• Our Blog Post today visits a familiar topic. Cancer Myths, Jane has a good piece on myths and truths about them.

    Asked by GregP_WN on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

    Our Blog Post today visits a familiar topic. Cancer Myths, Jane has a good piece on myths and truths about them.

    This ought to get the conspiracy theorists stirred up! Take a look here http://bit.ly/2m71oT1 and then tell us what other wild and crazy things have you been told....by a guy who's Uncle's Cousin told him that's what he heard?

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    • MerryMaid's Avatar

      Yep, I've heard most of those already. Thanks for posting this, I knew most of them were quackery.

      7 months ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      Greg and Jane, thank you for this! Excellent info and easily accessible and succinct. However, many who believe in woo-woo won't change their minds even after reading these myth-busters, as their beliefs are too strongly entrenched.

      7 months ago
    • GregP_WN's Avatar

      @Carool, so true. I've been blasted on several Facebook groups after posting this. I just tell them thank you for your opinion, and I wish you the best with whatever you choose to do. It's nothing to me if someone wants to believe or not, I just let them believe what they want. What's that saying about a horse and the water?

      7 months ago
    • Carool's Avatar

      Greg, yes, just smile and nod. Lost causes.

      7 months ago
    • geekling's Avatar

      1. The mortality rate with certain cancers has been declining but no one can actually say with any certainty as to why. Is cancer being detected earlier? Are new drugs more effective? Is it that younger people are now getting cancer? Please note that this mythos article does not actually or directly relate chemotherapy to survival

      2. Admitted in the article is, firstly, that all cells require sugar and, secondly, that overconsumption of sugar leads to other diseases which make a body more vulnerable to cancer. Personally, I believe that sugar is okay to a point when it is still contained within its fiber. No one gains weight chewing on sugar cane or eating tropical fruit and it is quite difficult to overeat either item.

      3. If cancer is caused by HPV and HPV causes cancer, then cancer is, indirectly and secondly, a cause of cancer. It would be considered contagious if it were true. Personally, I believe that 95% of cancers have epigenetic causes and are not, like the common cold or hepatitis C spread with personal human contact.

      If you want to believe in the HPV theory, the vaccination does not seem to protect against reinfection from partners.

      4. If people can be convinced that they are going to die within a short time, they can just as well be assured that they will live and affect an outcome. We humans are a torrent of emotional activity which changes as often as moment to moment or as infrequently as not hardly ever.

      5. I do believe that unless a tumor is removed completely in its encapsulated state, there is a greater chance that, in time, the cells will opportunistically spread.

      6. I use salt as an underarm deodorant and it works quite well. I see no reason to risk the spread of aluminium by slathering it over my body to be absorbed.

      Underwires are uncomfortable and the skin is unable to breathe under it. On top of that, polyester fiber bras also do not allow skin to breathe and they shed microscopic fibers to humans just as they do to fish in the oceans.

      7. 2nd opinions are somewhat mandatory in this day and age. The fact is that I spoke with EiGhT oncologists before finding one I thought would do.

      8. The human body regulates itself in several ways. When folks speak of alkanity, they are speaking about the pH of urine and saliva which is affected by what you toss down your gullet.

      When I was still searching for guidance as to what was wrong with me, I found that I did, indeed, feel a bit better after certain foods which, as it happened, also raised the alkalinity of my saliva and urine.

      9. Early detection would have saved me from being on this board. How is it that so many doctors were willing to dismiss my complaints and to also misread a very small tumor to which I was pointing?

      10. Since food is not patentable, private industry refuses to do any experiments
      on the importance of or even exactly what is a healthy diet. The original food pyramid was researched in detail and then quickly modified prior to release to please dairymen and ranchers and producers of wheat. Lobbyists.

      11. "chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery." Poisoning, burning, cutting. These practices are not traditional by any means. The very first breast surgery we know about was on a daughter of John Adams. It was unsuccessful. It wasnt until the 1880s that breast removal became more like what it is today.

      Mankind has been around a lot longer than a couple of hundred years.

      What is/would be traditional is the use of herbs to shrink tumors. Cornsilk was used as a tea to work against prostate cancer. Many of the natural supplements people pop as pills were used as natural lump destroyers (as a tea or decoction or poultice) by aboriginal people.

      It is disheartening that Mom Nature's gifts are not well recognized. The tree which produces Taxol in its sap is now quite rare whereas it was, until its therapeudic discovery by Big Pharma, quite prolific in the Pacific Northwest. Once a synthetic version of the tree's healing sap was created, the tree somehow became a relative rarity.

      Go figure.

      7 months ago
    • po18guy's Avatar

      Founded by a genuine doctor, who is not selling any quackery. It is clear that some humans are simply crazy, delusional or world-class wishful thinkers and they always seem to connect with the desperately gullible. The P.T. Barnum principle. Gullibility seems to be multiplied by a factor of 10 when diagnosed. My dad tried "alternative" therapy and promptly died. When you have cancer, unless it is an indolent variety, does it not make sense to go with what is scientifically proven, what is most likely to work? The "true believers" and wishful thinkers play with YOUR life. Do they only want validation?

      7 months ago

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