man at a party whose own life had been so changed for the better by the magnesium oil that he cashed in his retirement account and bought the company. Tom (his name) was kind enough to listen to my story, to ask to pray for me (which I, of course, allowed), and to gift me with a bottle of the oil and a sample of the cream or balm. I thanked him, I hugged him because I was so grateful that someone else understood just how debilitating pain can be and how it can reduce a life.

    I asked him how I could repay his generosity. He simply said to use it and then tell people about it please.

    I used the cream the next morning. Within minutes the sharp back pain that prevented me from bending was reduced to a dull ache through which I could move. Oops .. No room left here ... to be continued below

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    • geekling's Avatar

      So I immediately called Tom & his family to thank them and to express my gratitude.

      With a second over the phone prayer, Tom told me I could offer folks a small discount if they used my name when ordering.

      I began carrying the oil around so I could quickly show folks the benefits by allowing them to try it. The cream remains on my nightstand.


      Then Tom contacted me and asked for a review on his company's Facebook page which I, of course did immediately. I cant link to it from here but you can look up mg12.com on Facebook and find the review.

      And Tom solidified the "small discount" to be a 10% discount to all shoppers who used my name when ordering.

      We spoke again and now I am a paid ambassador for magnesium oil products.

      I urge all my friends at whatnext to give it a go. Not just for the discount. Not just so I can get a paycheck. But just because of the remarkable difference the product has made in my life and the good chance it will make a difference in the way pain may be ruling your life.

      I have just started physical therapy because my goal is a pain free life. The great reduction in the intensity of pain has allowed me to get to important things in my life that had been tabled because of how debilitating sharp pain can be.


      Best wishes to all of us. With love from Kathy aka geekling

      11 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      Congratulations! they should call you "evangelist" instead of ambassador, I think.

      11 months ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      LWC, that is somewhat rude. Sometimes silence is better than disparaging remarks but you already knew that, did you not?

      1. This has nothing to do with religion or Christianity. The product seems to work for humans despite their ethnic background or their faith or their belief or lack thereof.

      2. I am not seeking converts. The company offers a 100% refund to those for whom it does not work. I havent ever heard of any missionary offering a refund of tithe for any reason. It is normal to want to help others. It is unnatural to take money for nothing.

      3. The stuff is simply impressive. What impreses me so much is that is does not get rid of the pain (which would be more in the scope of an evangelistic claim) but simply makes an existing pain more bearable until the cause of the pain can truly be routed.

      Until I found the stuff it was really difficult to even get out of bed. Hard to seek help if one is bedridden as most of us know too well.

      Within 2 weeks of my pain being eased I have found a physical therapist to help me strengthen and stretch muscles hurt in the car crash. I can get around again by using the oil. Luckily for your active self, you have no pains of which to speak and your life is wonderful through the miracle of immunotherapy.

      In the words of an old idiomatic lesson

      "Dont knock it until you try it."


      Have a lovely Sunday afternoon.

      11 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I didn't mean it as rude at all and evangelist is not only religious by any stretch of the imagination. You read it the way you wanted. I meant that you are quite passionate about it.

      From Merriam Webster Dictionary:
      3. an enthusiastic advocate - "an evangelist for physical fitness"

      I didn't read past you calling me rude. I'll let others read all of the rest of what you said. I'm out of here.

      11 months ago
    • barryboomer's Avatar

      I'm going to check this out. Thanks!

      11 months ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      I dont know why you always try to pick a fight with me @LiveWithCancer.

      You had to go all the way to the 3rd usage from Mirriam Webster to defend yourself? Poor darlin'

      The primary definition of an Evangelist is quite simple and straight forward. As a self described "woman of faith" I believe you know this.

      Evangelist: a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching

      Not me.

      I also did not write the gospels, a secondary definition.

      Nor am I a zealot.

      A much better and more thorough dictionary would be from the good folks at Oxford but even Mirriam and Webster had you to dig deep.

      Enjoy your evening, LWC

      11 months ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      geekling, not that LWC needs my defense, but I think she meant to congratulate you - she DID - and I thought her use of "evangelist" was creative.

      11 months ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      I dont see how but I would like to think, @Carool that there was a misunderstanding. Thanx for chiming in.

      11 months ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      Thumbs-up emoji!

      11 months ago
    • Molly72's Avatar
      Molly72 (Best Answer!)

      I've tried this cream for my sciatica-type butt pain. This is a chronic, life changing pain for me as I can't stand for any length of time, or walk any distance without mechanical aids.

      It is a severe pain and of course I've been to many drs. and tried all sorts of devices & therapies & you name its to alleviate this total discomfort. I have lost 2 inches of height & gained countless pounds because of this horror. I have recently started with a chiropractor.

      So really, the only type relief (besides hard core opium products!) is the stuff one can apply directly to the area in question--- roll-ons, creams, liquids, etc. So when geekling suggested this product, I tried & was quite happy with results.
      Now, I shall be honest & say that the magnesium cream relief does not last for a long time, but it does give a very nice warming effect for about a half an hour--- and that is fine by me.
      I am quite pleased with it, and don't forget, this is a major pain in the butt!

      11 months ago

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