• My Wife had a port installed last week.

    Asked by Judson on Saturday, March 12, 2016

    My Wife had a port installed last week.

    There was limited pain to start. Just getting used to it. incisions healing, ect....Now a week later it has started causing her pain? Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

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    • SandiA's Avatar

      Hi, I would check with her doctor. I personally have not any pain with mine, but not sure if others have.

      over 5 years ago
    • 751036540's Avatar

      Hi I had my port put in on 3/2/16 and also had minimal pain for two days after that just a Lil uncomfortable but now doesn't bother me at all. Had first Chemo session on 3/9/16 no problem. I agree with SandiA may want to contact Dr.

      over 5 years ago
    • Lynne-I-Am's Avatar

      Agree, check with the Doctor. I had pain only the first week. My chest port has been in for over two years and continues to work well, however, it has tipped some, making access a bit of a challenge. I have been told it is not unusual for chest ports to move some and even flip on occasion.

      over 5 years ago
    • lujos' Avatar

      Definitely check with the doctor. Sounds like my case -- loads of swelling and discomfort for a few days, then really bad bruising after that, which caused the pain to return. I bruise easily, so had quite a problem at first.

      over 5 years ago
    • Razmataz's Avatar

      Hi sorry about your wife. When i got my port in over a yr ago i did have discomfort. I had to be careful not to touch or put pressure on ir. While the discomforr would come and go it took awhile but a few months later i did not have to be so careful. I can lay on my stomach again etc without discomfort. Always make the drs aware so they can check and make sure its ok

      over 5 years ago
    • PinkPickle's Avatar

      I'm with the "Check with the Doc" camp....I had discomfort but never pain. It could be something very simple but it's always good to have things checked out. Best of luck to you both!!!

      over 5 years ago
    • MelanieIIB's Avatar

      Judson, I'm so sorry for your wife's diagnosis. I also had invasive lobular carcinoma, but different stage and was triple positive.

      Regarding the port, I had some pain at first. It wouldn't hurt to contact the surgeon's office who put it in to make sure the pain she is feeling is normal. I still have my port 3 years later. I am on the thin side and my port protrudes a lot (you can see even the sides of the port under my skin). If I accidentally hit it I will experience some pain. I am very grateful to have it though and to me it is worth it.

      Regarding other comments you made on your wall about your experience so far, if you feel you want another opinion, consult a different oncologist. Even if they give you a time frame, no one can be sure. I had two surgical consultations before I decided on the one who would perform my surgery, and I met with two medical oncologists before I decided with which one I felt comfortable enough since this doctor would be coordinating my care for years to come.

      I know it is very scary in the beginning, especially since it is all new and lots of information is being thrown your way in a short amount of time. I did an internet search and found Baptist Breast Center has a nurse navigator. I don't know if this is a free service to anyone whether you use their facility or not, but it may be good to contact her and see if she has any recommendations for oncologists if you want to get a second opinion. I am in Ft. Worth and Baylor All Saints hospital has a breast center that is open to anyone regardless of where they have treatment. I found the nurse navigator there to be extremely helpful. The nurse navigators hear a lot of good and bad about doctors and surgeons from patients and can offer advice as to which ones they've heard the most good things about. Here is a link to the center I mentioned. There may even be other ones in your area. http://www.baptisthealthsystem.com/medical-services/womens-health/services/baptist-breast-center

      Please keep us updated and feel free to ask questions and post comments as you'd like. Praying for peace and calmness for you guys.

      over 5 years ago
    • leslie48240's Avatar

      Perhaps. Have it checked out. I had NO pain at all...but I did find I was more comfortable the first few months with a 'sleep bra' on as the weight of my own breast pulled down some on the port connections. With time that went away and I was not conscious of the port at all. I was very glad to have the port...as my chemo treatments extended into 18 months...weekly. Saved a LOT of pokes and veins!

      over 5 years ago
    • BoiseB's Avatar

      You should definitely check with the Dr. I hated my port. Even when I put the numbing cream on it hurt some times worse than accessing my veins. It ended up that I only used it when I had Chemo pump.

      over 5 years ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I also agree. It took me awhile to get accustomed to my port and for it to quit hurting some. But, I had the pain from the beginning, it didn't start later. I would definitely contact the doctor. Better safe than sorry, I think.

      over 5 years ago
    • sarasmash's Avatar

      Mine hurt for awhile. It still hurts sometimes. But, hers is still so fresh. Defiantly ask the doctor with any concerns. But, for me it did hurt for sometime after.

      over 5 years ago
    • Sue_2015's Avatar

      Get it checked and if necessary go for a second opinion. My first port had some kind of staph bacteria which created an infection. From the day it was put in the pain and swelling kept getting worse, although I went through 2 rounds of chemo infusions because they said it was "normal" and takes time to heal, when in fact, the sutures starting oozing. Within a few weeks the port had to be removed and I had to take serious antibiotics for 6 weeks to get rid of the staph infection. After that 6 weeks, I went to a different surgeon at a different hospital to have a new port placed on the right side. No pain, no issues, nothing. It was a great experience the second time around.

      Good luck and best wishes. I hope your wife's port is OK and everything will be alright.

      over 5 years ago
    • Xandra85242's Avatar

      Mine hurt until it came out. I thought something was wrong but I got used to it. Pieces of plastic under your skin and into your veins are gonna hurt. Check for infection though.

      over 5 years ago
    • Xandra85242's Avatar

      Also should have said yes go to doc! A friend of mine developed a blood clot in her port and had to have it out. So caution is the best policy.

      over 5 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      i don't know if you should be concerned, but I would recommend talking to her oncologist and having him/her check the port. Mine got infected that required antibiotics. Though I didn't have pain. It was just red...but this was a couple months after I started chemo. All the best to your wife.

      over 5 years ago
    • Phylis' Avatar

      I've had a port in for 3 1/2 months and I off and on have pain but haven't had any infections or problems thank goodness! I wish you and your wife the best!

      over 5 years ago

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