• Non small cell lung cancer stage IV.

    Asked by Kola1623 on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

    Non small cell lung cancer stage IV.

    Would love opinions:
    Next up. Traceva is no longer working (targeted treatment) took another blood test to see if they can tell what protein it has changed to. Last ditch effort to take a targeted med instead of chemo. Sample of the lymph node showed nothing. If nothing is found in the blood test they wish to start chemo. (Taking a CT scan before treatment starts for a baseline,) It will be Carboplaton and Alimta to start. One treatment every three weeks (= 1cycle) after 3 cycles, they will take another CT Scan. Checking several times for side effects and blood count etc. Any suggestions or thoughts about this next step?. They also want to start injections of Xgeva (Denosumab) to strengthen the bones. (1 injection every 3 months) Had radiation on several spot, lower spine. anyone take this? Side effects?
    Thanks for any feedback

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    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      @LiveWithCancer is a stage IV lung cancer patient/survivor who is currently on immunotherapy and doing well with it. She might have some feedback for you when she sees this. We wish you the best.

      5 months ago
    • Kola1623's Avatar

      I think she needs to have Chemo in order to be covered for immunotherapy.

      5 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar
      LiveWithCancer (Best Answer!)

      Hi Kola1623. I started with Carboplatin, Alimta, and Avastin. I did four sessions of follow-up Alimta afterwards. My tumors responded to the trio for as long as I was getting them. As soon as we quit them, all progress we had made was lost. But my story isn't the same story as many. I know others who have had much better success than I with carboplatin and either Avastin or Alimta.

      I was personally very sick on the trio and on Avastin alone. Of course "very sick" is relative because my "very sick" was minor compared to what I read some people go through (on various treatments ... not the one we're talking about).

      My blood values inexplicably stayed good throughout my treatment. No one knows why. I didn't take supplements or anything.

      I guess my bones were okay too. I don't think we checked them...

      I suffered from severe nausea, vomiting, constipation (because I couldn't make myself drink water), and fatigue while doing chemo. It was really only about a week that I felt so bad; the rest of the time, I could live life ... maybe not as fully as I would have liked, but I wasn't in bed. In fact, I continued to work and I tried to even continue my agility classes with my dogs.

      I had radiation to my neck, but it was long after undergoing the chemotherapy.

      I don't know if I answered any questions at all ... I guess the best part of it all is that I underwent the chemo in December 2012 - May 2013 ... and I'm still here...

      Good luck and I'm happy to try again if I have failed to answer your questions.

      5 months ago
    • BudBandit's Avatar

      I am in a very similar situation.Time frame goes like this.Nov.1st 2018 till now. I went to er for being short winded and couldn't catch my breath,literally gasping for air,I worked construction so pretty physical at the time.After the scans,blood tests etc. I was told cancer stage 4 tumor shut off windpipe and was growing to the left lung,scans showed activity in the brain ,too soon to determine cancer or not,we decided to wait and see,in the meantime started Keytruda and radiation treatment to shrink the tumor. At the same time he was treating that ,he was also hitting a few spots along the spine that had showed up,upper and lower,( when I found out I said "huh" my Spine??) FF bad reaction to Keytruda pnuemotic or whatever the word is,and steroids,I ended up with 2 treatments Keytruda and 2 steroids. Next scan,tumor in brain,spreading down spine, shoulder,and arm and hip.Oh and the radiation,it didn't go to good either as far as side effects no energy,but it did make my breathing a whole lot better. And the rest of the symptoms,side effects, of course I got those too.I believe that will bump the time frame to 1st of last month,I have been able to get outside and move around some without getting sick,get tired easy but manage that.This is where my dr.suggests Hospice and I freak out ,so to speak.This is where I was when I went and got another opinion,I guess I wanted somebody to tell me he was lying lol.He couldn't tell me anything different,upped the mg on morphine and said see him in 2 weeks.I stayed with my 1st dr.Last week,first of,I started my first chemo ,Taxol and Carboplatin,it was like being hit with a tens unit,shock waves all over,randomly and the other symptoms,still nervous shaking and very sensitive,mood swings,asked for depression med. nope not again,didn't take but 2.This puts me to yesterday,I went to see IF I needed that bone booster shot,they wanted to know before I do another treatment,or if,depends on these next couple of weeks,if side effects are treatment to treatment all the way through.It turned out I didn't need the shot now as to why.The radiologist had said if I can't walk or have trouble getting up or down to get to the er asap.From the spine location,it has the potential to cause paralysis or coma and it pretty much has keys to the whole bloodstream circulation any time it wants to go,unless it gets stopped,,I'm thinking here and now,These ppl have lots of good advice,as for me just sharing what I'm going through,and by no means judge what is happening to me by what might happen to you.Good luck and God Bless

      5 months ago
    • Kola1623's Avatar

      Thanks so much for your input. Good luck you

      5 months ago
    • Kola1623's Avatar

      LiveWithCancer Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.

      5 months ago
    • Woodburn9's Avatar

      Kola, I took carboplantin and Alimta as my first line of therapy. Received it every 21 day. My one piece of advise is take stool softeners, the constipation is awful. I have some nausea and vomiting with fatigue starting on the 4 th day and lasting till about the 10th day then thing would start improving. I felt better if I ate small bites all day long and actually ended up gaining weight instead of loosing it. My hair thinned but I never lost it all. If you saw me any other time except for my sick week, you’d never know I had cancer. I only stayed on this combo for 6 months then went on to do immunotherapy. Best wishes for you .

      5 months ago

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