• Nutrition during cancer treatments. Have you had trouble keeping your weight up during treatments?

    Asked by GregP_WN on Monday, August 12, 2019

    Nutrition during cancer treatments. Have you had trouble keeping your weight up during treatments?

    With all of the side effects that fight our appetite, it's hard to keep enough calories and nutrition coming in to keep your weight up. Our blog post today has some things you need to know and tips to help keep your nutrition level up. Click this link for the article>> http://bit.ly/2YQx83V

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    11 answers
    • myb's Avatar

      When I was going through treatment at Upenn, I met with a nutritionist to go over what I was eating daily and she suggested to get more protein in my diet.

      4 months ago
    • LiveWithCancer's Avatar

      I've had the opposite problem. I've done nothing but gain weight since my diagnosis ... and once on my frame, there they stay, no matter what I eat or how much I exercise.

      4 months ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      32 years ago when I had my first two diagnoses they didn't tell you anything about eating. It was just stick the needle in and send you on your way. Most facilities are much better these days in doing these types of things and at least keeping you pointed in the right direction. I lost 50# in each of my first two dxs.

      4 months ago
    • Bengal's Avatar

      Learn about good nutrition, learn about foods that will support you during treatment, but, bottom line, eat SOMETHING! There were days I had no appetite, none of the "good" foods appealed to me but better to eat some of the so called "comfort foods" than nothing. One of my nurses recommended Carnation Instant Breakfast (make it into a milkshake with a scoop of ice cream) as a less expensive alternative to nutrition drinks. I ate a lot of fruit and yogurt.

      4 months ago
    • valeriet's Avatar

      During treatment for stage III tonsil cancer, and beyond, eating was a very painful experience, and I dropped to 94lbs. I had to force myself to eat, and I made nutrition-dense milkshakes, sloppy mashed potatoes, and pureed just about everything, etc.

      4 months ago
    • Morwen's Avatar

      I gained a few lbs in the first two months but now my appetite is gone. Nothing appeals to me. Luckily my caretaker is mean and bossy and feeds me good things. I've lost the weight I initially gained but I was overweight to begin with. Least of my worries!

      4 months ago
    • IKickedIt's Avatar

      Eating was excruciatingly painful due to first bite pain. I was only able to get down liquids during the first week of my treatment cycle. So I drank protein shakes, but still lost about 5 pounds each cycle. Once the pain resolved, I'd eat as well as I could to gain back the weight and my strength to get ready for the next round. Eating properly and maintaining my weight was a struggle.

      4 months ago
    • Skyemberr's Avatar

      I just went through my first run on FOLFIRI and was informed that I lost 10%of my body weight in the lady the weeks! You could say it isn't agreeing with my system well.
      They put me on steroids and I've been eating a good breakfast everyday which i think is helping a little bit. The only drawback is that now i have Thrush so my throat is sore and I don't want to eat.

      After I kill the thrush I'm getting ready to revert back to the diet I did after cancer surgery a couple of years ago: lots of Greek yogurt with fun toppings, cashew butter and honey and banana sandwiches, and chocolate boost as needed. It's all easy to digest and pretty high in calories, which seems to set up to be able to eat more challenging foods later.

      4 months ago
    • Boogerman's Avatar

      I lost 65 pounds from the time that I started treatments. I've gained some of it back now that I have sort of leveled off in treatments. After surgery and when I first started chemo, I didn't feel like eating plus the side effects making it worse I just didn't want anything. It's a diet I wouldn't recommend!

      4 months ago
    • Skyemberr's Avatar

      I just sucked down a big banana and peanut butter shake that my husband made me. Sometimes we get so hungry and don't even realize how much we need to eat!

      It feels great in my tummy so I thought I'd stop in and share that thought in case someone is trying to think of something mild to eat.

      4 months ago
    • petieagnor's Avatar

      Weight can be an issue. I initially got down to 136# (still over weight), but Dr. didn't want me losing any as it was muscle. Wen't up to 160# while on another chemo. Dr. said too much weight (bad on my heart). I've leveled off at about 141#. Doctors are all in agreement now. I'm feeling better so doing more exercise while eating better. Three years of yo-yoing is for the birds.

      3 months ago

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