• Night sweats

    Asked by Loafer on Saturday, December 8, 2012

    Night sweats

    The night sweats are happening with regularity since starting chemo. How long does this last?

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    • Nancebeth's Avatar

      Ohhhh, girl, I feel for you. Mine lasted throughout chemo and got worse on Tamoxifen. I can say that the night sweats have stopped since I no longer take Tamoxifen. I slept with a ceiling fan, floor fan and without blankets. And this was happening in Central Florida in the summer :-(

      over 5 years ago
    • GGP's Avatar

      I had night sweats before dx, but that's one of the symptoms. I don't recall having any after treatment started, in fact I was cold all the time.

      over 5 years ago
    • leepenn's Avatar

      GGP - the night sweats during chemo mostly happen to people with estrogen producing bits.

      I did pretty well through the 12 cycles of taxol / carboplatin / experiment drug... but then - about midway through the 4 cycles of AC - I started getting hot. And it was amazing how I'd be happily sleeping under a bunch of covers.... oblivious... and then suddenly, HEAT WAVE! I never had a flash like some people... more like a build up of heat... and then a slow cooling off. Occasionally, though, I think I slept through the build up and woke up super hot and sweaty... not too often. But, I'd get hot... take the covers off... or use the hotness for good and head down the stairs to pee.... Lasted about 4 minutes... Usually could go back to sleep.

      A lot of people call it chemopause - in otherwords, you're getting sudden menopause... Usually, people ease in to it.

      As for how long does it last? Do you know any of your female immediate family members? If yes, you can probably get some kind of an idea about menopause symptoms...

      If it is super horrible, your health care providers can prescribe something that might help .... For me, it was never horrendous as it is for some others....

      I do find that if I drink a lot of alcohol, I get some of those hot flashes back... I'm about 10-11 months since my last treatment. But, I'm also on hormone replacement therapy as my menopause was more than ten years early as a result of chemo... And my tumor was triple negative.

      I hope that helps...

      over 5 years ago
    • Tracy's Avatar

      I am in menopause naturally (I cant take hormones), my favorite tool is baby powder! I mix it with a more expensive talc so I don't smell too much like a baby or perfume. Everyone is different so your Dr will have a better idea of the time it will be a problem. Fans will be important for at least a while. Tracy

      over 5 years ago
    • SueRae1's Avatar

      I had night sweats with my first infusion, and get them periodically usually the first night after treatment. Each treatment seems to have a different rhythm and primary side effect, even though the meds are more or less the same.

      over 5 years ago
    • Nomadicme's Avatar

      I hear you! In the summer my bedroom was cold, 63 degrees, and I slept with a comforter. When I got hot I took it off. Now I block the heating vent and open the window. Always have water in my nightstand (go to the bathroom a lot). I've been put on 2 meds that help with the side effect: Effexor and Clonodine.

      over 5 years ago
    • myb's Avatar

      I go from being cold in bed to being hot in bed. Not quite sweating, but definitely to the point of kicking the covers off. Then I wake up freezing. And I wonder why I wake up feeling like I didn't sleep?

      over 5 years ago
    • Lirasgirl33's Avatar

      I've had night sweats, cold sweats, hot flashes all throughout treatment. In the summer it was almost unbearable. I had to sleep with my AC on every day. My AC actually stayed on most of summer. A cool 74 degrees in my room. It helped a lot but I still played the blankets on blankets off game all night. So annoying. Now that it's winter and cooler at night I've woken up a few times sweating like crazy but not often. I have however been getting cold sweats a lot. I'll be sitting in front of my computer and all of a sudden my head ( I lost all my hair) starts feeling strangely cold....and I wipe my head with my hand and it's just lots of sweat. I have to keep paper towels handy and just wipe it off each time that happens. Because of my hysterectomy I am now a 34 yr old with menopause. I don't know if any of this will ever get better after I finish treatment. I sure hope so.

      over 5 years ago
    • karen1956's Avatar

      I had horrid night sweats, but not on chemo, but on AI's...gabapentin helped with this.....

      over 5 years ago
    • Daytonagal's Avatar

      I didn't have chemo but all during radiation I was hot. Now I am taking Tamoxfin and I am having actual hot flashes as well as still feeling hot. I sleep with fans blowing on me and keep a fan going in my office. I wear as little as possible. The one thing that really annoys me though is people (strangers) asking me "aren't you cold?". If I was cold I would have more clothes on!

      over 5 years ago
    • HeidiJo's Avatar

      OMG night sweats were the worst! Unfortunatly mine continued because chemo slammed me into early menopause. I ended up being put on a med for it

      over 5 years ago

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