• night sweats

    Asked by Bobbie on Friday, September 30, 2011

    night sweats

    hello i was wandering i was told i would get night sweat and drenched i think it has started is this for my type of cancer or for all cancers and does this include sweats in the day also does anyone know thank you be blessed

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    • NancyE's Avatar

      I had night sweats and would wake up in a "puddle" - maybe 6- times through my treatment.... I do not remember having sweats during the day. Just be sure to keep an eye on your temperature and follow the recommendations of your doctor to watch any fevers.

      almost 9 years ago
    • Elaine's Avatar

      HI Bobbie, I had night sweats before my first infusion. That night my many symptoms started vanishing. The night sweats were gone by night 2. I never did have them in the day. A "trick". Keep your hair dryer plugged in so you can dry your hair before you return to bed, have a pile of gowns ready and keep a few towels nearby so you can cover your pillowcase and not have to change your linens in the middle of the night. Good luck! Good medicine!

      over 8 years ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      The night sweats are a symptom before you are diagnosed, one of the things they constanltly ask you, "have you been having any chills, or night sweats"? But also a side effect of some treatments, and again, lot's of us are different, some may have them and some not. The only time I was sweating in bed was when I had an infection going on and a high fever.
      Good luck to you, all this will be done before you know it and you can get on with the rest of your life.

      over 8 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      for me, hot flashes are part of chemopause.... have you experienced any hot flashes / menopause / peri-what have you?

      i'm premenopausal... but now i am in chemopause, which basically means that my ovaries are shut down by the chemo. i hope to have them go back online... but there's a good chance they won't.

      anyway, my point is that this could be related to your chemo supressing your estrogen. some people get powerful hot flashes of the nuclear variety.... others get warmings... i get something i'd call medium with the occassional hot hot hot one.... probably around ten times a day - mostly at night (of course).

      anyway, it's chemo-specific... not so much cancer specific, as i understand it.

      hope that helps a bit.....

      over 8 years ago
    • Bashiemn's Avatar

      I was also under the impression that night sweats were part of the diagnosis/staging of NHL. Although I sweat at night sometimes during treatment, I would not consider it 'night sweats' which I believe is more like drenching of the sheets and pillows. I experience a lot of sweating and hot flashes, especially when I wear my wig or thicker scarves... I have less hot flashes when the heat is allowed to escape from my head.

      Something else I experienced, as the weather warmed up, so did I. We had some 80°+ days where I was very warm. My temperature shot from 97.4 normal to 99.6. Make sure to monitor your temp when you are having sweats, as you still need to call your on-call oncology clinic if your temp reaches 100.3, even if you just think you are overheated.

      over 8 years ago
    • 123wayne's Avatar

      Hi Bobbie, I had night sweats befor I was diagnosed with Non-Hogskin Mantel Cell Lymphome. After my first chemo cycle
      (3 weeks), they weht away.

      about 8 years ago
    • Nabor's Avatar

      Hi Bobbie, I have a similar type of cancer and I used to have night sweats (almost every night) I did ask my Doc and the he say , Yes, is a direct relation between cancer activity and night sweats. About the second part of the question, sweats at day time....my personal experience, NO, any way, I live in Miami, Fl, during day time its pretty normal to sweat outside the A/C. At my Doc office, every time I go , you must fill a paper detailing how you feel and one of the questions is about night sweats.

      about 8 years ago
    • Zack's Avatar

      The only time I had night sweats was soon after my treatments. My temperature regulation did get messed up a bit though. I wore a sweatshirt in 70+ degree weather. A sweatshirt with wind at 72 degrees felt perfect for some reason...

      about 8 years ago
    • lexie's Avatar

      I had Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma & I never had night sweats like that. I have been asked by my oncoligist if I ever had night sweats & I have read about it so it evidently is a symptom.

      about 8 years ago
    • budgiegirl52's Avatar

      My only symptom of my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, other than abdominal pain, was that I would wake up 2-3 times a night drenched in sweat. I never had a problem with it after the surgery to remove my tumor and/or with my chemo.

      almost 8 years ago
    • grandmafran's Avatar

      I switched to all cotton night shirts. The night sweats went away soon after my first couple of treatments but I had chemo which threw me into menopause so it was a little scary at first until I realized they weren't night sweats. I opted for low dose estrogen to keep the hot flashes at bay until I finished treatments and felt more confident. This too shall pass.

      over 7 years ago
    • Msrobin315's Avatar

      Ive had night sweats (or night soaked the bed) for about a yr before my diagnosis(3/5/12) and have been thru 6 rounds of R & B, now in remission since Nov.12 and Im still having terrible night sweats to this day...I wish I had some answers too!

      over 7 years ago

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